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John I. Dent Cup 2019 - ACT Premier Rugby

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by RoffsChoice, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. RoffsChoice Jim Lenehan (48)

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    2019 Schedule:
    Round 01 (30 March):
    Queanbeyan (10) lost to Canberra (23)
    Tuggeranong (26) lost to Gungahlin (29)
    Bye: Easts, Norths, Wests

    Round 02 (6 April):
    Gungahlin (74) def Easts (5)
    Queanbeyan (23) lost to Norths (40)
    Wests (47) drew with Tuggeranong (47)
    Bye: Canberra

    Round 03 (13 April):
    Easts (10) lost to Canberra (23)
    Norths (25) def Wests (19)
    Bye: Gungahlin, Queanbeyan, Tuggeranong

    Round 04 (27 April):
    Gungahlin (29) def Queanbeyan (19)
    Norths (22) lost to Tuggeranong (27)
    Wests (27) lost to Canberra (29)
    Bye: Easts

    Round 05 (4 May):
    Canberra (33) def Norths (25)
    Easts (27) lost to Wests (44)
    Tuggeranong (50) def Queanbeyan (29)
    Bye: Gungahlin

    Round 06 (11 May):
    Gungahlin (26) def Tuggeranong (25)
    Norths (48) def Easts (12)
    Queanbeyan (34) def Wests (26)
    Bye: Canberra

    Round 07 (18 May):
    Canberra (56) def Queanbeyan (24)
    Norths (32) lost to Gungahlin (38)
    Tuggeranong (80) def Easts (17)
    Bye: Wests

    Round 08 (25 May):
    Canberra v Easts
    Norths v Queanbeyan
    Wests v Gungahlin
    Bye: Tuggeranong

    Round 09 (1 June):
    Easts v Queanbeyan
    Gungahlin v Canberra
    Tuggeranong v Wests
    Bye: Norths

    Round 10 (8 June):
    Canberra v Tuggeranong
    Easts v Gungahlin
    Wests v Norths
    Bye: Queanbeyan

    Round 11 (15 June):
    Canberra v Wests
    Queanbeyan v Gungahlin
    Tuggeranong v Norths
    Bye: Easts

    Round 12 (22 June):
    Canberra v Norths
    Queanbeyan v Tuggeranong
    Wests v Easts
    Bye: Gungahlin

    Round 13 (29 June):
    Gungahlin v Tuggeranong
    Norths v Easts
    Wests v Queanbeyan
    Bye: Canberra

    Round 14 (6 July):
    Easts v Tuggeranong
    Gungahlin v Norths
    Queanbeyan v Canberra
    Bye: Wests

    Round 15 (13 July):
    Easts v Canberra
    Gungahlin v Wests
    Norths v Queanbeyan
    Bye: Tuggeranong

    Round 16 (20 July):
    Canberra v Gungahlin
    Queanbeyan v Easts
    Tuggeranong v Wests
    Bye: Norths

    Round 17 (27 July):
    Easts v Gungahlin
    Tuggeranong v Canberra
    Wests v Norths
    Bye: Queanbeyan
  2. RoffsChoice Jim Lenehan (48)

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    Current Table:
  3. howyagoin Ted Fahey (11)

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    First trials yesterday. Whites holding out Wests, Eagles did Easts over and Royals solid over Norths. Any news from these respective games?
  4. RoffsChoice Jim Lenehan (48)

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    Friends at the game tell me that Royals straight up destroyed Norths; score might look like it wasn't a blowout, but result was never in doubt. Norths scores were so against the run of play, and Royals could have put on fifty if they moved out of second gear.

    People I know who saw Whites-Wests say it was such a trial game that you can tell absolutely nothing from it.

    Don't know anything about Gungahlin-Easts.
  5. Anthony Smith Peter Burge (5)

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    It seems someone needs to move the posts from the other forum to here
  6. CarnTheBrumbies Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Thought I’d copy my post over here for you Anthony

    Long time no posts one would say but I’m back ready for another big year of JID.
    2018 saw a seesawing evening out of the competition with the rise of Easts and Uni and the lessened dominance of Vikings and Royals.

    So what will 2019 bring?
    As a lover of the game. I really do believe the fairytale of Easts will continue this year as they will push their way into the top 4.. the loss of Abel hurts however, Cornforth has supposedly been able to counter with some sevens players coming and also snagging John Bosco from Owls.
    Tuggeranong and Royals will remain steady atop of the standings. Both teams have losses of key players to league, but experience and leadership especially in the likes of the underrated Skipper Smith and ever reliable Johnson will mean that they may lose a few more games but will definitely be there come finals.

    Green Grass, im worried for you as I’ve heard a lot of negatives coming from the owls this year in regards to player retention, I like the acquisition of the two new coaches but I do feel it’ll be a long one.

    Wests will improve ever so slightly to clinch the 6th position but leber will be a hole to fill.

