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Manly 2015

Discussion in 'Manly' started by Dave Beat, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Hope so;)
  2. AussieDominance Trevor Allan (34)

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    I think our 1st grade side is showing gradual improvement but still lack a few basic skills to be a regular mid table force at this stage. Hopefully that comes over the next season or so.

    I am worried about our 2nd grade a lot of familiar faces but seem to be lacking a proper structure and game plan which may be just something the new coaches are struggling to implement.

    3rd grade have been competitive in most games but certainly we were on roller skates in the scrum. Manly were still a lot bigger in the lower grades but not as big as last year but this always helps at scrum time.

    4th grade we are struggling in all areas here but hopefully we can have a good run of injuries and clock up some wins to finish in the top 8 or so realistically.
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  3. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Marlins take the high road to victory

    By Adam Lucius
    The undefeated Marlins were given the Prime Ministerial stamp of approval after taking their undefeated start to the season into a fifth straight week following a hard-fought 22-13 win over Gordon on Saturday.
    PM and former Manly lower grade prop Tony Abbott gathered the players around him in the cramped Manly Oval dressing-room and told them: "Well done. It wasn't an easy win.
    "You had to work for it. You've got through five games and won them all which is absolutely outstanding.
    "You should have gained a lot of confidence for the last five weeks.
    "Thanks for the invite and all the best for the rest of the season.
    "I just wish I was 30 years younger so I could be out there with you."
    Mr Abbott then joined the players and coaching staff in a rousing rendition of 'Manly Boom Boom', the PM discreetly falling silent at the juicier end of the song.
    What other sporting club in the land could boast a pre-match talk from Manly, Wallabies and broadcasting giant Alan Jones, a post-match address from the PM and a visit from the state Premier?
    "If we weren't known as the Silvertails before today, we are now," coach Damien Cummins quipped.
    With the excellent Sun, Surf and Scrums – the story of Manly Rugby – officially launched pre-game by Abbott, Jones and Mike Baird, the hope was the game would prove just as entertaining.
    But it just didn't deliver.
    Flat after their big effort against Sydney Uni seven days previously, the Marlins did just enough to get over the line in a game they could easily have lost.
    A lovely ball from Ryan Melrose saw BJ Hartmann dart over for the first try on 20 minutes and you sensed Manly would click into gear from there.
    Four minutes later they were in again thanks to superb work from half Matt Lucas.
    He was deep in trouble on his own line but somehow managed to weave his way out of heavy Gordon traffic and put a kick in for winger Richie Hooper to collect and race 65m.
    That made it 12-0.
    But then Manly dropped off and the Highlanders pounced, snatching a 13-12 half-time lead.
    Suddenly the unthinkable was very much on the cards.
    The in-form Dave Porecki restored normal transmission with a try off the back of some good work from Lucas and all looked good.
    But for the next 25 minutes, the game hung in the balance as Gordon refused to wilt.
    It was only after Reece Hodges' penalty in the final minute that the Manly faithful could relax and head to the bowlo for a stiff one or two.
    "You can say to yourself during the week that you're up for the game and you try to get up for it as much as you can, but mentally you're not there," Cummins said.
    "The boys were flat and they admit it. Last week took it out of us mentally and physically but today we found a way to win.
    "You are not going to play like last week every week – you're going to have your ugly wins.
    "Winning ugly is better than losing ugly."
    Hartmann added: "We did some good stuff but towards the end of the first half it fell to pieces.
    "We've got to be smart and adapt when the game changes.
    "They didn't score in the second half and we still found a way to win, which is a positive."
    The Shute Shield leaders host Southern Districts at Manly Oval on Anzac Day.
  4. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Convincing 4th Grade put away Gordon

    By Zak Beer
    After producing two strong 1st half performances against both Easts and University over the previous two weeks – only to let both games get away from them, Manly achieved this week's goal to put in a sustained and dominant effort for the full 60 minutes.
    With their toughest and most physical week of training – Manly's focus was on physicality and cohesion in defence and executing their patterns with strength in numbers in attack.
    Starting strong once again Manly went into half time with a 28 – 0 lead. The side showed intent in defence and maintained a strong set-piece – which laid the platform for some impressive continuity in attack (a clip of Jack Wilson's great team-try on the half-time siren: click here)
    Unlike the previous two weeks, Manly's second half performance mirrored the first – and the Marlins not only continued but increased the intensity and pressure they put on Gordon, leading to a final scoreline of Manly 45, Gordon 7.
    Man of the match went to league convert #9 Andrew Maxwell who showed great patience and direction in the attacking structures, 2 points went to #15 Joe "Eki" Metuisela who controlled Manly's defensive line ensuring they were defending in their 'groups of 3' and 1 point went to #7 Danny Boland – who was extremely effective around the breakdown for Manly.
    The top of the 4th Grade ladder is highly congested making the next few rounds vital in Manly's momentum this season.
    With the precedent now set, it leads to an exciting clash against a strong Southern Districts side this coming Saturday at Manly Oval.
  5. AussieDominance Trevor Allan (34)

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    Found it interesting last year's results -

    40 - 19 1st Grade
    38 - 17 2nd Grade
    12 - 10 3rd Grade
    33 - 5 4th Grade
    69 - 15 1st Colts
    46 - 0 2nd Colts

    All Manly way


    22 - 13 Manly 1st Grade
    21 - 7 Manly 2nd Grade
    36 - 28 Gordon 3rd Grade
    45 - 7 Manly 4th Grade
    26 - 21 Manly 1st Colts
    71 - 0 Gordon 2nd Colts
    31 - 5 Gordon 3rd Colts
    52 - 0 Gordon U19 Colts

    Both games were played on dry days.

