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Julia's Reign

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Scotty, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    Spot on.
    If mysoginy is a problem of such size that it justifies her spray in parliament and if privacy is such an issue that last week's media laws are a necessity then Mr Sandilands, even dressed as an innocuous pagan idol, is the last person one should invite or permit to attend a garden party.
    He has offended regularly in both areas.
    No doubt he speaks to one of the many demographic groups that don't like Joolia more than they don't like Abbott.
    Makes all her statements in both areas look opportunistic, just like being seen with the odious Kyle.

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  2. Elfster Jim Clark (26)

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    Perhaps Julia was just hedging her bets. Presumably Tim would be there, so she needed to get someone who would be more likely to make an obnoxious comment than he would.
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  3. Torn Hammy Johnnie Wallace (23)

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    The bookies should have checked her form at manshaming aspiring male egomaniacs.
  4. Paradox Banned

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  5. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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  6. Runner Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Why not cancel the NBN and have free education and a disability scheme?
  7. Scotty David Codey (61)

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    I don't know a huge amount of detail but some is from essentially converting scholarships to a hecs type debt. Not sure if I agree with it or not, but either way this money won't come back to them for 10+ years. Not sure how it can pay for gonski!?
  8. boyo Mark Ella (57)

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    Maybe you're being disingenuous.
  9. Runner Nev Cottrell (35)

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    So lets have really smart well educated kids go where once you cut university budgets?

    The great vision stuff of a dead government. Fast trains, etc will never happen.

    All they are doing by hanging around till Sept is topping up their supers and making the electorate feel frustrated and more vengeful.

    We don't need a large lose of the size forecast as it is not good for democracy.
  10. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    I dont think they get any more super: its based on the number of terms they served.
  11. Runner Nev Cottrell (35)

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  12. Bruwheresmycar Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    Did anyone see the guy on Q&A last night who criticized our education system because "k..k..kids these days can't..um..string.um sentences together anymore and ah.. can't .speak english properly or do..um mental maths"
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  13. Runner Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Unfortunately no.

    What about Q7A here?
    Lets assume they lose on 14 Sept. Will she stay on in parliament or cause an expensive by election?
    Who will lead what is left?
    Perhaps Kevin will be the last man standing hence no challenge last time.
  14. Bruwheresmycar Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    I can't say that I've read much about the immigration aspect of federal policy, but does anyone else find the "debate" you see in the media between political heavyweights kind of weird and twisted?

    The solution to stopping boat arrivals seems to be that if you are cruel enough to those who do arrive, the numbers will decrease over time. So essentially, anyone who isn't for sending asylum seekers who arrive via boat to some depressing camp in the middle of the ocean for some unspecified period of time - is part of the problem.

    I don't know what to think when I see a member of parliament implying that those who don't agree with sending asylum seekers to these detention centres, where plenty of people want to, and do, kill themselves, is somewhat guilty for the deaths that result from the boats that sink at sea. Are these really words coming from people who have the lives of asylum seekers at the forefront of their minds? I can't believe it myself, and as a result find it kind of disgusting to hear.

    I'm not proposing some amazing solution myself here. Personally I don't know what the right balance of the use of our resources and compassion for human rights will be the most successful for Australia. But is there anyone out there who has thought about this quite a lot, or had some experience with the system? Or even anyone who wants to comment on why or why not they agree with how the media keeps characterizing this issue.
  15. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    It hasn't struck me as being any worse than any other aspect of their "debates".
    But I only listen to them to find grammatical errors and quotable quotes these days.
  16. I like to watch Simon Poidevin (60)

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    I've got an amazing solution.
    Do the requqired background checks to confirm they are of good character,and let em in.
    Anyone who has the initiative and the courage to jump on a leaky boat to get here, will almost undoubtedly have the drive to be a success here.
    Let's face it, how many actually arrive here each year? The hysteria around it suggests the number is in the hundreds of thousands.Is it even in the thousands?
  17. ChargerWA Mark Loane (55)

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    I've got to admit, I have a sick fascination with watching this. It's like a car crash, you just can't look away. The size of the defeat is the only thing left to be decided at this point. Even most peoples dislike of Abbott has been over come by the idea that he surely couldn't be any worse.

    They should have installed Rudd at the beginning of the year, they would have at least salavaged some seats.
  18. Spieber Bob Loudon (25)

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    My concern is an opposition that lacks critical mass and able to provide a credible adversary to Tony Abbott's Inquisition. I guess we will see a fair few public servants having their eyes burnt out along the way. Meanwhile Australia's non-mining sector economy continues to struggle - not looking good for government revenues - many safety net programs to be slashed and burned. A pending dark age for Australia - and I am not sure Bill "I support what she said" Shorten is the answer. Grim times indeed.
  19. Runner Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Sorry that number thing is important.
    Why should a person who has taken an UNHCR ticket somewhere to get to Australia be pushed back in the line. Consequence they will also decide to jump the queue. There goes any order and the concept of background checks become impossible.
    So anyone on a boat goes back. Wait your turn for your number. 30,000 to 40.000 is a big number. How many country towns is that?
  20. Runner Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Imagine the consequences for ALP if the Liberals had a popular leader.

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