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NSW Schools Debating 2019

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Wallaby97, Feb 17, 2019.

  1. Wallaby97 Stan Wickham (3)

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    Greetings all, it's been a while since I logged on but now's the time of year to get things going again.

    2019 certainly promises to be an interesting year for NSW schools debating. NSWDU has undergone a coaching reshuffle, and so the state team may have a very different dynamic this year. If anyone can shed light on the reasons for the coaching change I'd certainly be intrigued to hear more. one does wonder why they'd tamper with a winning formula, unless there is more going on behind the scenes.

    I'm a little concerned about the major private school competitions for the first half of the year, ISDA and Eastside. I've heard some underwhelming appraisals (to put it mildly) of the Chief Adjudicators for both competitions. There's a suggestion that the ISDA CA has been censured in the past for setting inappropriate topics at university tournaments, and so we can only hope that this problem doesn't raise itself at schools level.

    Looking forward to another exciting year!
  2. mij Frank Row (1)

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    Greetings all,
    ISDA Octos are halfway through. Here are the results in the seniors:
    Redlands defeats MLC
    SCEGGS defeats Kambala
    Grammar defeats Abbotsleigh (strong form for Grammar)
    St Aloysius defeats Riverview

    Next week will be the rest of the debates for the seniors along with my predictions:
    Cranbook versus Knox (Knox)
    Monte versus Newington (Newington)
    PLC versus Kincoppal (PLC)
    Pymble versus St Josephs (Pymble)

    Here are the results for Year 10 where the competition has really been clutching up:
    MLC defeats Brigidine
    Abbotsleigh defeats Kambala
    Queenwood defeats Grammar (surprising)
    Newington defeats Kincoppal (very promising side here)
    Barker defeats St Aloysius

    Next week will be the rest of the debates for Year 10 along with my predictions:
    Knox versus Wenona (Knox)
    Pymble versus Loretto Kiribilli (Pymble)
    Scots versus PLC (Scots)

    This forum has been pretty quiet so get posting!
  3. boseoisagod Frank Row (1)

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    The quarters for ISDA with results (Note Knox debate hasn't happened yet)
    Knox vs Redlands (knox should win)
    SCEGGS vs Monte (Monte won)
    Grammar vs PLC (Grammar won)
    St Aloysius’ vs Pymble (St Aloysius’ won)

    And since we are posting year 10:
    Abbotsleigh vs MLC (Abbotsleigh won)
    Knox vs Loreto Kirribilli (Knox won)
    Queenwood vs Newington (Queenwood won)
    Barker vs PLC (Barker wob)
    Interestingly the remaining 4 teams in year 10 are all from group C. No surprise seeing that as it was the most competitive group.

    Nationals also recently happened with NSW taking the win. Some weird things did happen there though:
    1. The NSW captain james price was put to speak 1st. This is unusual since captains arent usually 1st speakers, but also because his natural position is seemingly 2nd from past debates. I guess though that was an issue with team selection though.
    2. likely due to this he wasnt selected for the national team, however Ally Pitt was (year 11 so congrats)
    3. I heard a year 11 kid selected called jin didn't make the first 4 despite his skill over some of the other people (havent seen him debate so can't say exactly).
    4. They had a year 12 student Maja Vasic in reserve for the team. That was very weird that they picked her over a younger student who they could have developed for future years. there was one year 10 kid mentioned in the post above this (now deleted) that they took to the last 12 but didn't put on the reserves. That seems a little counter-intuitive to take someone so far then drop him but i havent seen him or Maja debate.

    If you want, have a look at the "interesting" article on the team I saw in the SMH.

    Anyway congrats to NSW and can someone give an update on eastside? Let's see some activity here!
  4. rowerforlife Peter Burge (5)

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    This has been an extremely quiet thread this year - no doubt that the standard of debating at almost all major powerhouses has dropped from previous years with SGHS, SBHS and SGS all with significantly weaker teams.

