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NSW CAS Rugby 2020

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by rod skellet, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. rod skellet Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Welcome one and all to the NSW CAS Rugby 2020 forum. I hope that this season is as exciting and unpredictable as 2019.
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  2. rod skellet Nev Cottrell (35)

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    To start off the thread, I will make the bold prediction that in 2020, the Plume Shield will be shared between Barker Knox and Waverly.
  3. axel Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Well done Rod for getting us up and running for 2020. My earliest thought for next year is that there will be a real gulf between the top 3 teams and the bottom 3. Cranbrook may surprise occasionally, but Knox, Waverley and Barker imho will be way ahead after having seen whats coming through. Anyway, well done to all for the updates this year and bring on 2020.
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  4. rod skellet Nev Cottrell (35)

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    What are the chances of the Knox 1st XV having a junior Axe in the team this season?
  5. Sir Scrums-Alot Frank Row (1)

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    Predicted Waverley First XV team 2020

    1. Davvy Moale
    2. Darcy Sullivan/Jim Waterhouse
    3. Ben Dunning
    4. Fritz Tanke/Axel Runow
    5. Miles Amatesero
    6. Asolelei Fretton
    7. Ethan King/Will Baker
    8. Charlie Barber/Ethan King
    9. Klayton Thorn
    10. Emmanuel Di Bartolo
    11. Jordan Swann
    12. Ronald Volkman
    13. Caspar Cairns
    14. Aaron Dimovitch/Zach Smith
    15. Mitch Eyles/Dane Towns

    With a lot of depth coming through and a number of experienced First XV players returning, 2020 looks to be a promising year for Waverley, although the same can be said for Knox and Barker, with Trinity being a surprise packet for next year too.
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  6. SonnyDillWilliams Trevor Allan (34)

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    Tipping Waverley to go back to back in 2020 and 2021

    subject to no Sanix tours

    1. Davvy Moale/Reeve Smith
    2. Darcy Sullivan
    3. Ben Dunning
    4. Fritz jahnke-Tavana
    5. Miles Amatesero / Matthew Chapman
    6. Asolelei Fretton/ Clem Halaholo
    7. Ethan King/Will Baker
    8. Charlie Barber/Ethan King
    9. Klayton Thorn
    10. Emmanuel Di Bartolo
    11. Jordan Swann
    12. Ronald Volkman
    13.Aaron Dimoovitch / C. Smirnotis
    14. Zach Smith/D.Towns
    15. Mitch Eyles
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  7. Jonathan lumerick Frank Row (1)

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    predicted ladder is as follows

    1. Barker
    2. Waverly
    3. Trinity
    4. Knox
    5. Aloys
    6. Cranbrook

    predicted Waverly team
    1. Davvy Moale
    2. Darcy Sulivan
    3. Aisea Aholelei
    4. Fritz Jahnke- Tavana
    5. Miles Amatesero
    6. Clem halaholo
    7. Ethan King
    8. Will baker
    9. Klayton Thorn
    10. Emmanual Di bartolo
    11. Jordon Swann
    12. Ron Volkman
    13. Caspar Cairns
    14. Zach Smith
    15. Mitch Eyles
  8. Big_Senditure Stan Wickham (3)

