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good tv shows i havent seen?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by RugbyFuture, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. RugbyFuture Lord Logo

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    don't have fox, bored and the download limit is up in day with lots of it left, any suggestions?
  2. matty_k Peter Johnson (47)

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    No particular order

    The Wire
    Arrested Development
    Better Off Ted
    The Pacific
  3. DPK Peter Sullivan (51)

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    Seinfeld (probably seen it, but its worth a rewatch)
    The Inbetweeners
    Yes, Minister
    The Mighty Boosh

    All comedies.
  4. RugbyFuture Lord Logo

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    wire too hard to follow, seen deadwood, arrested development, chuck the mighty boosh

    yes minister? really, i thought you were young dpk? i'll check the others but im watching the inbetweeners and the pacific already on tv.

    prefer stuff like chuck and reaper, good shows, im a bit of a nerd too so its like stargate ive already seen and dollhouse
  5. matty_k Peter Johnson (47)

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    You're really missing out.
    The creators of The Wire have started a new show called Treme based in New Orleans and how music is helping people get their lives back to normal.
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  6. RugbyFuture Lord Logo

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    yeh with john goodman saw it on the colbert report
  7. DPK Peter Sullivan (51)

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    I am young! But I dont know anyone else my age that has seen, let alone likes Yes, Minister.

    It's a cracker. Some of the monologues show how intricate the English language is. Plus, the things that happen in Yes, Minister happy every day in Australia's government.
  8. Moses Simon Poidevin (60)

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    pulp sport
    mad men
    girl racers
  9. RugbyFuture Lord Logo

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    .and then it becomes yes, prime minister..

    i'll stick with monty python

    havent you seen my proposal for the australian rugby party? question time is gonna be a big scrum.

    Entourage is crap! mad men i've seen, cant seem to find girl races and i cant stand new zealand accents, dont they irritate your mind moses?

    geez you guys are useless.. :p
  10. Gagger Nick Farr-Jones (63)

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    The Wire is correctly acknowledged as the best TV series there has ever been.

    You could always do Generation Kill (what they did after the Wire) and then go back when you realise what a chump you've been
  11. cheezel Bill Watson (15)

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    The wire is awesome, best show I've seen since Deadwood.

    Curb Your Enthusiasm, West Wing, Mad Men, Extras
  12. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    My fave shows are:

    - Frontline
    - The Games
    - the Micallef Show
    - Blackadder
    - Fawlty Towers
    - Arrest Development
    - D Gen LAte Show

    - Have most the Entourage series on DVD but am a bit over it. Although I still think this is may be my fave tv moment:


    Of current shows? Gee Breaking Bad is unique and very watchable. If you want something different, that's pretty damn good.
  13. the gambler Dave Cowper (27)

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    Some Pommy options are Gavin and Stacey and Outnumbered
  14. Scarfman Knitter of the Scarf

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    OK, hold onto your dick, I've got the best show ever for you.

    Eastbound and Down.

    Check it out.
  15. Moses Simon Poidevin (60)

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    Entourage is all about Ari Gold, he's fucking brilliant. Got a bit softer in the later series but I watched some of the early stuff and he's ruthless
  16. cyclopath Stirling Mortlock (74)

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    I love Entourage, but only for Ari. Grade A lunatic, and funny as hell. And probably not 100 miles from reality.
  17. chief John Solomon (38)

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    Big fan of Entourage. Looking forward to the new season, a shame the later ones don't involve a little more Ari.

    The Good Wife is a decent new show if you haven't seen it, has some good story lines. Law & Order SVU is another good one. Nip Tuck too is good, although has some story lines which probably shouldn't have been touched on.
  18. Scarfman Knitter of the Scarf

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  19. Jethro Tah Bob Loudon (25)

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    Try Lead Balloon from BBC Entertainment. It's kinda like Extras.
  20. James Buchanan Trevor Allan (34)

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    I agree, its very good.

    Probably my favourite show of the moment.

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