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Official "I'm going to Japan" thread

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by Blue, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. Blue Andrew Slack (58)

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    So who's going?

    I'm off to see SA v Italy, SA v Canada, England v Argentina and Wales v Fiji

    If anyone's around any of those games let's have a beer or three.
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  2. Tex Chilla Wilson (44)

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    Good mix of games. Plenty of SA tries to cheer and a couple potential upsets to get behind.

    Wish I was going!
  3. Blue Andrew Slack (58)

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    Looking most forward to the England Argie game. If the Argie scrum can hold up I hope they knock the Poms over.
  4. waiopehu oldboy John Eales (66)

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    ^ as do we all, I'm sure.

    Safe travels & I look forward to some "on the ground" reporting.
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  5. Crashy Jim Clark (26)

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    I managed to score a family ticket to the Aus / Fiji game after queuing up until the wee hours and paying a very reasonable $475.
    I managed to be made redundant in may. ( I work in Banking after all).
    I managed to sell said tickets as part of the RWC buy-back.
    I managed not to cry too loudly as they were sold.
  6. Seb V Peter Sullivan (51)

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    You lucky bastards
  7. young gun Chris McKivat (8)

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    So, my wife likes travelling, as a result we are going to:

    All Blacks v Springboks
    Ireland v Scotland
    England v USA
    Wallabies v Wales

    I knew that decision to marry her would pay off one day.
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  8. Tex Chilla Wilson (44)

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    Dismal just use your main account mate.
  9. waiopehu oldboy John Eales (66)

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    ^ right now someone's reading a Dismal post on some dark corner of the World Wide Web & thinking wft? Where's all the porn references at? :)
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  10. Sam Heinrich Frank Row (1)

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    Hi All,

    A quick shout out to anyone in Tokyo on Sep 28th prior to the Aus v Wales match the next day. The Carbine Club Tokyo is hosting a lunch at Grand Prince New Takanawa featuring some Classic Wallabies and fingers crossed some Classic Welsh players. Doors open at 11:30am. It will be a great lunch with Cape Grim beef from Tasmania and a whole lot of Penfolds wines all to be consumed while listening to an expert panel previewing the Aus v Wales game. We'll also have a live feed of the AFL final after the lunch. Anyone interested please check out this link: https://www.carbineclubtokyo.com/
    d Grans
  11. RugbyReg Stirling Mortlock (74)

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  12. Dismal Pillock John Thornett (49)

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  13. Nath Fred Wood (13)

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    Going to:

    Oz v Uruguay
    France v Tonga
    Fiji v Wales
    Oz V Georgia

    Initially wanted some better games, but the ballot was proving too tough.

    Now one of my d1ckhead mates is trying to offload his wallabies v wales tickets because he can't afford to go, and I've already booked flights etc, and won't be in tokyo.


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