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Easts 2015

Discussion in 'Easts' started by Hugh Jarse, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Eastern Suburbs Rugby Club is Calling on any expressions of interest for the following positions in 2015.
    - All Grade & Colts Coaches
    -All Grade & Colts Managers/Assistants
    - All Players looking for a great club to make mates, have a beer and most importantly play in Sydney's premier rugby competition.

    The Beasties, will be Bigger, Stronger, and Better in 2015.
    For any enquires feel free to email hamish@eastsrugby.com.au
  2. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    I think you may see a former Australian Schools and U20 halfback turn out for the beasts next season
  3. I like to watch Simon Poidevin (60)

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    You sure he played Oz 20's?
  4. FTS Billy Sheehan (19)

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  5. Knuckles Billy Sheehan (19)

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    Apparently the league guy that cut by Brad Arthur at Eels for discipline issues Jordan Tau'u will be wearing the tri colours too. Add in the 8 Penrith boys, Rodney Ma'a from Parramatta and a number of players returning to Easts from Randwick such as Kuki Mafu etc and Easts will be tough to beat. Can't all play 1s though!
  6. Gibbo Ron Walden (29)

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    If true - How will all of those non-juniors fit under the points system..
    Or is that just a seen as a Guideline these days?
  7. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    just checked - sure did: I was basing my earlier post on my recollection of the complaining about how a 3rd grade colts player could not possibly be up to u20s standard.
  8. Done that Ron Walden (29)

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    Is it just me, but does anyone else think that "accepting" 8 players from Penrith is a pretty low act?
    I realise that all clubs have players who originated at other clubs,& even Penrith have one or two of these, & I also realise
    that players can go where they like, & that these players have been offered around to other clubs as a "job lot" by their management.
    But should there not be a line drawn as to what is good for your club & to hell with the consequences for another club struggling to survive,in an
    area where Rugby as a whole is struggling & needs & deserves some support from the other clubs in the competition?
    It's a matter of principle surely,or is cynicism the rule these days?
  9. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    this sounds like Easts
  10. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    As @BellyTwoBlues signature says:
    Growth of the game is supported only when it means that their mob will still retain their position on top.

    Far too many in our game are motivated by factors close to home, and not what is good for the overall good of the game. Pillage and plunder of the minions (2 Blues, Gordon, and The Emus) is only looked down on when the others are doing it.

    In this case it would appear that the Emu pillage may not have been initiated by Easts, but the net effect is not going to contribute to the long term sustainability of the Emus, which in turn impacts on all Shute Shield clubs.

    C'est la vie.
  11. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    My point, HJ, is that assumptions are made about the health of the game in its supposed heartland.
    Those assumptions are unwarranted in the case of easts: the juniors profile after 12s/13s is non existent. Their former juniors go to the Wicks with their 35 scholarships, or uni or whatever.
    I think they have turned a corner financially and with recruitment at all levels in the last year but they had a poor 2014 and their financials discussed in these threads were troubling.
    Gordon have made huge strides in recruitment this year too.
    There is a fight for survival going on at a number of clubs and it is not the role of the individual clubs to sacrifice their existences for the greater good: looking after the greater good is a job that belongs to the people at NSWRU and ARU.
  12. Done that Ron Walden (29)

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    Then you find that the behavior of the Easts club in this situation is O.K.
    The greater good of the game of Rugby is one of the responsibilities of the governing bodies ,but it is not theirs alone.A fight for survival & respect for the game are not mutually exclusive,surely?
    Each club also has a responsibility in this respect,because they & their players are the fundamental ingredient & heart of the game.Clubs should set the standards.
    No one can complain that they strive to improve their standing by recruiting from outside their club,but in this instance they have taken over half the Penrith
    team,a team which finished last in the competition,& a team that Easts defeated this season anyway.
    The fact that Easts juniors are going to other clubs is no doubt a cause of frustration for the club,but they are not all going elsewhere because they are all getting
    scholarships.I happen to know that a number of players go to Easts because they are offered significant inducements to do so,this includes colts.Perhaps the administrators there
    should be examining their own spending habits when attempting to address troubling finances.It's a cop out to simply blame Randwick & Uni for poor results,those clubs have
    had their difficulties in the past,& have managed to do something about it.No doubt losing players to them doesn't help however,but a lot of other clubs have the same experience.
    Maybe Easts should also be looking at other reasons why players are leaving.
    Most juniors want to play for their parent club,but there should be perceived opportunities for them at that level.Buying 8 players from another club, together with a number of players
    recruited from other sources from outside the Easts club,is hardly the way to engender loyalty in Easts own, & I believe ,foster a sense of identity & desire to stay with Easts.
    If I was an Easts player/junior ,I think I would be seriously considering my options under the present circumstances.
    Whatever,I can only hope that Mr.Karma is keeping a close eye on the whole thing.
  13. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    I know nothing of the recruiting methods used by easts: most seem to be saying that they were being offered as a job lot by their management.
    I do know what methods uni used and the wicks are using.
    I see no relevant difference and nor do I recall either putting the interests of the game first - as raised frequently on these pages.
  14. Knuckles Billy Sheehan (19)

