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Eddies v Marist ends in a brawl...

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by ACT Crusader, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. ACT Crusader Peter Johnson (47)

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    U18 Div I final at CanberraStadium tonight. Plenty of fans and banter between the two rivals. Marist started vey well and then Eddies turned up the heat in attack through their hard running winger.

    Eddies scored the next 3 tries to go up 29-10.

    Then in the 2nd half some argy bargy broke out after a late-ish hit (nothing in it), but then there was two players holding each others jerseys throwing hail marys, and the scuffles broke out all over the park.

    My mates son was trying to stop four of his own team mates from going to town on one Marist player. He got a yellow for his trobles. Two other players got red carded and another yellow, so the refs called it off.

    Eddies won on the scoreboard well and truely, but it was a sour taste left in the mouth of most fans.
  2. Spook

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    I'm ex-Eddies student and I can't recall it ever getting that nasty against Marist. Always tough but fair rugby. I hope they take some tough action over this. The media will have a field day ::) First XV players think they are super stars. Never was allowed to happen in my day.
  3. louie Desmond Connor (43)

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    This was always going on in my day (i left in 2002)
    I went last year and this almost happened at one point.
    Both the school. Eddies mainly take it all way two seriously. I don't think they ever got over being smashed in the 1990s.
    too much ego.
  4. Spook

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    Well they got thumped by Joeys. Should have given them some humility.

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