    "boseoisagod" - I would certainly be much more careful about saying such statements regarding the NSW team. Naturally, their success at nationals means their coaches selected the teams well and almost certainly deserved more places in the Australian Schools team. As to the reserve selections (having watched both debate before), time will tell whether a correct decision was made - regardless NSW will be strong next year.

    Eastside update - SGHS took out the competition in yr11 and yr12.
    In PDC Karl Cramp - my tip to win would be SGHS with an extremely well-rounded team (I would say even better than their Yr12 team).
    In PDC Hume Barbour, SGHS look strong to win, but a loss to a much weaker team shows they are not without flaws. High will be eager to retain the trophy, going undefeated so far in the competition with a relatively strong team.

    By far, the GPS competition looks poised for anyone to take. Here are my possible contenders:
    1) High - the most likely victors of the comp this year who will be looking to extend their 4year championship streak. Despite the team not having star speakers like previous years, they have one returning firsts member, seem to be well-rounded enough and are bolstered by their coach also being the victorious NSW team coach. Interestingly, they lost to Grammar in Eastside - noting that grammar fields their thirds in this comp. However, many High teams have failed in Eastside but emerged champions in GPS and I see this year as no different. Any extra points on their speakers would be greatly appreciated to inform this decision more.
    2) Grammar will certainly be a contender this year - however with two(three?) yr11s in firsts this year they will struggle with a lack of experience. Their success so far in ISDA bodes well and I tip them along with Barker to win that comp. More notably, the lack of the sole state squad member in firsts calls to question the trialling process at grammar. Hopefully the speaker in question returns to firsts, bolstering the teams chance at recovering the shield from High.
    3) Shore has an outside chance this year, but have typically been strong within this year group right from yr7 to 11. Hopefully some upsets from this team will split the comp open.
    4) Kings have one state reserve team speaker in yr11 who leads their hopes of their first GPS premiership in many years. Hopefully the rest of the team supports him well to see this occur. Regardless, expect Kings and Grammar to both be very very strong teams next year.
  5. NotSoSlimShady Frank Row (1)

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    Just another update on the potential in the GPS competition. I would agree that it looks like a very open competition this year.

    I would add Riverview to the list of teams that could possibly contend as well. They pulled 6 wins from what was one of the more difficult ISDA pools (including SCEGGS Darlinghurst, Knox, Abbottsleigh and Kings) but were knocked out in first round of Octos so that presents some doubts.

    Just running through each of the GPS teams and their results in ISDA
    • Grammar: 6 wins + A spot in the Final (yet to debate)
    • Joey's: 3 wins + knocked out in Octos by PLC
    • Riverview: 6 wins + knocked out in Octos by St Aloysius
    • Newington: 3 wins + knocked out in Octos by Monte
    • Kings: 3 wins
    • Scots: 3 wins
    • Shore: 2 wins
    Joeys, Newington and Shore were all in the same pool. Kings and Riverview were also in the same pool. Unfortunately the results of each individual team and which team they debated against are no longer available so I wouldn't be able to tell you how each GPS team matched up against eachother. If anyone had knowledge if this that would be great.

    This one will be difficult to predict and won't be as straightforward for High and Grammar to usually finish 1 and 2 as we might assume. From what I've read on here and observed, Kings, Shore and potentially Riverview all look like teams that could make a challenge and disrupt the usual High/Grammar dominance over the competition over the last 10 years.

    Would not be surprised if this year ends in a combined premiership.
  6. 2nd Speaker Substantive Frank Row (1)

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    Salutations all. It’s been a while since the last Green and Gold post, and a multitude of events have taken place. The amount of news to share is colossal. Let us perhaps commence with the first round of the Greater Public Schools Debating competition. In an upset for the ages, The Kings School, Parramatta, has defeated Sydney Boys High School, Sydney, “ending the drought”, in what critics are calling the David and Goliath of our times. Sydney Boys High School, Sydney, has been undefeated in this fine competition of valiant boys growing into men for the past ⅕ score years, and The Kings School, Parramatta, has not been successful in winning the premiership since 1929, a year marking the commencement of the Great Depression in more ways than one for our monarchical compatriots. The Kings School, Parramatta, Greater Public Schools firsts team, led by the Messiah himself, the one and only Jinyoung Kim, vanquished their public school foes, fortiter et fideliter. The topic they toiled upon was, according to inside sources, “That we should create an independent board of climate scientists to write and pass climate “““legislarion”””. ” A startling and shocking starting start to the Greater Public Schools Debating Competition, MMXIX.