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    I was just speaking to another Club GM this morning on this topic. He confirmed the 8 players had been offered to his club also. He said they did not pursue it as they felt not too many of them would play 1st grade anyway. They were offered to their club by the Rams, which is interesting in itself.

    For me, all clubs recruit, and others more aggressively than others. Taking 8 from the 1 opposition club tells me there's something clearly wrong with where they're leaving from but it also says a lot about the club they're going to as well. It is rare that clubs recruit from oppositions who placed higher than them. So I think Easts in this case were limited in who they could attract.

    I just hope they have the capacity to deliver what they've promised. We've seen similar empty promises from this particular club in recent times. If I was the player (or the player's agent) I'd be asking Easts 'what's changed'?
  15. Tah and feathered Watty Friend (18)

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    The inducements i have heard they are offering is golden opportunities to be selected in the Eagles NRC team and development squad.
    I have heard this from a few sources and 1 club in particular took major offence at Easts attempts to lure a player from them with promises of playing NRC rugby.
  16. insideknowledge Frank Row (1)

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    having read a few of the above comments / opinions and having very close to the source information on Easts Rugby Program and recruitment I might lay down some facts and information.
    You guys can then continue to debate the moral and ethical correctness of the clubs actions, but you may as well have some facts to assist in your debate / discussions.
    In no particular order:
    - Easts actively sort to recruit 2 quality outside backs from the Penrith club , 1 has confirmed and signed, the other not as yet. The 1 that signed is from a different management group than the so called "8" who have joined the club, he was however friends with some other Penrith players who then thru their agent contacted the club (as they did and met with a few other SS clubs and received numerous offers to join other clubs, many of these offers had "inducements" financially far greater than the Easts offer).
    The players (4 only in fact were met with face to face, a further 1 over the phone) were explained the program and the players at the club or coming to the club they would be competing with in their position.
    From this 3 have decided to join the club, the other 2 decided their Rugby progress was better sort elsewhere. During these meetings the slant was put for some it would probably be not be in their best interests to join Easts for variety of reasons (travel and depth in their position) some chose to come all the same and compete and hopefully progress their Rugby.
    It was never discussed, mentioned or acted upon as a "group of 8" all were treated and met individually, some "pursued" much harder than others and in the end if a player wishes to join our club he is welcome.
    We have 4 players from Penrith Emus in 2013 committed to the club - (NB. of these 4; 2 of these players played a combined total of 6 games for the Penrith club and all 4 only played the one season - all from RL backgrounds, take that as you will).
    - some other footnotes/background as to Easts aggressive recruitment program this year and general direction to assist in your debate/ your opinion forming and maybe factualise some of the earlier comments on this thread.
    (a) the club finished 9th, well below its expectations and wish to improve.
    (b) it lost from last years 1st team due to retirement or relocation 9 front line 1st Grade players (Fakava, Johnston, Lam, Mathers, Stanford, Irwin, Duchesne, LaVinn, Windsor)
    (c) has employed a FT Coach (one of only 3-4 clubs) to improve its Rugby Program and coaching standards in line with this aggressive recruitment. This coach has extensive experience in player development on top of straight team coaching.
    (d) 9 of last years 1st Colts are progressing to Grade and will be nurtured and are all involved in 4-5day/week development program, to ensure we are building from within as well as adding from outside.
    (e) having some broad research on what other players are receiving in the "marketplace" whether it be match payments, sign on fees, rental assistance, "scholarships" we feel we sit somewhere between 8-9th on the "player Spend" ladder at this point but with some recent exciting additions to the board & sponsorship employees within the club to reinvigorate income streams we hope that will change in the following years. ( an eg. missing out on recent Waratahs new lock - Sam Lousi to Southern Districts highlights how far we are off in this aspect)
    (f) have significantly revamped the football program, a new Gym, and medical system, establishment of mentor and employment network.
    (g) yes it is disappointing to not be able to recruit/retain Easts Juniors (eg Sam Renton from Cranbrook who decided to play with Sydney Uni) but with additions to points (e) and (f) we hope this will not continue. The clubs small junior base compared to other clubs and the now alignment with the NSW Country Eagles will hopefully see that improve as is evidenced by the singing of Aust Schools centre from Orange - Ned Yeomans.
    (h) Rod Ma'a contacted the club thru its website to the "administrator" expressing a strong desire to change clubs (and positions) and was invited to come along, as is anyone who contacts the club. He dragged his mate Jordan Tuu'a who at some stage had a run with the Eels but hasn't played any form of Rugby for 6 years (I'm sure there is similar stories at most clubs this year). Kuki Maafu is staying at Randwick. West Harbour were upset that Ryan Dalziel decided to leave and join Easts. We hope over the next few months to "unveil" many more new and talented players (many from outside traditional SS recruiting grounds) along with the existing ones to ensure all 4 Grades are in playoff contention.
    (I) best to ask any new recruit as to promises of 1st Grade positions or NRC spots to get fact on this, there is no way we/I can prove that rebuttal on this forum (I guess its just peoples word).
    However, rest assured every player joining or remaining at the club has been informed on numerous occasions and in no uncertain terms that competition for spots is what we want and will strive for.
    Thru the clubs alignment with The NRC Eagles if an Easts player is in the best 33 from the catchment areas of NSW Country, Country Origin, Easts, Randwick, (and outside if seen fit) they will be selected, again no "inducements" have been made on this. It'd be a game/foolish coach to promise a Penrith Player from the 12th Shute Shield Club in 2013 an NRC position for 2014. But lets hope he the "said" player develops & plays great SS footy and makes an NRC team.
    Hope this clears a few things.
    Happy blogging I enjoy reading what public perception and thought is on all matters of Rugby topics.
  17. insideknowledge Frank Row (1)