    Only side to go backwards is our 4th grade side although our 2nd grade side got closer than that in the semi last season.
  6. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Stand out performance by Reece Hodge against Souths - well done buddy.
  7. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Bit of scrum practice this week I think.
  8. James M7 Allen Oxlade (6)

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    I didnt get a chance to see the game against Southern, But I have been saying for a couple of weeks that there needs to be a change up front.If Cocca is still out then Gentle should be at 3 and Lewis should be at 1.
  9. sidelinesid Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    thought Jordy Reid was magnificent last week as well as this week. Bright future with Gold not far away imo
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  10. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Some interesting selections in ones this week, a number of the 7s team are making an appearance (1/2 the forward pack). They had great defensive pattern in the 7s and shut down teams with greater pace - let's bring it on Saturday.

    Have some idea's as to the attack, but will leave that to attack coach Milroy;)
  11. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Wet weekend and no rugby feels like an off season.

    Looking forward to seeing the team sheets on what what I believe will prove to be a very important weekend.
  12. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    That was a solid hit out against the wicks today, had the bonus point before oranges and then not allot points in the second stanza.

    First half was tidy rugby, with some great angles being run out wide. The backs are really starting to gel, and with that comes confidence.

    Second half would have had a few tries as well but passes were being called forward, and the wicks also upped their aggression (not sure what happened around the 12th minute in the second half?).

    Our pack wasn't big today, but they were everywhere and our line didn't get crossed. Mitch finally got his starting debut and he nailed it - 2 sevens on the park he was all over the ball and a real stand out.

    7/10 (first half 8 second half 6).

    Huge week next week.
  13. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Great to see we have some action back at;



    as it makes for some good midweek reading.
    1 Dane Maraki
    2 Dave Porecki
    3 Andrew Collins
    4 Ed Gower
    5 Ryan Melrose
    6 Harry Bergelin
    7 Kotoni Ale (capt)
    8 Daniel Alley
    9 Matt Lucas
    10 Sam Lane
    11 Chris Yarrington
    12 Reece Hodge
    13 Dennis Pili-Gaitau
    14 Richard Hooper
    15 Brenden Hartmann

    1 Mitch Lewis
    2 Vance Elliot
    3 Jimmy Gentle
    4 Will Cocker
    5 Angus Phelps
    6 Brad Meaney
    7 Mitch Daniel
    8 Vinnie Baranyi
    9 Tim Donlan
    10 Shaun Treweek
    11 Sireli Tagicakibau
    12 Sam Vaevae
    13 Ellis Abrahams
    14 Alex Northam
    15 Tom Chesters

    1 Alex Brand
    2 John Wunder
    3 John Baranyi
    4 Jack Wesson
    5 Wes Bindczus
    6 Brad Balding
    7 Ethan Uili
    8 Kava Utoikamanu
    9 Adam Crerar
    10 Cam Mason
    11 Elliot Foils
    12 Peter Squires
    13 Ryan Squires
    14 Chase McMillan
    15 Mike Howard

    1 James Young
    2 Dane Le Rougetel
    3 Sosaia Soane
    4 Adam Purvis
    5 James Watson
    6 Troy Tonkin
    7 Josh Littlewood
    8 Manuel Castagnet
    9 Nic Smart
    10 Cameron Duffus
    11 Kevin Reed Jr
    12 Anthony Bergelin
    13 John Fakai
    14 Rory McGahon
    15 Joe Metuisela
  14. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Champion effort today by the MMM "club"" - playing and and then some - with phases after the bell for a final try.