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    My predicted Knox team:
    1. H. Daunt (2XV)
    2. R. Bray (U16A)
    3. J. Black (U16A)
    4. L. Reeve (U16A)
    5. L. Chamen (2XV)
    6. O. Moore (2XV)
    7. C. Herdman (U16A)
    8. H. Kettles (2XV)
    9. T. Goddard (U16A)
    10. J. Dunn (2XV/3XV)
    11. O. Evans (1XV)
    12. J. McLeod (U15A)
    13. M. Stewart (1XV)
    14. S. Nicholl (1XV)
    15. C. Barr (2XV)
    With only three 1XV players returning next year being Evans, Nicholl and Stewart I believe Knox will be in a bit more of a transitional year, however if they get going could surprise many. There will be decent size in the forward pack next year, but I don't think they will gain the same reputation as the 2019 forward pack. J. Black will be the leader in the front row, having made NSW honours in the U16 with L. Chamen leading the rest of the pack, providing he comes back from his injury alright. T. Goddard will be a safe option at 9 having made NSW in pervious year but injury stopping him short last year. J Dunn played in a dominant 3XV team, playing 2XV in their only loss and should transition well into the 1XV. J.McLeod made U15 NSW Gen Blue and U16 NSWRL Koori team and could have a 3 year stint in the 1XV, and would do well to partner him with the experience M.Stewart. Although Evans can't make representative team, he will prove to be and electrifying player for the 1XV along with S. Nicholl (CAS shadow) and with C. Barr the Knox outside backs could prove to be deadly. Early days but this squad could prove to surprise many.
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  9. 22dropout Frank Row (1)

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    Long time reader and thought might add my thoughts on next years competition:
    Looking to follow on from there back to back titles the barker boys will need a big pre season to challenge the strong opposition from Waverley and Knox. Do agree next years comp looks to be a three team race with Cranbrook, Aloys and Trinity’s capable of an upset here and there
    My early prediction for the ladder is as follows
    1. Waverley/Barker
    2. Waverley/Barker
    3. Knox
    4. Trinity
    5. Cranbrook
    6. Aloys
    The Barker team this year should have a strong blend of this years team and a sprinkling of u16 players
    1. Dion Yazdani (u16, NSW)
    2. Tyrone Albertyn (u16, NSW)
    3. Lachlan Hetherington (2nds)
    4. Mark Green (2nds)
    5. Dan Stovold (1sts, CAS)
    6. Ben Randall (2nds, 1sts)
    7. Mitch Wheals (1sts)
    8. Ned Slack-Smith (1sts, NSW)
    9. Kyle Bowen (1sts)
    10. Ben Graham (1sts)
    11. Jack Colbran (u16)
    13. Liam Jones (1sts)
    14. Joe Kennedy (injured)

    With a couple holes left in the backline, Barker May be up to their usual tricks in an attempt to get Vass and Ovenden to repeat as they are both still 17.
    Either way looking forward to next year as the competition looks exciting
  10. Snort Dave Cowper (27)

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    No-one has WLF junior in the Waverley 1sts? Controversial.

    Anyway, Waverley are the clear summer holiday favourites - lots of players coming back and some strong 16s coming through. Plus, ahem, a Year 11 League player or two, perhaps, if recent years are any guide.

    But Barker look quite good again, Knox a little off the pace, and Cranbrook less strong than this year.

    I'm quietly hopeful that Trinity can threaten the top three. Hawkes, Buchanan, Eid, Meagher and Hannaford should all be back, which is a decent start. As always, it's about keeping the best XV on the field, but if they manage that, there's an upset in that lot somewhere.
  11. Big_Senditure Stan Wickham (3)

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    Surely M. Amatesero has to be a nailed on spot after making CAS 1XV and NSW 2XV last year.
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  12. Trevor Ross Frank Row (1)

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    Evening fellow school boy rugby enthusiasts,

    My post 2019 season team predictions:
    Knox 1XV
    1. H. Daunt
    2. R. Bray
    3. N. Lake
    4. C. Slacksmith/ L. Barr
    5. L. Chamen
    6. O. Moore/ W. Bondy
    7. T. Reid
    8. H. Kettles
    9. A. Delaine
    10. J. Craig
    11. O. Evans
    12. J. Constable/ O.Harding
    13. M. Stewart/ L. Mcready
    14. S. Nicholl
    15. C. Barr
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  13. WLF Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Snort, I think most of the team suggestions are fairly close to the money, there is a lot of depth next year at Waves, and sounds like some other schools as well. As you know, the pre-season can reveal some new things as boys develop, time will tell, it's still very early.
    What I can point out is the Waves 2nds and 3rds should be red hot!
  14. Jonathan lumerick Frank Row (1)

