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NSW Schools - Trial Games and Selections 2012

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by CTPE, May 9, 2012.

  1. CTPE Nev Cottrell (35)

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    These games are not too far away. CAS v CHS on 7th June, GPS v CAS on 19th June and GPS v CHS on 22nd June. [Also have CHS v CCC v ACIES on 3rd June and CHS v ISA on 17th June. CHS have the benefit of a great preparation throughout June].

    NSW I's and II's announced on 23rd June and Combined States on 25th June.

    CAS looking very good this year especially with Trinity's pack of high level rep players.
  2. Fairpoint Stan Wickham (3)

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    anyone brave enough to predict a NSW I and NSW II possibilities list?
    I have a feeling dominated by GPS as usual but with a few more CAS players then usual this year.
  3. I like to watch Simon Poidevin (60)

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    On exposed form I would have thought that CAS are the weakest of the associations this year.
  4. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    I changed the name of your thread to NSW Schools 2012 and Trial Games to conform to the thread we had in 2011.

    It also avoids the creation of other threads because some forum members may think they have a topic that is not covered by the umbrella of GPS, CAS or CAS. Even if they are wrong, once they start new threads it is too late.

    As I posted last year in the 2011 thread (I will bold it to make it easier to spot):

    Thank you.
  5. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    has any gps school played a cas school?
    Can you post the result(s) - if you can do so easily

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  6. Vanuatu Chiefs Sydney Middleton (9)

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    IS, on 20/4/12 Trinity defeated Shore 15-5. Schools Rugby Tribune posted the following at #94 in the CAS Rugby 2012 thread:

    "Due to Trinity bringing only two teams (1sts and 2nds) and Shore arriving with three (1sts, 2nds, 3rds), the situation was as follows. Shore 3rds played Trinity 2nd (Shore won easily). In the main game vs Trinity 1st XV, Shore fielded their 2nd XV for the first 35 minutes, then after a 10 minute break, their 1st XV came on.

    Ironically the first half was even at one try each. For the opening 15 minutes of the second half it looked like Shore would blow Trinity away, but were only able to score only one try. Trinity then got the upper hand and finished very stronly, scoring two superb individualistic long-distance tries by their No 15 and No 9. The No 15 nearly got another but ran over the touch line untouched and then right at the end he nearly went over again. He does not look anything special, but jeez he is hard to bring down!"

    Also on 20/4/12 Waverley defeated Scots 40-31 & talentScout reported in the same thread at #97:

    "was out at the waverly game , waverly surprised me, scots were well structured both teams at full strength ,waverly were dominate most of the game and proved to good, should be a strong CAS comp this year"

    On 28/4/12 Trinity beat St Pat's 17-15 (Trinity scored in the last play of the game). Last Saturday Riverview beat St Pat's 72-5. In fairness to St Pat's it was said that they were missing a number of players against Riverview due to injury. Presumably, St Pat's fielded a stronger side against Trinity.

    Of course it's often difficult to line up trial form given that by definition the line ups are often very experimental.
  7. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    That stuff doesn't support the idea that CAS is weak this year, I would have thought.

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  8. Newbie Bill McLean (32)

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    LMAO@CASvGPS battle above!

    Well let me just say that NSWCCC are going to hand "all y'all yo asses" . Lmao . Now if you don't mind I have to go and feed my pigs and check if they're ready to fly!
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  9. I like to watch Simon Poidevin (60)

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    You don't think?
    If you give Trinity credit for beating Shore, well then on the same day Shore 2nds had a draw with them!
    Trinity played St Pat's and won on the bell, St Pat's have 1 kid I believe in the ISA squad. Pat's were crushed the following week by View. Even the Trinity supporters would admit they are dissapointed thus far.
    If you read the postings about Knox, not even their most ardent supporters can believe how poorly they are playing..until they played Trinity.
    Waverley seem to be a grade above the rest in CAS, and yes they beat Scots. (having seen them both play, I can't understand how) but they were not competitive against Augs.
    But I suppose these results probably just re enforce your opinions at this stage, shame there are not more inter assoc games played each year.
  10. Newbie Bill McLean (32)

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    Notable Omissions!

    CHS have just concluded there trials and there are some notable omissions to there U/18's squad. For example there is no Brandon Mafi (U/18 CHS and U/17 SJRU representative from 2011) and a fair few of his Hills SHS teammates are non-selections as well.

    Given that the same players are competing for league selection as well, perhaps NSWCHS have made the same lads elect (notwithstanding the fact the NSW trials are not going to conflict with the NSW league trials, only Nationals conflict).

    Can anyone lend any credibility to my theory?
  11. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Only second hand - that someone told me 3-4 years ago that it was the case in that particular year.
  12. manlyboy Frank Row (1)

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    Noticed there are no CHS threads - that'd be right.

