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NSW CAS Rugby 2020

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by rod skellet, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Big_Senditure Stan Wickham (3)

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    To further add to Knox's woes, Harry Kettles, a player who captained NSW country in U16 and arrived at Knox in 2019 and was likely to be the starting number 8, has left the school. Starting to worry a bit for Knox's chances now.
  2. WLF Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Matty D,

    The holiday preseason training programs are close for all the schools, glad it's not me!
    A few comments to solicit others comments on your proposed line up are as follows:


    1. Tom Jaeger graduated this year, so clearly will be a supporter next year.
    3. I am not a prop expert, nor much else, but the 2 prop spots will hotly contested, so along with Dunning include Smith, Cassimatis and Pantano in the mix.
    I agree with the rest of your pack as it stands, but there are many contenders.


    There are a few holes in your line up, E. Flanagan has moved to Cranbrook, a great young man and player and we wish him well at Cranbrook. So probably all spots with the exception of 10 and 11 will be hotly contested, and much will depend on where a cert like Fretton plays.

    The preseason training and trial games will reveal everything for all the schools.
  3. 22dropout Frank Row (1)

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    Interesting tracking the difference in preseason trainings with the top 3 teams already well under way developing schemes and game plans for the upcoming season, whereas the bottom three still focused on summer sports. Many may speculate this the reason for the lopsided results during the season as the top 3 have been preparing for months whereas the bottom 3 look like they are figuring it all out in the field hence the score lines of recent years. Interesting hearing developments from Knox about potential year 10s cracking the 1st XV side for the upcoming season. Similarly Barker are increasingly hinting towards a return of Ovenden, Brown and Vass as they are all underage and striving for Aus u18 honours aswell as a 3rd consecutive title for the school from Hornsby. Barker seem to be up to their usual tricks for f recent years as Waverley continue to loom as pre season favourites with their usual new intake of year 10 and 11 boys. What are people’s thoughts about the possibility of this, possibly unfair?. Me personally, if the boys are willing to are willing to repeat it could prove to be a difference maker in the hunt for the 2020 premiership
  4. WLF Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    I have no issue with young boys returning,clearly they probably could have started school a year later than they did.
    Not sure about your top 3 rationale, the Waves came 4th this year, and I don't think its quite as clear cut as your say, ie nearly every year, Cranbrook, Aloys and Trinity either finish in the top 3 or certainly spring some perceived upsets.

    I do agree that an early preseason is probably a good thing, particularly during the summer holidays when all sorts of temptations are on offer, and I am sure most dads know what what I mean here, it helps keep them somewhat focused, and I think it does have some real impact on the upcoming season, particularly if you are playing the GPS schools in the preseason.

    Contrary to some people's belief the Waves don't have a new intake of boys for year 10 and 11 next year, I know of 1, and that is for good reasons, I suspect all schools have some changes for various reasons.Furthermore this ïntake talk is not historically a trait, it did happen in the last few years, but I believe it will now hopefully drift away as it resulted in nothing. So having an intake guarantees nothing. In fact a few 1st XV contenders have left.
  5. anotherfatprop Bob McCowan (2)

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    Peter Lonergan (Played 14's with Reesjan Pasitoa)
  6. WTF? Alfred Walker (16)

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    From the AAGPS thread, some of the trial matches have been finalised. Of particular interest is May 30th, Barker V Scots. Can't remember the last time these two schools played against each other, 5 or 6 years maybe?

    Trial 1
    Knox v Shore
    Joeys v Riverview
    Kings v Barker / Trinity
    Scots v Kinross / Oakhill
    Augustine's / Pius v Newington
    High v Grammar

    Trial 2
    Trinity / Augustine's v Shore
    Knox / Pius v Joeys
    Scots v Kings
    Waverley / High v Riverview
    Oakhill v Newington
    Pius v Grammar

    Trial 3
    Shore v Waverley / St Greg's
    Barker / Oakhill v Joeys
    Augustine's v Kings
    Scots v Riverview
    Newington v Knox
    Grammar v St Aloysius
    Cranbrook v High
    Armidale v Kinross

    Trial 4
    Barker v Shore
    Joeys v Scots
    Kings v Waverley
    Riverview v Augustine's
    Newington v Kinross

