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New Zealand v Wallabies, Eden Park, Sat 22nd October

Discussion in 'Rugby Matches' started by KOB1987, Oct 10, 2016.

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  1. Upthenuts Bob Loudon (25)

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    quoted from a scotsman circa 2015 world cup
  2. Seb V Tony Shaw (54)

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    It wasn't all bad. Mixed game from him. I'd give him a 5 maybe even a 6 / 10.

    Kind of like Foley, Looked pretty damn good around the park, probably best all year from any flyhalf, but 2 kicks which didn't find touch and almost directly led to All Black tries - plus 2 very easy goal-kicks missed. Hard to judge 5 / 10 as well.
  3. The torpedo Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    Time for slightly lower overreactions:

    - Foley, Arnold, Timani were good
    - Poor tackling and goalkicking cost us this game (someone @ the ARU hire Jonny Wilkinson)
    - Hodge had a shocker
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  4. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    The Wallabies played really well tonight, but interspersed with some soft turnovers and/or silly mistakes. The Speight no-try ruling certainly changed the momentum of the game - we should have been in front 17-15 at that point. Could we have held on? Impossible to know.

    What I do know is that the 2016 All Blacks execute the basic skills of the game better and quicker than any side I've ever seen. As a rugby follower, it's been a pleasure watching them in action.

    Foley's best game for the season and some of the newer guys made some mistakes, but also did some good things. Hopefully we can build on this performance during the EOYT.
  5. Mr Doug Dick Tooth (41)

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    I want to thank Michael Cheika for giving us a team that was 'competitive' for much of the match. Three AB tries off forward passes, made life tough out there for our guys.
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  6. Seb V Tony Shaw (54)

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    At least our Forward pack muscled up and got some go forward. Timani is looking the goods. Hooper again working his ass off.
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  7. The torpedo Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    Bismarck card would come close
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  8. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    Did the initial call for the review of the Speight try come from Owen, the TMO or the AR?
  9. Lorenzo Arch Winning (36)

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    RIght? You can't just lop 5 off the fucking score and be done with it. momentum is a thing.

    I wouldn't have blamed moore from taking his players from the field after that fiasco. At least then the issue would have attracted global attention.
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  10. Sabatonnz Frank Row (1)

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    I agree,there were some bullshit calls against the Wallabies in that game,but it's not the ref or TMO falling off tackles.
  11. Mr Doug Dick Tooth (41)

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    "Brilliant = very bright, dazzling, exceptionally clever, or talented", disco.

    Tonight, Israel Folau has been none of those. Your standards at the national level appear to be lower than mine. But, you are probably much younger than me, so you have less 'Rugby years' to compare with!!
    I therefore forgive you for making that stupid comment.
  12. zer0 Desmond Connor (43)

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    Pretty poor All Blacks performance that was made to look good on paper by a few late tries. A couple of good individual hits, but the defensive effort as a whole was unusually flat. Doubly disappointing given its performance during TRC.

    I also think this match showed the gulf in captaincy skills between Read and McCaw. Read really needed to reign things in early in the second half when they were just going sideways and backwards, but didn't/wasn't able to. He was fortune that Haylett-Petty committed an ultimately needless (and harsh) penalty.

    On the flip side, Barrett's performance may help to keep Cruden in NZ.

    Ref. the Wallabies performance, I felt this match was a bit like the two All Blacks/Argentina tests. Put up a good fight that would've comfortably put most other test teams away, but end up looking bad thanks to high risk counter attacking play once your petrol tanks run dry. Defence was relatively poor, however, given how few tackles you had to make. Will be interesting to see how you go in Europe.
  13. Teh Other Dave Arch Winning (36)

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    So after a bad (shithouse) decision, guys who are playing test rugby just give up and leak 27 points?

    As much as it stings us as Wallabies supporters, I think this abridged version of your reply sums it up.
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  14. disco Chilla Wilson (44)

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    It's a shame that it happened as I would like to have seen how the AB's would have played under real pressure. The Aussie defence actually lifted before the no try and just after.
    They had the AB's Rattled but way to many missed tackles in the last 10 minutes killed us.
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  15. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    The disallowed try might have been we held a lead for an unspecified time.

    You could argue Savea infringed first - sticking his arm out to prevent DHP running through. But that isn't considered in the larger context of the ABs conceding a try - if we hadn't scored that phase, NOTHING would have been done about it by Shaun "I'm a vokken kak stabber" Veldsman. Nigel was very happy to say "Oh well boyos! That's a shame, not my decision!"



    I sigh because we let this one slip - physically we had them for 45 minutes. A couple of stupid little decisions and we're giving away tries.

    We would have beaten pretty much every team in the world tonight bar a couple of errors. That is the yawning chasm of skill and execution under pressure between us and the ABs.
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  16. Roundawhile Billy Sheehan (19)

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    My perceptions.

    I am a huge QC fan, however Foley played one of his best games, I doubt Quade could have done better.

    Our pigs were for the most part a huge step ahead of previous outings, especially our scrum and general support.

    Moore displayed why he is captain, for the first time in quite a while.

    The disallowed try when the score was 15-10 was the turning point in the game. Had that been allowed (not saying it was right or wrong) the game would have changed dramatically.

    We were for the first time in ages playing at a level that not just put the ABs under pressure and causing them to make mistakes, but to put them in a situation where they were vulnerable (at least for the first 60 mins).

    Our goal kicking let us down as it has done for the last ten or more odd years.

    The team showed cohesion.

    As usual the darkness ran away with it in the end, however I have for the first time in a very long time felt that there was a huge positive out of this game. I will no doubt be disappointed soon enough :(

    Well done ABs and congratulations on your world record.
  17. Dan54 Steve Williams (59)

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    Ok, I just watched the same test as you guys I thought, but obviously didn't.
    I thought the Wallabies went well, but really don't think the scoreline was an injustice. Did I think the Wallabies were unlucky that the TMO saw the shoulder by Hayden Petty, yep did I think it stopped the try, NO, which made it so bloody stupid!! Regardless of what Kafe and Kearnsie says, I pretty sure you can't take player out behind the play. Geez I would be so pissed at Hayden Petty if I was a Wallaby supporter.
    I think the Wallabies played a lot better tonight, but if we are honest they were quite some way of the play in the end, but if everyone wants to just try and decide that the game was lost because Speight didn't get awarded the try...
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  18. Dan54 Steve Williams (59)

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    Can I also add I thought the Phipps/Foley axis worked bloody well, did anyone honestly say during game where is Genia??
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  19. Twoilms Trevor Allan (34)

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    No, it really doesn't.
  20. KOB1987 Simon Poidevin (60)

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    Same, I rarely bag them. I'm happy to be vocal about tonight.
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