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NSW Schools -Trial Games and Selections 2010

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Lee Grant, May 19, 2010.

  1. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    [Details in this post are from another thread]

    This thread will be started sooner or later so I thought I would kick it off by asking forum members to list players from the 2009 NSW state teams (Is or IIs) who they know are back at school this year? Thanks. I will keep updating this lead post as info comes in.

    After the state teams are named I will ask which of the players named in both teams are back at school in 2011.

    Players back at school in 2010

    2. Hugh Roach NC
    4/5 Jordan Reid - KGS
    4/5. Steve Cummins - Hills SHS §§
    6. Usaia O'Sullivan - TGS ** ‡‡
    7. Stuart Goodman - BC
    7. Gordon Broome - Asquith BHS
    7. Tom Connor - TKS
    10. Sam Brisby - SAC
    12. Dane Atkinson - TSC **
    13. Malietoa Hingano - SAC **

    ** Named in NSW teams but did not play
    ‡‡ O'Sullivan is reportedly playing in the midfield this year.
    §§ Cummins is injured and may not be available
    Thanks to skullring for providing most of the names.

    Edited for Updates
  2. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    It's not too early to be selecting players for the State side; so feel free.
  3. AussieDominance Trevor Allan (34)

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    I know Gordie Broome had a knee reco in the off-season not sure if he will be fit to trial.

    Lee the CHS Carnival is on next week at Armidale.
  4. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Thanks but it's a bit far for this old driver.
  5. Lindommer Steve Williams (59)

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    Steve CumminsHills Sports High. He may not play in the CHS carnival as he's currently got a sore foot.
  6. catchpole

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    To that list of 2010 elligible names you can also add:

    Tom Connor - TKS

  7. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    CAS 26 – CHS 22 (HT 7-10)

    It was a top game despite both teams making mistakes that teams thrown together at short notice make. CHS probably had more standout players but missing Hills skipper and 2nd rower Steve Cummins did not help their lineout - and CAS were the better team and had the better structure.

    CHS's tries were more from expansive play and they took the lead near the end but CAS came back to win through a charge down try, and the bloke who kicked the ball, 14. Blake Murray from Inverell, had just been responsible for a cracking try at the other end of the park. It's a cruel game. Earlier CAS got a beautiful maul try, if there is such a thing, that never looked like being interrupted.

    I thought CAS was going to be in strife with the huge Hills SHS front row playing for CHS: 1. Lolohea (135kgs), 2. Faaeteete and 3. Tatuillo. But the THP got carted off early and the hooker had trouble throwing the ball in straight, though he could fizz around the field. The other guy LHP Lolohaea is the real deal: not just a good srummager but light on his feet and with soft hands just like Rodzilla at the same age, but can get around the park better than Rod.

    Watch this kid, but if you think he is big you should see his brother.

    There were quite a few lads playing who are involved with rugby league. There were two fine no. 8s on the field. For CHS Jason Havea from Hills is a 115kgs athletic freak with a great fend and a superb instinct for the game, with overtones of SBW. But don't get too excited about him folks because he has a 4 year contract with the Melbourne Storm.

    For CAS Jed Holloway, a recent Waverly College recruit from Yamba is also a dynamic runner. He can get over the gain line and he's a grand cover tackler too. Although he also played league last year from McAuley Catholic College in Grafton, he is more of a classic rugby union 8 and seems more likely to stay in our sport. Since his dad is a West Harbour man, he probably will, and at 195cms and 108kgs he's good at lineout time, which doesn't have much currency in the 13 man game.

    Waverley 13, Fine, played well for CAS, but is signed by the Roosters, and Jason Seage, the SG Ball halfback for the Parramatta Eels, was even better playing fullback for CHS although he was a winger for them last year. Another Hills SHS boy, he's a superb runner and tricky stepper. 10. Gerard McCallum from Hills is another rising star in both codes but he is a good all round flyhalf in the union game, including kicking from hand, and he has top pace.

    Others who shone for CHS were Hills 12. Junior Nuitio, a superb direct runner and hard tackler – and 7. Gordon Broome a small, brave, manic hunter/gatherer from Asquith HS. He's reminiscent of the great French flanker JP Rives who older folks may remember when he visited our shores and played a test with a broken collar bone.

    Converted backrower Alexander from Knox tried his best around the park and contesting at the breakdown but he will be behind Roach and Moore for state honours.

    That's more CHS lads mentioned than ones from CAS, who won, but if they get their team play better, CHS could cause GPS a bit of mischief.


    CAS 38 - CHS 24

    This was another top game and the score was 24-24 with not long to go but two tries, one from an intercept, after that and CAS got the chockies. 13 Tony Satini from Hills and the Penrith SG Ball team had a top game for CHS as did the terrific 10. James Vaka (Manly Sea Eagles) and the hard running 8. Tom Vaesen from Narrabri.

    Big Willie Skelton the CHS lock and reportedly 140 kgs plus, didn't have the impact I was looking forward to watching.