  7. rowerforlife Peter Burge (5)

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    Despite High's loss, I have heard otherwise about their (supposedly strong) performance with claims that they probably should have won and were extremely unlucky with the adj. This loss still confirms the team not living up to previous years, although they still have a chance at being premiers.
    Elsewhere, Grammar defeated Joey's and I am unaware of other results. High faces Joey's this Friday so expect a mammoth effort from them to atone for last week.
    With the comp now thrown wide open, i would tip grammar to (hopefully) be the GPS champions this year.
  8. boseoisagod Frank Row (1)

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    CAS is going okay. Topics have been especially unusual:
    First round was that all uni students should have to take a generalised course before their specialist one(i.e. a science degree before med) - not a fan of this topic. I prefer the year 10 one, which legitimately was "The carrot is better than the stick". Wow.

    Second was legalising pill testing at music festivals - a bit one sided personally and a difficult neg to run, but good teams should be able to make it a nice debate.

    Third was "That the UK should hold a second referendum on Brexit." Sources in the Barker community tell me that Knox was absolutely murdered by this, with all 4 open teams on the neg, and predictably all 4 opens teams losing. Any aff with a decent knowledge of british politics should breeze through that.

    As for CAS teams, nothing can truly be said at this point in time. I have a feeling Barker or Aloysius will take out the cup, but as stated earlier, Knox had 3 members of their team in the state squad trials, so I would be careful in dismissing their ability to take out some spots in the teams. They also have waverly and cranbrook as their last debates, so presuming all goes well with them, there may be some upsets in the end. Either way, CAS is looking strong so far.
  9. 2nd Speaker Substantive Frank Row (1)

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    Greetings Green and Gold forum participants.

    Whilst I appreciate the publicity given by the young men from the King’s School, Parramatta, I’d like to express disappointment at the lack of recent engagement in this forum, and strongly urge all debaters from our fine state of New South Wales to pick up the participation on this online messaging board.

    In response to user “rowerforlife”, tipping Sydney Grammar School, Sydney, to be this year’s GPS champions seems a somewhat unimaginative choice. Though their recent success in the Independent Schools Debating Association Competition would imply some future success, upsets in this fine sport of debating happen. Sydney Grammar School, Sydney, could have upsets that endanger their prospects, and Sydney Boys High School, Moore Park, could overcome their upset and make their way to the premiership title. However, it is true that Sydney Grammar School, Sydney, seems the obvious choice for the much-coveted first position.

    In additional information, the prestigious Representative Debating Competition will be upon us in just under a month. The Combined High Schools team had made its selection of 8 fine public school debaters, listed below:
    Ryan Borges (Year 12, Sydney Boys High School, Moore Park)
    Chriso Chindilas (Year 11, Cammeraygal High School, Crows Nest)
    Himaja Dave (Year 12, Crestwood High School, Baulkham Hills)
    Aman Mohamed (Year 12, Sydney Boys High School, Moore Park)
    Ally Pitt (Year 11, Sydney Girls High School, Surry Hills)
    Maja Vasic (Year 12, St George Girls High School, Kogarah)
    Charlie Yang (Year 12, James Ruse Agricultural High School, Carlingford)
    Anna-Sophia Zahar (Year 12, Sydney Girls High School, Surry Hills)

    Finally, I would like to also note that the Drought has continued out in the West and unfortunately, The Kings School, Parramatta, is now most likely out of the running for this year’s premiership with their loss to Sydney Grammar School, Sydney. Maybe the rains will come next year boys.


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