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Dewar Shield 2018 + Other Vic Comps

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by elementfreak, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. elementfreak Trevor Allan (34)

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    Some are on rugbylink, but they usually get posted about lunchtime-ish on the Fridays.
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  2. swingpass Jim Lenehan (48)

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    interesting results

    Endeavour Hills Rugby Club 0 def by 64 Melbourne Rugby Club
    Footscray Rugby Club 22 def by 27 Harlequin Rugby Club
    Melbourne Uni Rugby Club 36 def 17 Box Hill Rugby Club
    Moorabbin Rugby Club 41 def 24 Power House Rugby Club
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  3. pablo Darby Loudon (17)

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    Anyone catch any of the games?
  4. elementfreak Trevor Allan (34)

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    Moorabbin v House is the on the Rugby Victoria FB page, or at least the last hour is.

    Endeavour V Melbourne was closer than the scoreline suggested, however EH turned the ball over a few times hot on attack and Melbourne went the length of the pitch to score at the other end.

    I heard Quins were very rusty and 2 tries in the last 3 minutes got them over the line. Footscray played really well apparently.
  5. swingpass Jim Lenehan (48)

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    Uni apparently ran in 5 tries in the opening 40, but what happened after that i don't know.
  6. elementfreak Trevor Allan (34)

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  7. elementfreak Trevor Allan (34)

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    5 May 18 3:10PM Box Hill Rugby Club 26 def by 36 Harlequin Rugby Club RHL Sparks Reserve [IMG]
    5 May 18 3:10PM Melbourne Uni Rugby Club 17 def 12 Footscray Rugby Club HG Smith Oval [IMG]
    5 May 18 3:10PM Moorabbin Rugby Club 20 def 13 Endeavour Hills Rugby Club Harold Caterson Re.
    5 May 18 3:10PM Power House Rugby Club 14 def by 31 Melbourne Rugby Club Albert Park
  8. oztimmay Peter Sullivan (51)

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    Posted on the Rebels thread:

    Craig McGrath (Quins/Rising) is leaving the Rebels at the end of this week to take a up a coaching role in Japan.

    I've seen his work at Club level, mainly through his juniors coaching. I'll let others speak for his playing days at 'Quins.

    From a Juniors coaching perspective, I've been amazed at his communication abilities. As one ex Super Rugby coach commented, he's never seen a better communicator in all his life.

    As an example, this is time impact he has had on my son:
    • First season of Rugby: my son kicked and screamed because he had to go to his first few trainings
    • End of same season: same son kicked and scream when he couldn't go to Rugby training.
    • Present day: cannot wait for Rugby training, even thought it comes off a big day of school sport, and other club sport training on the same day.
    I put that down largely to the influence that Craig has had on him. Craig is always encouraging, always pushing them to do better, but ALWAYS making it fun and engaging for them.
    Thank you, Craig. The 'Quins boys (and wider family) will miss you.
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  9. TheNorth Peter Burge (5)

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    Does anyone know if rebels are shipping players to Shute Shield? or is it a coincidence that so many boys training with them in preseason and playing dewar last year are now featuring up there?
  10. elementfreak Trevor Allan (34)

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    I don't think they are officially doing it, however it might just be getting some of those EPS players some more game time at a higher intensity than what they would get down here.
  11. TheNorth Peter Burge (5)

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    The competition has stagnated the last few years, Rebels should be doing there all to try and get as much talent in there as possible.

    The gap between teams is growing. You have two clubs always at the top. With two different methods for achieving results. The only one i can see breaking the strangle hold in the next few years is melbourne uni based solely on their facilities and administration.

    Other clubs seem to lack the backroom staff to be continued success but if the rebels were more liberal pushing there fringe players to these clubs like footscray and powerhouse maybe things would be improved. At least Moorabin are getting ther pound of flesh out of the rebels via Adams and Tuipolotu but i would suggest its not a coincidence judging on the coaching connection.
  12. pablo Darby Loudon (17)

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    An interesting debate...or what it is worth, my humble 2cents..

    Ultimately, IMHO it comes down to a questions of do you put your fringe players in a competition that is not going to grow their skill set to the required level, or do you ship them to Sydney (or Brisbane) and leave the local competition to grow itself?? Or stagnate as it seems.

    Any local would tell you to support the local competition, put your double dirties in a Dewar Shield team and drive growth through their participation. But then you look at the support that is given back..rodeo crowds out the back of Bourke are bigger than some of the ones we have seen at AAMI this year (cue the crickets)!

