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NSW Schools Debating 2019

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Wallaby97, Feb 17, 2019.

  1. Wallaby97 Stan Wickham (3)

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    Greetings all, it's been a while since I logged on but now's the time of year to get things going again.

    2019 certainly promises to be an interesting year for NSW schools debating. NSWDU has undergone a coaching reshuffle, and so the state team may have a very different dynamic this year. If anyone can shed light on the reasons for the coaching change I'd certainly be intrigued to hear more. one does wonder why they'd tamper with a winning formula, unless there is more going on behind the scenes.

    I'm a little concerned about the major private school competitions for the first half of the year, ISDA and Eastside. I've heard some underwhelming appraisals (to put it mildly) of the Chief Adjudicators for both competitions. There's a suggestion that the ISDA CA has been censured in the past for setting inappropriate topics at university tournaments, and so we can only hope that this problem doesn't raise itself at schools level.

    Looking forward to another exciting year!
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  2. Annoyin? Mastermind Frank Row (1)

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    Hi guys, just thought I’d kick-start the year by posting the list for the NSW State Squad, complete with a statistical rundown of each speaker:

    Aleisha Lawrence Yr 12 Redlands ISDA Archdale
    Ally Pitt Yr 11 Sydney Girls Eastside CHS (r)
    Anna-Sophia Zahar Yr 12 SGHS Eastside CHS (s)
    Dhruv Hariharan Yr 10 Knox ISDA CAS
    Eugene Bakker Yr 12 Knox CAS ISDA
    Jacky Chai Yr 12 Sydney Grammar GPS ISDA
    James Price Yr 12 Knox CAS ISDA (r)
    Jinyoung Kim Yr 11 Kings GPS ISDA
    Madeleine Sloane Yr 11 SGHS Eastside CHS
    Maja Vasic ?
    Niamh Brazil ?
    Laura Charlton Yr 12 Smith’s Hill CHS (r)
    Louise Godhard Yr 12 SCEGGS ISDA Archdale (s)

    NB. (r/s) indicates whether the person was previously in the reserve team or squad last year.

    All errors are mine entirely. If anyone can fill in the list with extra info re: Maja or Niamh, or correct some of it (I’m not entirely sure about the squad members from last year- the list from last year’s thread seems a tad inaccurate), that would be much appreciated.

    Sydney Girls and Knox tie for the most represented school, with an impressive 3 speakers each. There is only one year 10 in the squad- Dhruv Hariharan from Knox. I have personally seen him debate, and I can attest to his ferocity as a debater- truly someone to follow in the future. From the list, it seems that the most represented singular team is the Knox 1sts with 2 out of 3 in the squad (James Price and Eugene Bakker). Curiously, their performance in the ISDA hasn’t really reflected this, winning just 3 out of 5 debates, but I suspect that this may be due to 1. being in a tough group (competing against Riverview and SCEGGS, both of whom are undefeated) and 2. possibly being on the wrong side of some seriously unbalanced topics (I heard that they were Aff on the motion: That we would allow people to donate to charities in substitution for paying tax). Failing this, keep in mind that statistics don’t always reflect reality and vice versa; they will still make it through to the finals I believe so best of luck to them then.

    Interesting results from the traditional powerhouses here: there’s a complete absence of any debaters from Sydney Boys High. I’ve heard that their run of strong debaters has come to an end- quite disappointing if that is true. Furthermore, Jacky Chai, the sole speaker from Grammar is another interesting case: whilst being in the state squad, he is speaking for the Grammar 2nds in the ISDA- very unusual to say the least

    Anyway, this post has gone on for ages, so I'll be wrapping this up shortly. Just in response to what Wallaby97 commented, I can personally attest to some pretty mediocre topics being set in the ISDA (the one on charity donations earlier being a good example). Also full disclosure: I’m new to this forum and I debate for Grammar.
  3. mij Frank Row (1)

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    Greetings all,
    ISDA Octos are halfway through. Here are the results in the seniors:
    Redlands defeats MLC
    SCEGGS defeats Kambala
    Grammar defeats Abbotsleigh (strong form for Grammar)
    St Aloysius defeats Riverview

    Next week will be the rest of the debates for the seniors along with my predictions:
    Cranbook versus Knox (Knox)
    Monte versus Newington (Newington)
    PLC versus Kincoppal (PLC)
    Pymble versus St Josephs (Pymble)

    Here are the results for Year 10 where the competition has really been clutching up:
    MLC defeats Brigidine
    Abbotsleigh defeats Kambala
    Queenwood defeats Grammar (surprising)
    Newington defeats Kincoppal (very promising side here)
    Barker defeats St Aloysius

    Next week will be the rest of the debates for Year 10 along with my predictions:
    Knox versus Wenona (Knox)
    Pymble versus Loretto Kiribilli (Pymble)
    Scots versus PLC (Scots)

    This forum has been pretty quiet so get posting!

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