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Proud Parent's Thread

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Aussie D, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Aussie D Dick Tooth (41)

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    Just thought that with a lot of us being Mums, dads and Grandparents it would be nice to have a thread to post about our kids' achievements.

    My son has his first training session this afternoon with the Warnervale Wildcats (unfortunately not my old club as they didn't have his age group). Looking forward to seeing how he goes, he seems to be keen to try rugby - think it is the chance to tackle kids as he loves rough-housing!
  2. Gristlechewer Charlie Fox (21)

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    I think you guys at Warnervale are blessed to have a real Rugby Man by the name of Danny Ariel. A local teacher and a champion bloke, he looked after both my sons and a few more at PSSA Polding. I wouldn't be surprised to see that he has had input into some current Aus/State/etc players. Rugby needs men like Danny
  3. Aussie D Dick Tooth (41)

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    This is my first contact with the Warnervale Rugby Club, other than lining up against them on occasion! Can't say I remember meeting Danny but if he is connected with the juniors I will most likely meet him at some stage in the future.

    My son loved his first training session, playing different games. The highlight for me: The team were playing rugby at the end of the session. After a dozen or so kids have had a run he gets the ball, takes one step forward and then turns around and runs in the opposite direction with the whole team chasing after him. He was almost to the car park when we finally got him to stop. The coach just said "he's got some gas we just need to teach him to run in the right direction". He has a gala day on Saturday at my old club where his team will be playing 6 games. The 8am kick-off will be a killer.
  4. Gristlechewer Charlie Fox (21)

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    The mighty Rams are having a Gala day up there aren't they??? A proud Rugby club with young Matt Everard working with the junior development.
  5. Aussie D Dick Tooth (41)

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    Top bloke Matty played with him in my last season before my body said enough! Which club are you connected with gristle? Up there would indicate a club in the Gosford municipality (though not necessarily the Red Devils).
  6. Gristlechewer Charlie Fox (21)

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    No AD, I am not of that ilk, but do know more than a few lads from Gods country (The Entrance Rams)stretching back to when Burgo was known as "The White Flash" I am sure it had nothing to do with his lack of speed. No I am based the other side of the Bay thats Broken
  7. Swat Chilla Wilson (44)

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    My kid found a frog, highlight so far.......

    he's 16
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  8. Aussie D Dick Tooth (41)

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    My son played his first competition game on Saturday and managed to score his first try. Half way to my career tally already...
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  9. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    My 9yo boy gets mothered to death by his female influences (the wife and her mother), who still believe that his premature birth 9 years ago still counts for something. I'm well over that shit so take him out for an arse kicking wherever possible. Finally he's starting to hit his straps, having gone hiking with my brother and I last year (was only 10km with an overnight stay) and being interested in the world around him when I can pry him away from the PS3/Wii/DS/TV/iPod.

    Anyway, we started karate just over a year ago, and recently graded to Orange belt together. Was very nervous as we did the kata together so I couldn't correct him as we went.

    Next stop: green tip.
  10. Aussie D Dick Tooth (41)

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    Well done Pfitzy. Congrats to you and your son on the orange belt. I didn't give my wife a say in him playing rugby, was always going to happen.

    p.s. haven't had the opportunity to welcome you back to the forum after your 2+ years in exile.
  11. Aussie D Dick Tooth (41)

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    Just received word that my son's team will do a march past at one of the Waratah games. Took me 0.5 seconds to reply saying that I'd be coming along. Just so happens to be the game against the Queensland Reds!
  12. Wazza2013 Fred Wood (13)

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    My daughter completed her first season in little Athletics under m 6,s .She was the youngest girl in her age group, ( Only turned six just before the season ended )

    She took out age champion , most Personal bests , inter club challenge also won school;l x country

    she make me very unfit when I struggle to catch her in a sprint , I feel my Hammy telling me slow down big fella..lol

    She makes me a very proud dad.
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  13. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    I forgive you. Yes I am a tolerant god.