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    ***oops 2014-2015
  18. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    all those facts will kill this thread stone dead
  19. insideknowledge Frank Row (1)

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    in reading my long winded response I probably need to clarify a few comments for fear of reprise.
    - the said Penrith players that were met, were 100% leaving the Emus regardless. You could look at the point that the ones who decided to join Easts they have decided to drive pass 4-5 clubs closer to join us a positive for Easts. As per the "other" GM who had the package of "8" offered to them, this was never the case at Easts (the number was never 8 and they were never offered as a package - they were all leaving Penrith though). He is probably right in saying that all 8 may not make 1st Grade at their club, or Easts for that matter - however the 4 that have joined Easts all will be given the same opportunity as any other player tho and judged on their merits but have been promised nothing in regards to where they will play - form will dictate that.
    - Re. The Colts program, we felt the playoff result was credible last year and produced some quality higher Grade players for this year (Lee-Warner, Moylan, Elsom & Newsome).
    Yes - it was disappointing to lose a junior such as Renton to Uni but as with many school leavers we missed out on to Uni or Randwick (the multiple year roll over scholarship & accom assistance program they have in place is just too attractive for some players to pass up).
    That said we do assist some Colts with education assistance.
    We also attempt, with very good success to date, find them suitable accommodation and employment & career solutions (and have an ever improving Mentor / employment network)
    Reimburse to a good SS level our Colts Coach/Director to ensure our Colts program is well run.
    Our FT DoR is very active in-season in schoolboy scouting and meeting of the top end school leavers to attract to Easts.
    The top end Colts players are coached by our 1st team staff, train at various times of the years with 1st Grade (including in-season) and are well catered for by specialised Sport Science support.
    We care about our Colts program, understand its importance, will grow it at the same if not faster speed than other areas of the Football program to ensure it not only attains on-field results but produces players for Higher Grades and Rep Rugby.
    With a very limited local junior base we must be innovative in how we build our Colts recruitment.
    With a high turnover of 20yo players to Grade this year a playoff result would be an honourable achievement we feel for 2015.
    We understand it will just take a bit of time to match Uni and Randwick, with our recruitment program but lookout when we do.
    Ryan Dalziel switched to Easts from Wests for reasons other than an increased financial offer - fact.
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  20. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    The facts may put to rest some rumours, but this thread exists for general banter about the Beasts, and it should not be killed.

    ATM Wicks, Marlins and 2 Blues have rather active G&GR threads. Gordon and Hobbits have occasional posts/interest about them. There is largely indifference on the other clubs threads.

    It is good to see some passion and interest in this thread.
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