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Movie Thread

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by AngrySeahorse, May 15, 2014.

  1. AngrySeahorse Peter Sullivan (51)

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    I can't find a movie thread on here. If there already is one then I'd say merge this thread with it.

    I have not been to the cinemas for ages but this year I've found there's been a few movies that have sparked enough interest to get me to go.

    I watched Transcendence a week ago & today I watched Godzilla. Next week I'm watching X-Men: Days of Future Past & possibly Maleficent later.

    I'd say Transcendence is good if people don't go into it thinking its going to be an action movie - because it really isn't. I'd say its more of a combo of love story meets scientific ethics (specifically electronic ethics).

    Godzilla was great. Had what I expected of a monster film. Only negatives being I thought they could have Godzilla do a bit more in the movie & I'm not a huge fan of soldier-type lead characters - I prefer Everyman type characters.

    I wouldn't limit this movie thread to what's in cinemas now. Movie recommendations can be as old or new as you like. Oh, & probably avoid giving spoilers away.

    I'd also put in a word for The Wolverine that I saw last year (I have it on Blu-Ray now). I'm an X-men + Wolverine fan & I found this movie to be the best one of the series so far. Right combo of action & story line, Wolverine actually vulnerable & almost normal. I find some of the X-men movies try to jam too many characters into the one story & it kinda makes the characters a little under done story wise but they didn't over do it with this movie.
  2. AngrySeahorse Peter Sullivan (51)

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    Finally got around to X-men: DOFP. The X-men movies seem to keep getting better. This one was very good. The Sentinels were just as freaky as I remember from the animated series I watched as a kid. In fact they made them more menacing in this one. I found the story darker than earlier X-men movies.
  3. Dismal Pillock Greg Davis (50)

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    X-Men Apocalypse (2016)


    Not much of a movie guy. Don't know shit from shinola. The worst cross-eyed bogshit sentence ever arrythmically wedged into the worst book ever written is still better than the greatest film ever made. In fact the word "a" flukily scrawled by a dyslexic dog's tail in a trail of its own piss at night in the rain is still greater than the "greatest" film ever made. Films are little more than moving postcards being thrown in your face for 2 hours. An insulting medium spoonfeeding nothing to where there could be something.

    That said, I give this film 10/10 even though it’s only at 48% on Rotten Tomatoes. Fussy spoilt bastards. What do they want, the moon on a stick? It’s got fancy special FX and shooting fire and flashing lights and shit! If I was an 11-year old boy I would drizzle my load watching this. As it is, I am 14 and still consider myself Very Impressed. Really though, as an old git who has only been to the Lido twice this century, I just sit there and marvel at the flashing lights and flying contraptions. Hugh Jackman was shoehorned in for about two violent speechless minutes. WFT. I thought it was his franchise? Contractual obligation? The all action 5-minute intro was probably the greatest thing I’ve ever seen and must’ve cost NZ’s GDP. They built a whole pyramid and then knocked it down! Sad! And expensive! Story? Dialogue? Whatever. Don’t need it. Some dude just used eye-powered laser fire to burn a motherfucking tree in half. Do you know how much that must’ve cost? Trees don’t grow on tr oh shit
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  4. Dismal Pillock Greg Davis (50)

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    Suicide Squad.


    Channel surfed across this one, hey wasn’t this famous, so gave it a burl. First thing I notice is that the dialogue seems to have been written by a disgruntled & gimpy 12-year old girl with no friends. Except that one “cool” girl who she thinks is her friend but she’s actually really fucking not.

    The pacing of the film and “scene placement” (technical term) makes it almost imaginable where the director said “cut, that’s a wrap!, holy shit this cartoon shithole of a film is so goddamn awesome, I luv u all!” It just chops around from battle to battle then it ends. RT gives this film 25% but I give it 12%. And all 12 of those points are for the blue spangly hot pants. Like a filthy old lech I just followed that tiny band of cloth around for the entire film. Marveled at it. Sought it out in my hour of need, my sequined solace as this shithole of a film lurched to and fro from embarrassingly juvenile talky talk bit to flashy flashy lighty lighty shooty shooty bit before ending with the obligatory set-up for the sequel.
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  5. The Honey Badger Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    Sweet Country

    Great Oz movie. Make the effort while it's still on the big screen.

    It stays with you for days.

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  6. Dismal Pillock Greg Davis (50)

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    Revenant. (SPOIOLER)


    Took me 3 goes of channel surfing to finally knuckle down and watch this miserable wilderness porn through to its gnarled conclusionne. FFS, DiCaprio gets the Oscar for this? He barely even said anything for the whole 8-hour film! Just groaning as he dragged himself through the snow towards fuck knows where!

    The first hour of this filme was just depressing as hell. Nope, not watching this depressing, cold, wet, dirty, unitelligible shit. Change channel. If I wanted that experience I'd just go outside and fall over. The "survival" types would have a massive tug but grisly Nat Geo pioneer porn don't entertain me.