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    Barker predicted side to go back to back to back

    1. Dion Yazdani
    2. Tyrone Albertyn
    3. Lachlan Hetherington
    4. Mark Green
    5. Dan Stovold
    6. Grant Tucker/Ben Randall
    7. Mitch Wheals
    8. Ned Slack-Smith
    9. Justus Stals
    10. Kyle Bowen
    11. Joe Kennedy
    12. Ben Graham
    13. Liam Jones
    14. Aiden galloway
    15. Jack Colbran

    Barker forwards should be able to lay the same platform the the successful 2019 team did with a few returning players to lead the way, the depth that barker have in the forwards combined with talent should be able to hold them in good sted. The backs although having some stars lack depth and may find themselves running low on quality players given a few injuries. From memory when this year 12 age group was in year 10 they did win although they had a completely different backline, with Stals (9) being injured, Ovendon and Vass playing in this age group, Bowen (10) and jones (13) not yet being at the school and Wheals (7) and Stovold (5) playing in the centres.
  15. Formerrugger Frank Row (1)

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    Interesting you didn’t comment on the new Barker boys that appear each year in your comment? Especially as a lot of them also have a league background?

    For example this year in the firsts: Bowen, Jones, Cameron, slack-smith, Brown, Pollard, Wilson, Yazdani, Galloway, plus more we prob don’t even realise?
  16. Formerrugger Frank Row (1)

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    WLF are you aware that Cranbrook has been offering positions at their school for your strong 16a’s cohort of players? May not be as much talent at Waverly next year as you think with quite s few being offered positions across at Cranbrook.

    If they pick up the 3/4 they are targeting, they will be a force next year.
  17. WLF Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Yes more than aware FRugger,
    However we only know of 1, and that is not a done deal yet.
    When we played Brook a few weeks ago, 1 Brook mother was more than happy to let me know that a Waves boy was definitely being approached, pretty much rubbing my nose in it.
    So my reply was well let's wait and see, and if it does happen, then rather than bringing boys in from no-related schools, eg league, of which 1 is already at Brook in the 16as, Brook now have to poach boys from competing schools, which means if this happens, then a Waves side beats a Waves side!
    How stupid does that look!
    Whilst we have, in the last few years, recruited some outside boys, they were not from a competing school.
    I am not a fan of recruitment, historically it is not in the DNA of Waverley, however in some cases I do think it's fine, like a boy from far away moving to the big smoke and needs to find a school, but not when someone leaves 1 good school and pops up in another.
    Rest assured if this does happen, the bear will be poked!

    Also think you will find that this Waves 16as team is very tight, and so are the parents, so can't see any mass exodus, quite the opposite, they will all band together as they can see big things approaching in 2020 and 2021.
  18. Bolivia Herbert Moran (7)

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    Just to clarify, my understanding is the Waverley boys parents approached Cranbrook - Unhappy with the Academic side of things?? (There may be other reasons?)
    In the process of trying to get in to Cranbrook, they have asked (why wouldn't they) for any type of bursary etc.

    Cranbrook only has 2 all round scholarships available for a Year 9 or 10 boy (I think). The Martin Pitt & The Matt Street scholarships. There maybe 1 other indigenous scholarship, but not sure.

    Cranbrook would only accept someone if either of those scholarships are up for renewal. Happens every 2-3 years.

    As for "offering positions to quite a few" - Rubbish! Don't think your source is correct.
  19. WLF Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Yep, I don't think my "source"is correct either, I only know of 1 boy (the same as you) not 3-4 as suggested, as I pointed out.
    Just wanted to put this to bed, don't believe it either.

    P.S. Don't know who the "source" is, but do know who the mum is, and so do you! HA!
  20. WTF? Alfred Walker (16)

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    Slack Smith - 4th of 4 boys who have all been at the school since year 7 (no league), other 3 have finished year 12.
    Galloway - started in junior school (no league)
    Yazdani - started in Year 9

    Check your facts first.
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