    Then you have the franchise owner. Their mandate is to have a successful SR team. Playing players in a sub-standard comp won't get them this result, so they look north..but it alienates the local comp and leaves it to stagnate.

    So what do you do? Sydney, Melbourne.a mix of both? Is it the player's choice? Players in only the struggling local clubs to even out and grow the comp? Players in the good local clubs where they have a better chance of growing their skills?

    Who knows!!! Which ever option you choose there are pros and cons. As a local I say grow! But maybe rethink the way we currently do it, and how players are allocated/aligned to local clubs.
  13. TheNorth Peter Burge (5)

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    I think we definitely need to be pumping all the talent in to the comp that we can.

    Force and brumbies pushed all there players to play in to there respective prmier comps and improved the overall product of both competitions.

    However a big problem in Melbourne premier rugby is also the quality of coaching across the board. I would be interested to see what level of certification each dewar shield coach has and compare that to other competitions. Also the strength and conditioning coaching i am guessing is up and down across the board.

    (No point pushing elite players into a comp where they might no more than the coaches!!)

    The frustrating thing is that i watch most matches each weekend and i can see that some teams have the cattle, but lack a proper rugby program. While others might have a worse team but a solid rugby program whcih can garner results to some extent.

    If Rugby Vic wants rugby to grow in this state i beleive they need to firstly, start trying to force as much talent into the comp as possible; though directing all extended squad players into the competition. Secondly, they need to evaluate each club's program and tell them where they can improve and how to achieve these improvements. Possibly even offer free coaching courses to get everyone to a level 2 coach.

    I might be rambling a bit but it has honestly shocked me how much the teams outside of quins and unicorns have regressed this year, after taking such big strides in 2017.
  14. Crashy Dave Cowper (27)

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    All, I'm bringing my 10 year old and father to Melbourne for the Ireland game on June 16. I usually come down each year with a cohort of pisshead mates where we get blind and sample a certain menthol flavoured African beast establishment.
    Does Powerhouse have a home game that day and are there sit down luncheon facilities?
    Is Melbourne Unicorns holding the usual luncheon that day?
    Happy with suggestions for a rugby filled day on the Sat.
  15. lou75 Ron Walden (29)

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    ^^from memory, Powerhouse play a small drive away from their clubhouse. Unlike, say Harlequins, where the clubhouse, bbq and bar is on the side of the grounds, or Box Hill where the clubhouse and bar is just up a mound of dirt from the grounds.
    According to the shedule, Powerhouse does have a home game - any reason why you chose that game? Harlequins is on the train line, less than 30 mins from the city
  16. Crashy Dave Cowper (27)

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    We’re staying in st kilda and saw powerhouse are the next suburb along.
    Whats the closest club to aami park?
  17. lou75 Ron Walden (29)

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    probably Powerhouse are closest to AAMI, but we are in Melbourne, and everything is close enough

    home games for the 16th June are
    Power House
    Box Hill

    Power House is definitely closest, but might involve some walking if you are up to it. And as said before, club house not right next to field.
    Otherwise, other three will involve either a taxi/uber or train.
    Melbourne club house is across the road from where they play.
    Box Hill are playing Melbourne Uni and could be an evenly matched game, but its not directly near a train station - about 20 minutes walk, although, once there, the set up is ok.
    Harlequins are playing Footscray and should be a good game. They are on the train line - well a ten minute walk from the station and it is about 30 mins from the city. the club house is beside the field , so BBQ and bar are all available.
    This info is given in good faith, but maybe you could check with the individual club to make sure there are no changes.
    I like both Harlequins and Box Hill in terms of being able to grab something to eat while watching the game , but I have nothing against Melbourne or Powerhouse at all except you can't do that.
  18. elementfreak Trevor Allan (34)

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    Melbourne usually set up a BBQ next to the ground which also sells beer.
  19. pablo Darby Loudon (17)

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    Mate, Power House have their test match luncheon on the Friday before the test match - this year it is at the Pullman, which is just across the road from the clubhouse. There will be a post about it on Facebook or msg me if you want more info.

    House play Moorabbin at Albert Park on the Saturday 3 v 4..
  20. OneOrThree Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Spotted a Toasty Sandwich Food Truck at the Power House grounds, so I asked, and yes, libations will be plentiful and freely available. Then you can do a quick trip on the 96 tram into the CBD for pre-game fuelling. Will be a good local game to watch too.

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