    On the positive side, the scenery looked nice and the camera work was ace. Plus something did make me channel surf back to the fucker to see the 7th and 8th hours.

    Did Lenny make a deal with the Oscar committee? Wouldnt surprise me. "Ok arseholes, I am going to roll around in the wet snow and do grotty shit and get dirty but you MUST reward my personal physical sacrifice with a motherfucking Oscar. It's my turn you dickheads."
  7. Tex Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    Fucked. Unsettling. Scary. I live with a horror movie buff and have a few others in the same friendship circle and this is the one film that has got under their skin. Toni Colette is fantastic, as always. You know the film is going to pull no punches when you see a young girl dismembered in the first 30 minutes. Pretty traumatic viewing, but a top-tier horror/psych thriller if that's your thing.
  8. Dismal Pillock Greg Davis (50)

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    The Mummy

    16% on RT.

    Oh, Tom.

    Tom, what have you done?

    This one might have bombed but Tom is still looking good. Real good. Must be those pterodactyl placenta baths he takes in the Area 52 lair with his scientologisty pals. He also has the hair of a 15-year old heavy smoker.

    Tom tries to Do The Acting in this one and goes for the jokey arsehole angle. And of course it doesnt really work. He soon reverts to type and goes fullblown Mission Impossible fighty fighty action man.

    So why did this one bomb so bad? Hard to tell. Maybe because you sort of felt that at no stage did anyone on screen make any sort of connection with anyone else on screen, or with you the viewer for that matter.
  9. Tex Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    The Dead Don't Die

    Plods along as slowly as the zombies. 5/10.

    Going to see Joker next week. Hopefully it's as good as early reports suggest
  10. Sully John Eales (66)

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    Watched the Matrix last night. Held up pretty well for a 20 year old movie.

    My only question is, Youcan have any weapon you can dream of and you came up with a gun?
  11. Tex Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    Joker was pretty grim imo. I wasn't in the best of moods going into the cinema, so perhaps that's clouded my perception, but the origin story of a character beset by mental illness was never going to be rosy.

    Joaquin Phoenix is fantastic.

    The violence is more graphic than earlier franchise examples, and the film lacked any of the camp superhero plotlines or characters that leaven the Nolan movies. Joker is all nihilism and misery.
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  12. Dismal Pillock Greg Davis (50)

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    The Great Wall (2017)

    Awww. So Cute. Matt Damon got his very own Waterworld.

    This epic, sprawling kiln-glazed dungfelch of a major motion picture took 7 YEARS to make. Not 7 weeks. Not 7 months. 7 FUCKING YEARS. Poor old Matty had to go back and forth to China for 7 fucken years. And live there for 6 months solid at one stage. And for what? 36% on RT and gaijin and chinese alike saying "this film is a fucken embarrassing piece of shit." $150 million up in smoke.

    Like everyone I could tell this film would be bullshit after all of about 2 minutes. Was it targeting the chinamens market by taking itself so fucken seriously? I know the average chinaman gets so much state-maximed patriotic fervour pounded down his one-eye he pisses 180 proof solipsism but ffs. They must like SOME moments of fun and levity amidst the self-congratulatory back-patting. Yes, yes, we get it, your history is #1 and oh-so-fucking awesome and legendary and mythical but all the colour-coordinated battle armor in Satan's black universe couldnt make me sit through 3 hours of that "fuck we are awesome" dogma tarted up as "entertainment". I lasted 20 minutes. Matt Damon may as well have been the Madame Tussauds version of himself.

    Fuck China.
  13. Sully John Eales (66)

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    I suspended reality and quite enjoyed it.
  14. Teh Other Dave Bill McLean (32)

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    I hope Shinzo is allowing NZ consular access to DP,and providing him with two buckets and a mop.

    DP if you can read this, blink twice. We're sending our finest crew of piano removalists. We don't have the budget to get you to Beirut, but hopefully Punchbowl's ok.
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  15. Dismal Pillock Greg Davis (50)

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    Oh shit I think I blinked too may times. Punchbowl will do fine, whatever the hell that is.

    They have to get Rowan Atkinson to play Ghosn in the movie. He can do serious, that recent French detective thing of his was great
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  16. Teh Other Dave Bill McLean (32)

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    Rochelle, Rochelle (1992)

    I was shoehorned into seeing this, worst $98 I ever spent. The movie moves back and forth between Italy and newly independent Ukraine, and the plot and dialogue jump around like the locations. The Broadway musical was meant to be ok though. Should have seen checkmate instead.

  17. Dismal Pillock Greg Davis (50)

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    Bugger me, did you buy the original reels or something?
  18. Teh Other Dave Bill McLean (32)

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    Stolen from my mate's car.

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