    As for rugby - no chance. Mrs Pfitzy has seen me "recover" on a Sunday morning. No chance her little boy is going through that.

    Maybe Aussie rules? A family friend plays that - he's a right little bastard too, smashing other kids is a gift he has.
  14. Lindommer Andrew Slack (58)

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    I'm with Aussie D. My wife comes from a staunch league family in Rabbitohs' territory, but there was no way my bloke was going to play anything other than rugby. He took to it like a Mafia consigliore to a home made pizza. Now she's a follower, willingly accompanying me to Melbourne this weekend. The young fella's got the travel bug, she's encouraging him to play in Italy or France next year.
  15. PaarlBok Rod McCall (65)

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    Well I tried my outmost best to get my kids into rugby but they end up playing hockey. Myself never knew anything about the sport at the start but now I'll probably rahter watch the Proteas playing a hockey test then a rugby one. Oldest one coaching the younger one at u16 level. Youngest only 14, got picked for Boland u16A level and for his school u18A team at the start of this season only to be told at the start of the quater its against the school policy for a grade 8er to play in any sport for the schools first team. Looking forward to the SA U16 Inter Provincial Tournament at St. Johns and KES in Joburg from 1-7 July. Nowadays me and the Mrs only holidays is to support and walking line at this national tournaments. Daughter finshed her Art degree last year and is doing her Masters this year. Much bigger achievement doing a two years course in one year and bringing balance into a sport mad household.

    Those who have small kids only starting up, my advice is that it all starts in the backyard, thats where you make or break any kid in sport.
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  16. Aussie D Dick Tooth (41)

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    My son scored his second trythe other week. Cheeky little halfback-type try (blindside of the ruck). He has now equalled my career tally so I am expecting it won't be too long until he overtakes me.
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  17. Wazza2013 Fred Wood (13)

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    Proud parent update.
    After taking my daughter to a two blues home game the other week. Where she got to see see some of the Parra women's team play Warringah,

    She has proudly announced that she wants to play rugby and not do little A's

    Like the two blues girls do .

    This is much to her mothers horror....worried she will get hurt.

    Though as I explained, THEY HAVE TO CATCH HER FIRST !!!!!!

    She will make a great winger.

    Not sure how I'm going to go convincing her mother ,, though I'm going to fight the good fight.

    Then I can pre book tickets for the 2024 Olympics , to watch her play in the gold medal game in the Women's rugby 7's for Australia.

    I can dream , I can dream
  18. Jets Tony Shaw (54)

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    My eldest son plays Under 8's so it's his first year of tackle rugby.

    He was never really into the touch stuff as it used to frustrate him no end. Anyway after the first few weeks of the year he announced that he didn't like rugby any more and wanted to play something else. I told him to see out the year and he can play what ever he wants next year. He continued a little begrudgingly but started to enjoy it a bit more.

    3 games ago he scored 3 tries and was pretty happy with himself. The following week he did the same thing and he was walking around the house 10' tall. Our last game before the holidays was against one of the top teams in the comp. We won 12 tries to 11 with my boy scoring 6 tries. He's well and truly stopped talking about playing another sport now.

    I guess it helps that he's part of a really good little team.

    At 8 years old he has surpassed me with his rugby ability. I guess that was always going to happen but I didn't think it would happen this early.

    I have no expectations of him as a rugby player but just want him to love the game as I think it teaches you a lot about life.

    It hit a high point this week as we watched the start of the State of Origin and had this conversation.

    Him: "Why don't the just take the ball of the guy as they tackle them?"
    Me: "In league you aren't allowed to contest for the ball. One team has it for 6 tackles then kicks it to the other team for their go, or until someone scores."
    Him: "Rugby is so much better than League."

    I said nothing but Mrs Jets said I had the biggest grin on my face.
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  19. Wazza2013 Fred Wood (13)

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    Seriously the best description of rugby league i have ever heard.
    Laughed so much I cried,
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  20. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    [USER=10858]Wazza2013[/USER], I beg to differ with your assessment. I think Jets Junior described it better.
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