    Queanbeyan and Gungahlin will battle it out for the last finals spot and it could be based on who wants to “entice” more players to their club.. arguably it’ll come down to the battle of the front row. young guns Kaihea vs Ross. and older bulls Nadruku vs Dobson. all in all I think Queanbeyan will snatch it but will be bowled over early in the finals.
  7. CarnTheBrumbies Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Heard around the grounds from various sources that
    Gungahlin best QBN 21-17
    Easts lost to Vikings 12-28 (pretty close)
    Uni smoked an Illawarra team
    And Royals lost convincely against Eastern Suburbs
  8. howyagoin Ted Fahey (11)

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    Royals lost convincingly to Easts yet John I Dent’s Instagram seemed to poke a hole in the Australian club champions today stating the Canberra team didn’t get a shot. Easts didn’t even make the top 6 last season in Shute Shield and Royals were Grand Finalists. It’s a larger gap than people realise
  9. RoffsChoice Jim Lenehan (48)

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    The gap between teams in Shute Shield and JID is massive, of that there is no doubt. It's tough to compete with a system, infrastructure, administration, finances, etc. that predate the Canberra comp by a few decades. However, JID still produces Super and Test level players, and is reaching a level of competitiveness that makes every game interesting, as opposed to a few years ago when Norths and Easts would lose every game with Gungahlin only able to beat those two.
  10. howyagoin Ted Fahey (11)

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    Totally agree. The JID is a good competition in its own right without the player depth or budget of Shute clubs. Easts will be back at the bottom this year and Norths won’t be far in front of them I feel.

    Finishing order for 2019:
  11. The Blindsider Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Interested in your tips howyagoin. What’s made you see the ‘little guys’ easts and owls fall back to the bottom this year?
  12. RoffsChoice Jim Lenehan (48)

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    I see Queanbeyan's showing last year as a blip, they'll be back and stronger than ever.

    Easts have all the signs of continuing to perform, they've turned into a classy side under their new coach.

    Royals depend entirely on the availability of Johnston, Muirhead, and Rolando. They depend heavily on a possession-lite, territory-heavy game, and can't execute their gameplan without the key players.

    Vikings are Vikings.

    Eagles and Wests are the wildcards.

    Uni depend on player retention, of which there seems to be little, so don't hold your breath.

    1. Vikings
    2. Queanbeyan
    3. Easts
    4. Royals
    5. Wests
    6. Eagles
    7. Uni
  13. Anthony Smith Peter Burge (5)

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    I do agree to a certain extent, however, Eastern Suburbs were relatively full strength with even Mack Mason and McCauley coming back to play from the night before. Where as Royals were without 4 brumby runners players, Pedro and also Penders. So 6 genuine top end first grade players. Take into account (from player sources) that Easts scored 3 rolling maul tries. the gap might not be as big as we think even though I agree it is there.

    Also do believe when McKellar coached the Vikings, when they had a ridiculous good team, they were part of the Australian Club Championship and Won it
  14. Rugby Central Charlie Fox (21)

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    They killed Penrith, a major population chunck of Sydney (west of Parramatta) is without a premier club and Eastwood had to sell Sydney's heart of club rugby just to get back above water.

    I believe you seriously overestimate the quality of Shute Shield Administration. There are a couple of clubs doing OK financially but they are few. Hence the whole ARC/NRC debacle. If they knew what they were doing there'd be no need to create a souless competition with no community attachment.

    The difference pure and simple is depth. They have all the NSWGPS, CAS, ISA school rugby competitions able to feed it every year. That doesn't include the Junior clubs and various state schools that also play rugby. This also doesn't include the player shopping that goes on within the Suburban rugby competitions when players are good enough. Plus the various regional players moving to Sydney to try their hand. And yet some clubs are still forfeiting lower grades on occasion. No, while they do have all the advantages, they have totally stuffed up what it could be.

    JID is an overachiever in terms of results. And that's because it is better run. But we need to be realistic about what we are and start thinking about ways to develop the depth, not dream about having more money.
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  15. GentleGiant Allen Oxlade (6)

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    I believe Wests play against Gordon either this saturday or the saturday after next, so i guess that will be interesting to see what the gap is like as gordon were rock bottom of the shute shield in 2018 and miles behind the pack. canberra comp although smaller in numbers seems more competitive top to bottom, it should be pretty decent game but i think wests will win.
  16. Brumby Runner John Eales (66)

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    By all accounts, on the Shute Shield thread, the Gay Gordons are likely to be a lot stronger this year and they have Coleman os their new coach.
  17. howyagoin Ted Fahey (11)

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    Wests play Gordon on round 1 weekend due to their Bye. Gordon will be much stronger this year due to a lot of player recruitment from having the Darren Coleman in charge with what seems like a relatively decent cheque book to play with.
  18. howyagoin Ted Fahey (11)

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    Uni have lost a bunch of players from what I hear and haven’t shown much in trials. Easts have lost their best players from 2018 also. I may be entirely wrong. Early predictions only.

    My predictions are totally different to RoffsChoice too. Could be a very interesting season
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  19. Green grass Herbert Moran (7)

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    Dara have recruited very, very strongly. Will be hard to knock off this year.
    My top 4:
    1. Dara
    2. Royals
    3. Tuggies
    4. Uni/Whites
    Thought I’d chuck us in but Whites are always there or thereabouts.
  20. Thegallopinggreen Frank Row (1)

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    Hi guys any other trials last weekend? Only heard about a Wests vs Cooma trial and Uni vs Southern Inland game

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