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"Club Rugby" on 7Two

Discussion in 'Shute Shield' started by boyo, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. boyo Mark Ella (57)

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    Comments, bouquets, brickbats, observations, etc.
  2. FTS Billy Sheehan (19)

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    Does anybody know of when there will be a replay, or wether channel 7 has a watch online feature like ABC did??
  3. John S Syd Malcolm (24)

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    I was just thinking the same. I searched the guide and I can't see any replay. And I can't seem to see an option watching replays of sport on the Channel 7 site.
  4. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Not sure about replays - Iveiw was great if you missed the game though.

    I thought it was ok - prob not to the standard of what ABC was at - i.e interviews, half time "show", etc - but was still really good and the key is that its being shown on TV - lets hope its longer than 1 season..
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  5. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Quality of feed was far superior to ABC - nothing like higher definition.

    But camera angles and commentary was a bit rusty for the five minutes I watched. They'll get better. Its on TV, so that's superior to what we were looking at weeks ago.
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  6. Aussie D Dick Tooth (41)

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    Posted this on the Shute Shield thread on Saturday but feel it could hep answer some questions over on this thread:
    Came across this interview: http://www.2gb.com/audioplayer/96181

    Few points - Alan Jones is a wanker of the highest order (though you already knew that)
    - Ben Fordham is training to be the next Alan Jones.
    - Ben's brother Nick was one of the guys who put the deal together and have signed up seven2 for a period of 5 years
    - Intrust super wanted to sign on for 5 but were only signed for 3? (wtf?)
    - no Papworth on commentary!!!! Cam Shepherd sideline eye
  7. The_Brown_Hornet Michael Lynagh (62)

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    This all sounds great, where the hell can I catch a replay?
  8. CarlUnger Chris McKivat (8)

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    Much better from 7two this week, bit more effort put in, they must have been reading.
    Improved camera work, included around the ground scores and also had video packages to make it look a little bit more profesh
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  9. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Huge improvement well done, keep climbing, and getting better.
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  10. MACCA Ron Walden (29)

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    Agree - HUGE improvement - thought the lads were commentating all the attack well however didn't really seem to notice the poor dirt baggers who do the 50 tackles or clean outs - not much analysis of the scrum either. Not a criticism - very grateful to have the service however just some positive feedback.
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  11. Brendan Hume Charlie Fox (21)

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    can't find it in Qld - anyone know if replays/delayed telecast will be available nationally? Seems strange to stump up to record the bloody thing and then not show it in lieu of rubbish brit/us reality shows or repeats of outdated crime shows.
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  12. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    How difficult and expensive is it to stream games? Obviously the more cameras, commentators, and sound and graphics included, the more expensive it becomes.

    I am always reading about the QLD GPS games being live streamed, and what a good job Reds TV does with Bar TV (I think) to stream various NRC and Reds trial games.

    Is there something in the arrangement with 7Two and the SRU that prevents the Clubs from arranging their own streaming?

    At every Shute Shield game I go to there is at least one camera there recording video for coaching purposes. Many clubs dump their feeds in Vimeo or on youtube. It is just not all that user friendly or googleable for the casual fan to find.

    Greetings Lawyers and Bush Lawyers in Gaggerland.
    Who actually owns the IP, image rights or whatever is its correct commercial and legal name, to a Shute Shield game or the digital record of such? The SRU or the Home Club?

    Has this rather simple but challenging question actually been considered or are the parties stumbling around in feigned ignorance of the nest of sleeping vipers in the corner of the room, hoping that no one will stir them up.
  13. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    The coverage seems to be improving, obviously it's done on the smell of an oily rag. They be better of just staying with the one camera high on half way though, than switching to the ground level one from which you can't really see much.

    I'm grateful for the coverage and don't mind the ads - in fact they're as unabtrusive as any you'll see. They flick to a short ad when a try is scored and by the time the ad has finished, you still see the kick live - well done. A few little similar breaks during injuries etc.
  14. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Pardon my ignorance. I knew the SS rugby was going on 7Two but I thought you couldn't watch that channel on Foxtel - maybe because I'm never on that page of All Channels.

    But just fiddling with my remote control just now I realised I could get 7Two on it. So I go to next Saturday to record the rugby and it has the Randwick races on - starting at 2pm.

    Is it no longer on 7Two? It's not a bye week.

    Does that BarTV thing work OK?? I watched a couple of NRC games on it. Can you watch it afterwards? How long does it stay available to watch?

  15. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    ^^^^^Next weeks TV game on 7Two is your mob vs Pirates, but it is on Sunday, not Saturday (probably due to the races) and just to confuse the punters, it is a 2pm kick off on Sunday according to the draw on NSW RU web site:

    Warringah v West Harbour (Televised game on 7Two) [Sunday game - 2 pm kickoff]'
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  16. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    No club rugby on ANZAC Day LG. Full round on Sunday.:)
  17. GunnerDownUnder Jim Clark (26)

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    I thought it was a full round on Saturday?
  18. Hornet Frank Row (1)

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    This is the BarTV coverage for the NHRU this weekend. They could be doing all the shute shield but the rights holder has banned it. Grow the Game!

  19. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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  20. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    How do some Clubs "get away" with posting copies of their games on Vimeo and other similar sites?

    I would have thought that rugby needs more eyes watching more games. It seems a little short sighted.
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