    Good rugby gets good gate - keep building
  15. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Not many would have predicted a scoreline like that, even the most ardent of MMM faithful would be pleasantly surprised with that result.
  16. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Some good rugby played. Woods had all the ball and possession for the first 22 minutes. 3 from 4 in grade and good to see some players stating to return.
  17. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    A Cat, Ladies Day and a big win over the Woodies
    By Adam Lucius
    Talk about exorcising demons!
    In one of the best 80-minute performances seen at Manly Oval in a long time, the Marlins pummelled reigning champions Eastwood 41-18 on Saturday to make it nine wins in a row.
    Back at the scene of last year's semi-final crime - and against the same opposition – the men in blue (with a shade of pink to commemorate Ladies Day) racked up six tries to two to decimate the Woodies.
    Manly have been in this position plenty of times in the past and blown it, but there is a definite smell (in a good way) about what coach Damien Cummins and his team is building.
    Turtle has never lacked confidence and isn't about to go shy on us now.
    "You have to get to a stage where you say we are not just about winning games but it's how you do it," he explained as Ladies Day raged around him.
    "To score six tries against the premiers.you know what, it does make a statement, full stop
    "You have to be humble when you win but it does make a statement: 41 points to 18 against the premiers."
    The Woodies controlled the first 20 minutes and almost earned squatters' rights after spending plenty of time at the Raglan St end.
    But after repelling everything thrown at them and only conceding a penalty goal, the Marlins responded with a tremendous length-of-the-field try to Reece Hodge involving six players.
    Skipper Kotoni Ale put the hosts further ahead 14-3 with a try off the back of a maul before Dave Porecki found himself in the bin.
    Eastwood hit back with a try but Manly responded almost immediately when Matt Lucas darted clear to send Chris Yarrington over.
    When Porecki crashed over just after halftime, Manly had the bonus point and a 24-11 lead.
    Further tries to Mitch Daniels and BJ Hartmann iced the win and ensured a big, big night at the bowlo.
    Perhaps the secret to the Marlins' unbeaten start is the relaxed atmosphere Cummins has created.
    He revealed a very average cat joke from winger Yarrington kept the mood light before they went into battle against the Woods.
    "Everyone had to bring their favourite picture of a cat and put it up in the change room and one of the guys has to tell a joke before our team meeting," the coach told us.
    "It was Chris Yarrington's turn and his joke was: How does a cat keep fit? It does puss-ups."
    Laughs all-round – and the best win of the year to date.
    Let's hope the good times continue when Manly travel to Concord on Saturday to meet West Harbour, who conquered Sydney Uni last start.
  18. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Reserves defend like Trojans

    The Woods forward pack in 2's has been strong for a couple of years now and it was their forwards that took the win after the bell in the corresponding game last year.
    Manly got points on the board early albeit from an ordinary penalty kick from the Woods that that didn't find touch, followed by a miss timed kick from Treweek which he regathered and scored under the sticks – 7 zip after 3 minutes. Woods replied with a shot at goal and it was 7 – 3.
    The Manly scrum was constantly under pressure, but the team continued to play good ball in hand rugby and dominated the tight stuff with good body height and support enabling possession to be retained and to keep working the way down field. Having earned a penalty and taken the lineout option, tidy ball was secured off the top. Mitch Daniels peeled off the back and took advantage of the open space. He was brought down short of the line - quick ball back down the blind side and over for a try that went unconverted.
    Woods responded quickly when the Marlins had a kick charged down and they quickly spun the ball to the open space on their left and went over in the corner.
    Just before the break, another throw from Elliot hit the mark, and ball was sent wide quickly. Centre Vaevae popped a nice short ball to Abrahams who hit the perfect line – quick ball, and went wide to have Chesters dancing around a loosie to score a converted try on oranges 19 – 10.
    The second half was defined by defence and why not a bit more. After 20 minutes of pretty much constant defence Woods opted for the easy option and took 3 points. Timmy Donlan kept barking at his forwards and they kept working hard – Manly visited Woods quarter for about 3 minutes and converted it with 5 points and a wayward shot at goal.
    Changes were made with 8 on the clock and Woods went over for a quick reply and we had a 6 point lead with 6 to go. With only minutes on the clock and Woods camped in Manly's 22 the thinking was; "not again."
    The Marlins were awarded a scrum feed with time as good as up. The Manly scrum had been on skates so the game was not over. Pushed off the ball on our feed, Woods attacked and a few phases with good defence resulted in a penalty to us whilst camped right on our line.
    Well played Timmy Dolan, Mitch Daniels and Sammy Vaevae.
    Good discipline, and good defensive chatter / structure – you've set the bar, keep it.
  19. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    It all about how you back up.
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  20. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Dane Maraki
    Dave Porecki
    Andrew Collins
    Ed Gower
    Ryan Melrose
    Harry Bergelin
    Kotoni Ale (capt)
    Daniel Alley
    Matt Lucas
    Sam Lane
    Chris Yarrington
    Reece Hodge
    Dennis Pili-Gaitau
    Richard Hooper
    Brenden Hartmann

    Mitch Lewis
    Vance Elliot
    Jimmy Gentle
    Will Cocker
    Angus Phelps
    Brad Meaney
    Mitch Daniel
    Vinnie Baranyi
    Tim Donlan
    Shaun Treweek
    Sireli Tagicakibau
    Sam Vaevae
    Ellis Abrahams
    Alex Northam
    Tom Chesters

    Alex Brand
    John Wunder
    John Baranyi
    Jack Wesson
    Wes Bindczus
    Brad Balding
    Ethan Uili
    Kava Utoikamanu
    Adam Crerar
    Cam Mason
    Elliot Foils
    Peter Squires
    Ryan Squires
    Rory McGahon
    Mike Howard

    James Young
    Dane Le Rougetel
    Villi Vaka
    Dan Dressler
    James Watson
    Mark Watson
    Josh Littlewood
    Troy Tonkin
    Nic Smart
    Cameron Duffus
    Kevin Reed Jr
    Anthony Bergelin
    John Fakai
    Jack Wikson
    Joe Metuisela

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