    Here is the CHS 1st Xv and 2nd XV squad chosen at the conclusion of the carnival on friday:

    NSWCHS Rugby Squad
    A Brown Alstonville HS
    F Calugay Alstonville HS
    J McIntyre Alstonville HS
    A Tukipili NBSC - Balgowlah Boys Campus
    D Fleming BWSC- Woy Woy Campus
    A Hemopo Endeavour Sports HS
    B Paenga-Amosa Endeavour Sports HS
    J Dinopoulos Endeavour Sports HS
    M Sau Endeavour Sports HS
    D Boland Farrer MAHS
    R Simpson Farrer MAHS
    M Parkinson Galston HS
    C Vest Grafton HS
    N George The Hills Sports HS
    B Haddad Hunter Sports HS
    R Hodge NBSC - Manly Campus
    N Burden Mosman HS
    O Manukeu Plumpton HS
    L Poole Toormina HS

    H Brown Alstonville HS
    T Ellis Alstonville HS
    E Faigataa NBSC - Balgowlah Boys Campus
    Z Spring Banora Point HS
    J Kay Castle Hill HS
    B Anderson Endeavour Sports HS
    C Filemu Endeavour Sports HS
    M Kopa Endeavour Sports HS
    R Warren-Vosayaco Endeavour Sports HS
    J Porch Farrer MAHS
    Z Buchanan Farrer MAHS
    B Whalan Grafton HS
    A Tsufa The Hills Sports HS
    S Hefren Hunter Sports HS
    R Mitchell Maclean HS
    S Tangi Merrylands HS
    J Mataiula Pendle Hill HS
    J Vainikolo TLSC- The Entrance Campus
    A Delore Whitebridge HS
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  13. Newbie Bill McLean (32)

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    Welcome Manlyboy! And I agree with you mate, however you're going to have to start up your own CHS thread. Feel free to park it next to my oft neglected thread called 'NSWCCC Rugby 2012' down in pauper-ville . lmao!
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  14. manlyboy Frank Row (1)

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    Cheers Newbie! Don't have permissions to start a new thread haha. Would you like to do it for me?
  15. Newbie Bill McLean (32)

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  16. Corn Beef 2560 Frank Row (1)

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    Does anyone know if the NSW U16s CHS Rugby Union squad has been selected. Cheers.?
  17. manlyboy Frank Row (1)

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    NSWCHS U/16's Rugby Train On Squad
    Joey Fittock Alstonville HS
    Ben Crerar NBSC - Balgowlah Boys Campus
    Abu Taleb Blakehurst HS
    Lapana Vitale BWSC- Woy Woy Campus
    Cruze Leach Endeavour Sports HS
    Harry Barsdell Endeavour Sports HS
    Sydney Malifa Endeavour Sports HS
    Luciano Leluia Endeavour Sports HS
    Ed Craig Epping Boys HS O
    Izack Rodda Evans River HS
    Aaron Gutgutuwai The Hills Sports HS
    Shaun Fitzgerald The Hills Sports HS
    Reece Hewat Illawarra Sports HS
    Bevan French Inverell HS
    William Finley Lisarow HS
    Rohan Kopp Peak Hill HS
    Andrew Faimafili-Sua Prairiewood HS
    Andrew Vatuvei Sarah Redfern HS
    Raui Poaru Westfields Sports HS
    Pal Uta Uta Westfields Sports HS

    Jordan Lotoaniu Bass HS
    Mitchell Thomas NBSC - Balgowlah Boys Campus
    Jack Cohen Blakehurst HS
    Telenote Moataane Elderslie HS
    Evander Filemu Endeavour Sports HS
    Luke Mrakovcic Endeavour Sports HS
    Tyla Tamou Endeavour Sports HS
    Daniel Cosgrove Epping Boys HS
    Oliver Green Epping Boys HS
    Cleveland McGhie Figtree HS
    Regan Rona The Hills Sports HS
    Tommy Sawden Illawarra Sports HS
    Jacob Tupola Ingleburn HS
    Mitchell Thomas Killarney Heights HS
    Ben Horton Nowra HS
    Luke Milham NBSC - Pittwater Campus
    Ben Vaituutuu Prairiewood HS
    Sione Afu Wadalba CS
    Maumau Monu Westfields Sports HS
    Jacob Storey Woolooware HS
  18. Wannabe Selector Frank Nicholson (4)

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    You know with so much rugby rep happening lately for schools with 16s and 18s, it would be interesting to see the statistics of kids being this young, putting there body on the line week in and week out in hard confrontation.
    Would there body last for another 10 years when they should be in there prime at 26 or 28. Is this why we have so many injuries these days with pro players.?
    Are they still around playing or have they made it in at least super rugby honours, where do they all go after school rep footy, who knows.?
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  19. Newbie Bill McLean (32)

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    This topic attracted much debate in the 'NSW U/16 2011' thread last year!

    Rule of thumb with few high profile rugby and league people I have met with in recent time (including one current NRL coach) is that no junior should be playing more than 32-35 games a year if they have aspirations of wanting to finish the representative journey.
  20. no9 Ted Fahey (11)

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    Watched the CHS Vs CCC game this arvo with CHS convincing winners (7 or 8 tries to 0). CCC played OK in the first half but drifted away as the game went on. CCC backs hit hard but positionally not as sound as CHS. CCC lineout is a weakness but they fought to the end. CHS weren't convincing early and were lucky to score in the last play of the first half. Second half saw McIntyre and Hodge start to direct play wider and the 15's kick returning was good as they found more space to play in. The 9 likes to have a run also. Some of the big islander forwards started walking towards the end of each half and the CHS coaches will have to monitor that against GPS as they will run for 70 mins. CHS should benefit from the hitout and will beat CAS before playing St Augustines on the 17th.

    CHS II's had a run against AICES and won easily.

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