    Trial 5
    Shore v Cranbrook
    Joeys v Waverley / Pius
    Kings v Newington
    Barker v Scots
    Riverview v Knox
  7. Homer Bob McCowan (2)

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    I think Knox have bigger issues. They have always had talent but their style of footy is rubbish and based on forward power alone. Most decent teams last year such as Barker just absorbed the pressure and waited for the knox forwards to tire.
    Look at how many points they leaked in the second half of games, Barker and Newington being great examples.
    They need a clean out of the rugby admin, it has been there for over 10 years for only 1 premiership, and that was on the back of Nick Frost's dominance. I still believe last years 1st XV deserved to do a lot better than they did in the end, a great group of players.
  8. Referees_rule Frank Row (1)

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    I believe Trinity are the dark horse for 2020. Lots of returning players in key positions as well as a few good individuals coming through from 2nds and 16A leaves them as a smoky for the coming season. Pending injuries as well as team bonds and connections, the boys in green could well cause a few upsets this year. A new director of rugby should shape up their playing style as well as the training for the Trinity boys. The upcoming players from 16As seem a bit weak going of their performances last year, but thats what happens when you can't field more than one team. One outside chance to make the 1st XV is Prop Jordan Stojceski who is said to be training the house down in pre-season. Overall, i can see this team going all the way in the right circumstances, however I can also envision them finishing 4/5th.

    Predicted XV

    1. Jackson (1st XV)
    2. Alcock (16A)/Blades (2nd XV)
    3. Hawkes (1st XV)
    4. Buchanan (1st XV)
    5. Eid (1st XV)
    6. Foley (2nd XV)
    7. Marshall (2nd XV/1st XV)
    8. Mooney (2nd XV/1st XV)
    9. Willoughby (1st XV)
    10. Hannoford (16A/1st XV)
    11. Taale (1st XV)
    12. Roberts (16 A)
    13. Meagher (1st XV)
    14. Wilson/White (16 A)
    15. Dennis (2nd XV)
  9. WLF Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Wonderful to hear RR, the idea and hope that all teams can win is super healthy for all comps, and gives all boys/parents/old boys etc something to believe in and come and support their school.
    THE BIGGER THE CROWD THE BETTER, PARTICULARLY for the younger boys who attend, that is a real way combat soccer etc, and focus on the REAL GAME IN TOWN!
    I agree there are some very good footy boys in your nominated team, who have some grunt, Trinity may well be the Dark Horse! I am sure my ol mate SNORT will be busting to ad comment.
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  10. axel Sydney Middleton (9)

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  11. WLF Phil Hardcastle (33)

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  12. I play wing Chris McKivat (8)

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  13. shanky Ted Fahey (11)

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    Fingers crossed.
  14. WLF Phil Hardcastle (33)

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  15. Peabody Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Like most Old Waverlians Sir Peter is a genuine good guy, and a great credit to his Alma Mater.

    I should also mention that to add a bit of spice to luncheon proceedings, Gordon Bray is a Knox parent.
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  16. WLF Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Nice touch Peabody,

    I would assume Gordon is aware of Peter's background and therefore attempts some banter, as I am sure Peter will return serve.
  17. Hasbeen Syd Malcolm (24)

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    Any pre season news around the traps re training/games. Rod?
  18. RuggerFan1 Herbert Moran (7)

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    Barker vs Scots will be interesting. Any early tips for this game?

    Are barker as strong as last year?

    I believe scots will blowout Barker in the lower divisions, but the first xv will be a tough game.
  19. Solomon Conway Frank Row (1)

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    Hey there mate, I believe scots are set to bolster their backline and attack this year (something i believed they lacked a bit last year). Hearing from some old boys that the forward pack will remain strong with the likes of Dylan Hansen, Darcy Clifton and Nick Wiggan (all key players last year) revising their spots in 1st for the new season. I think this will be a cracker game, keen to know more about Barker team comming into the 2020 trial season, they have always seemed to field some great 1st teams over the past years. Does anyone happen to know if this will be played at Scots or Barker?
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  20. jjords1974 Frank Row (1)

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    Hey Guys,
    Seen a lot of talk surrounding the Waverley, Barker, Knox squads etc.
    Just wondering if anyone can have a crack at a potential Aloys, Cranbrook or Trinity squad?

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