    For CAS lanky 10. Debreczini from Trinity continued his good form from the U/16 comp last year though he didn't connect with his team mates well. That should come, but he still has his huge boot. 9. Duchesne from Knox had the best pass from any team on the day and after watching senior players failing in this regard it was refreshing to see.

    CAS U/16 trials

    South H 24 – North H 15

    There were a lot of good players here but the remarkable thing about the game was something the ref did. The trial was played in quarters and when the ref whistled for the lads to start the 2nd quarter, the North team complied but the South coach, Dane Inman, I think, was still geeing up his players near the 15 metre lineout markers.

    The ref waited a while then penalised South for time wasting. Then the South team twigged and raced over to push somebody into touch near the corner after the North tap, but they gave up the try soon after. I'd never seen that before.

    It was a good day of rugby and the ground was in superb shape after the rain we have had.
  8. DPK Peter Sullivan (51)

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    Sheesh! Me-ow.
  9. catchpole

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    Ghost who walks,

    I saw Gordy Broome play for Sydney U.15's in 2008 and then noticed he was selected for NSW Schools 2nd XV in 2009 from Year 10 at Asquith Boys high School. He was a very impressive Flanker that always played well above his weight. Whilst his mobility and defense have always been his strong points , I assume that his small stature did not limit his impact from your assesment of him as Man of the Match"?
  10. catchpole

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    Mr Walker

    No problems at all. I have always admired his play. He is a real terrier but his effectiveness at the breakdown will diminsih if he gives away 20-25 Kg's to larger backrowers who also have adequate speed around the paddock this year or in Year 12 next year.
  11. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Still reading Phantom comics I see, catchy. Keep up the good work.
  12. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    skullring was referring to my mentioning the league players. One thing I get frustrated at watching schools rugby trials or any school rugby game for that matter are elite schoolboy players that you get excited about but then you find out that they are likely to be playing rugby league after leaving school; so I ask some of the parents at the ground and I came up with those names I mentioned. Then forum members know not to expect to see them in Colts or senior rugby.

    The mother of one of the boys mentioned was surprised when I asked for confirmation that her son was going to league as it was supposed to be a secret. When she asked me how I found out I told her that I was advised by another mother whose son played for the same school. There aren't many secrets.

    I hope the lads aren't discriminated against as the Setu boys were a few years ago. They were selected for Oz Schools and played against Japan Schools but a week later they were dropped ostensibly because it had been discovered that they had signed league contracts with different clubs. As far as I am concerned: if they are good enough to represent their schools (and sometimes in both codes if they are from a Sports High School), it's good enough to treat them the same as lads who don't sign for league. But if one player has virtually the same ability as another, I would go for the lad who is more likely to play union..
  13. observer Tom Lawton (22)

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    The problem as I understand it Lee is that the Australian Rugby Union tours are subsidised by the ARU and as such they see it as an investment in the future. If players are already signed to rugby league clubs such as some of the GPS, CAS and CHS players then I think they have flagged their choice of sports in the short term.

    No wonder then that players have to sign a loyalty agreement with the ARU before embarking on overseas tours. I can understand this. I know when I was this age I was playing union for the school on Saturday and league for the local league team. I loved both codes as do most of the kids today.

    Some of the kids playing CHS may or may not have a league contract. Some might just play for the club without being contracted. McCallum is signed to the Bulldogs and this can be confirmed by newspaper reports. However I'm told he is also on rugby's NTS program. Perhaps someone else here can confirm that. I think that's a great idea if it is true because it keeps someone like McCallum and others interested in the game and when his league contract expires he may consider rugby as an option.
    No 8 Jason Havea is a great prospect but reports say he is signed to the Melbourne Storm. Why is he playing rugby in Sydney then? He got homesick and returned to school. He was named CHS player of the tournament t Armidale at their state trials. A great prospect and rugby should be going after him as he has a rugby background in NZ. He didn't have the best of games against CAS because, as skullring reports, his bodyheight was too high when running and he continued to try and bump opponents instead of hitting the deck.

    Jason Seage is another good prospect and reports say he is contracted to Parramatta. I understand he is considering swapping to union because his contract expires this year. The NSW schools selectors should confirm this and other contract arrangements with the players concerned.
  14. catchpole

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    LG & Observer,

    I have read that the original dispute/conflict goes all the way back to the 77-78 Australian Schools Rugby side that featured the Ellas and Wally Lewis. Evidently Wally Lewis signed to play Rugby League either just before his departure or just after his return from the U.K. thereby negating the investment by the ASRU in his tour and personal development.

    Today with NTS squads and player development the investment by the ASRU must be quite considerable. I assume the ARU must be looking for some kind of player/brand loyalty at least for a nominated period after representation at schoolboy level for a domestic season of Schoolboy Internationals and especially for a major touring season overseas.

