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Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by SonnyDillWilliams, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. Balmain Subbies Ted Fahey (11)

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    True they were imports, however again Joker, you should know your history. Everyone one of the "imports" fees were paid for by a father who lost his son at Glengarry 3 years before, the school did not pay a cent, it was the father who wanted to honour his son. Just remember that before you make your snide remarks about imports.
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  2. Wristman Bill Watson (15)

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    May have been a bit overzealous this week in my one eyed support.
    Should be a great game Saturday.
    Will be leaving one of these in the oven on low as I depart for Hunters Hill...in the event of the unthinkable.
    Can always freeze it if not required:)
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  3. Joker Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    This conversation could easily veer into the "thread that should never be discussed" lane.
    Lets leave it be.
    RIP Courtney Anderson
  4. Joker Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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  5. SonnyDillWilliams Nev Cottrell (35)

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    The only issue re this title match ..is securing a good vantage point

    It’s a shame for these big games. there is no additional seating

    So hunters hill 1 is a great track, but my tip is get there early

    Key match ups

    Centre pairing
    Chan/O’Brien (both NSW ones) v rugless/Wong

    Electric wingers
    Diminutive Sam kannan v kalokalo

    Firey Robinson v Moore

    Tall timber
    Bokenham v hard hitting joe brial

    Silky Jude Gibbs v Savala

    Full backs
    Dowling v blondie Mossman

    Really a lot of exciting players

    I tip a try fest

    Ironically to be won on the Jude Gibbs boot

    If scots win it’s because joeys fail to contain joe brial
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  6. Walter Frank Row (1)

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    2000 in a 3 way tie
  7. Joker Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    Thanks. I will ask my mate who knows a guy, who knows a guy
    BTW..the AAGPS website records are so wrong in places.
    When you have the silverware itself, it makes life easier.
  8. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    Big game at Hunters Hill this week. Having seen both Joeys and Scots play Newington, the key to this match will be the ability of Joeys to get quick ball to their backs. If Scots are able to slow that part of the game down then they are in with a real chance. Joeys at their HH fortress are formidable - Joeys by 7-10.

    The season that could have been for Newington - led both Joeys and Scots late in the second half but just couldn't hold on in either case. They should be primed for this one and will be keen to finish the season on a high and in clear 3rd place. - Newington by 10.

    The Anglican derby never has the same intensity at the Catholic derby. Kings have been disappointing and Shore are always capable of an upset, but I think the Kings boys will have too much firepower - Kings by 25-30.
  9. ItsNotPink Sydney Middleton (9)

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    3rd XV Comp - Round 7 – The Final Preview

    Of course most interest will be on the 1st XV game for the premiership, but I include this preview for my loyal readers :)

    Joeys v Scots @ Hunters Hill

    Joeys already has at least a share of the 3rd XV premiership following their 45-12 win over Kings last week, but they will be very keen to remain undefeated in this final round clash against Scots. Scots 3rds are coming off a narrow loss to TAS in Armidale, so the match will be a fantastic curtain raiser for the 1st XV and 2nd XV games. Joeys to remain undefeated and lift the Col Windon Shield.

    Riverview v TAS @ Lane Cove
    TAS extended their winning streak to five games with a 17-14 win over Scots in Armidale last weekend, but a depleted Riverview had a loss to Grammar that puts them in third place. TAS can share the premiership with Joeys, but they need to win this game at Lane Cove and hope that Scots can topple Joeys just across the river at Hunters Hill. Anything is possible…

    Shore v Kings @ Northbridge
    AAGPS did not report the result, but I understand that Shore had a close win over High last Saturday. They will be playing a Kings side that has only had a single victory in six rounds. Kings started well in the first half against Joeys last week and they will need to bring that form to this game. This match is at Northbridge and odds would favour Shore who will be keen to finish the season with another win in front of their home crowd.

    High v Grammar @ Centennial Park
    For Grammar this is certainly the season that could have been. They defeated Riverview last week and have had a number of close results but find themselves too far down the table with one match to play. For High it has been a tough year with many close games but still no victory and it is likely that Grammar will be too strong in this final match at Centennial Park.

    Well done to all the teams for a fantastic 3rd XV competition this year.
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  10. ItsNotPink Sydney Middleton (9)

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    You are a passionate Scots supporter, Wristman and nothing wrong with that.
    We should all be really pleased that the GPS competition is ending with such a fantastic match, regardless of the result.
    I understand that those pies are also available at the Gladesville Aldi. I hope I don't need to buy one on the way home. :)
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  11. SonnyDillWilliams Nev Cottrell (35)

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    I see Scots are without young Dylan Hansen and Botha
    Both big losses . Particularly a shame for Botha. Isn’t he the captain?

    Hansen will have future opportunities .

    However zucchiatti is back. and he is awesome in attack.

    So a bit like chess when u lose pieces but then get a piece back

    Given joeys so good in backs. probably a slight net positive

    Altgh might mean set piece a bit more challenging for scots
  12. Balmain Subbies Ted Fahey (11)

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    Botha is a game time decision. Hammy from last weekend.
  13. Joker Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    I hope he plays and does well
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  14. Prince Henry Fred Wood (13)

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    Looking forward to a big day at HH. Be fascinating to watch Gibbs's high kicks into those 45 kmh westerlies.
    Go the Cerise and Blue!
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  15. RuggerFan1 Banned

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    we're can I read this?
  16. Joker Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    Found this on the web. I think you may be able to see a copy in the Scots Archives.
    They were very helpful when I spoke to them in 2018.
  17. RuggerFan1 Banned

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    Quite interesting came across the sports results from Scots vs Kings a few weeks ago, Scots trounced them in almost everything!

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  18. RuggerFan1 Banned

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    tell us some stories you found at some of the GPS schools archives
  19. Show and go Sydney Middleton (9)

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    SBW where do u get ur mail from?

    Was never correct all 3 injuries were very nasty and occurred during the tough battle at Newington.

    Wishing the injured boys a speedy recovery .

    Scots have backs against the wall but if they are going to win tyrell will be the match winner not Gibbs hopefully.
    Good luck to both teams not sure if I could handle another cliffhanger but how good is school boy rugby.
    Why only play 5 games ,the GPS comp is the strongest by far and especially this year, home and away games I’m sure would of seen different results this year and last year.
  20. Joker Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    I remember the whole home and away and this just made the season play out longer. Teams struggled at times with depth. Joeys had the issue with their selections. They would pick a 1st XV and then stick with it. Since there was such a small trial period, Joeys struggled to get things right and hence had start pre-season much earlier, while some schools had teams selected almost by Jan 1 each year.

    Since we have returned to the one round format, we have seen all schools benefit with a much longer pre-season which has allowed schools to really tinker with the make up. Last year Joeys had approx. 30 boys play in the 1st XV till they got the mix just right and hence the competition was much closer. Once again Joeys have used at least 27 boys getting the 2019 model in shape. In addition, it also helps the 2nd and 3rds.

    This weekend Joeys goes for an amazing 4th GOLDEN TRIPLE CROWN. (term given to me by another old boy)
    All three grades as champions. Joeys have had only three years in the past that this has occurred.

    In 1935 the Joeys 1st, 2nd & 3rd XV was GOLDEN TRIPLE CROWN winning season
    In 1936 the Joeys 1st, 2nd & 3rd XV was GOLDEN TRIPLE CROWN winning season (2nd XV had a record of 253 for 0 against)
    In 1957 the Joeys 1st, 2nd & 3rd XV was GOLDEN TRIPLE CROWN winning season

    In 1918 they would have won if not for the Joeys 1st XV drawing their first match with Kings.

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