    It becomes very difficult for parents who are approached by league clubs who offer to not only secure a placement for a gifted player at a prestige school but also pay all tuition fees (as opposed to the concept of school generated scholarships).Logically the sponsoring League Club has a right to demand exclusivity after completion of the players seconday school education.

    This contractual obligation/loyalty would be in direct conflict with the intent of the ASRU and/or the ARU who might invest additional capital(intellectual and financial) in any player selected for Australain Schools Rugby Union tours or domestic internationals only to lose them to a pre-existing contractual obligation to the League Club that paid for the players eduction and placed them in front of the eyes of the ASRU selectors.

    Obviously the question of player declaration of any pre-existing contractual arrangement or obligation becomes extremely important for a number of reasons.

    Undeclared contactual obligations would innevitable give rise to legal dispute.
  15. rugby_man

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    I'll have a go at the NSW 1st XV and 2nd XV

    1. David Lolohea (CHS)
    2. Hugh Roach (GPS)
    3. Guy Millar (GPS)
    4. Jordan Reid (CAS)
    5. Steve Cummins (CHS)
    6. Gordon Broome (CHS)
    7. Tom Connor (GPS)
    8. Usaia O'Sullivan (CAS)
    9. Waldo Wessels (CHS)
    10. Sam Brisby (ISA)
    11. Malietoa Hingano (ISA)
    12. Jack Purcell (ISA)
    13. Dane Atkinson (GPS)
    14. Hayden Tegart (GPS)
    15. Jason Seage (CHS)

    NSW 2nd XV

    2. Clarrie Moore (GPS)
    3. Jed Halloway (CAS)
    5. James Williams (GPS)
    6. Boyd Killingsworth (GPS)
    7. Stuart Goodman (CAS)
    8. Jason Havea (GPS)
    9. Tim Donlan (GPS)
    10. Will Fay (CAS)
    12. Apo Latunipulu (GPS)
    13. Asipeli Fine (CAS)
    15. Ben Lenehan (GPS)
  16. catchpole

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    Thats a lot of games to watch to select the NSW 1st & 2nd XV teams. I haven't seen any of the CAS or CHS games but recognize many of the names from the U.16 teams from previous years.

    It will be very interesting to note the GPS teams selected after Round 2 on 19 June 2010.
  17. rugby_man

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    That's his name, Jack Wallace. I knew his first name started with a J and couldn't quite remember his name and thought it was Jed Halloway. Sam Mueller I'd imagine will get a bench spot in one of the two teams. He made NSW Shadow squad last season and is quite a good player. Haven't seen Junior Nutio play but he sounds like he can give the other decent centres a run for their money.
  18. catchpole

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    Rugbyman and SR,

    From the two teams nominated by Rugby Man and amended/commented by SR, do either of you believe that any players from those lists will move beyond schoolboy rugby in a similar fashion to Greg Peterson and Jacob Woodhouse from The Scots College, NSW Schools and Australian Schools last year.

    On reflection I was surprised that neither of you could find room for TKS centers, McCormack and Ingate, but instead preferred Newington/ISA/CHS and CAS selections. I am also continually surprised when G & GR observers continue to ignore Tim Reid at Hooker as well. In the games I have seen this year he has impressed with every facet of his play.

    I will see your preferred players for the first time when GPS play both CAS and CHS later this month. It sounds like these games will be evenly balanced and should produce some great rugby.
  19. rugby_man

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    I'd nominate Hugh Roach and Chris Sautia (QLD) from schoolboys rugby this year to make big steps in senior rugby next season. Sautia will most certainly play Oz 7's as he is that type of player and will play Super 14 in the next 2 years IMO. Roach will take a bit more time to reach Super 14 but he is well on his way. He just has to bulk up more and maybe grow a little more and he'll be set. He is a very tough player.

    In regards to Josh McCormack and Chris Ingate, it's not that I don't rate them because they are both class players. It's just the competition they face for spots in the centres is very, very tough but they certainly wouldn't look one bit out of place in they were to be the centre pairings for NSW. I'd imagine though that Dane Atkinson will lock up one spot and the likes of McCormack, Ingate, Latunipulu, Hingano, Fine, Sutui and Purcell will fight for the other spot. Dane Atkinson could have made a big impact in senior rugby next year IMO but he has been tied up in rugby league I believe, same with Asipeli Fine. Brogan Roods will be the benchmark centre next year and could have been dominant this year but is still out injured and will not be selected I think.
  20. the berries

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    Hello to all. This is my first thread on this subject and rugby site. So I hope I don't get it wrong. I have followed the development of Rugby in the NSW public school system for 4 years. Travelled quite a few miles and watched plenty of trials and selection matches. I am impressed with what is being done. I have a strong association with Hills Sports . so I'll put that out straight away so as not to muddy any water. I have recently allowed my two younger sons to enroll at this school to. I like what I see. I have watched the school evolve and in particular I like the idea of no sacademic result no play rule. Any way On with the Rugby. CHS v CAS a great game played with good spirit no dirt and hard tackles. The match was a cracker and plenty came outb of it. Cheers

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