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Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by frotter, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. George Craswell Bob McCowan (2)

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    Colts 1
    Sunnybank to our musle Brothers
    Colts 2
    Brothers but it will be closer than expected
    Colts 3
  2. Peter Piper Frank Row (1)

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    Well George is not a Brothers supporter after looking at his post. Colts 1 this week end will be hard to see Brothers losing the GF.
    Sunnybank have done very to get to the big dance. They are on a bit of a roll and Isaac Lucas adds some great attacking flare to their team. The Brothers teams is full of stars and I think that if the game is in the balance with 20 minutes to go Brothers will run away with it. Brothers have too many big name players. I think Brothers will will by 20 points.
    Brothers Colts 2 team will win but the Bond team is a very different team to the rounds. They should win by 10 points.
    The Colts 3 should again be too strong for Wynnum and i believe they will run away with it in the final 15 minutes.
    So IMO Brothers should win all 3 Colts.
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  3. Sage Too Ward Prentice (10)

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    Well one out of three is about my record.

    But, brothers x3 for me. They maybe close, but can’t go past them.

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  4. Happyman Fred Wood (13)

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    Grand Final Weekend they are not my team but congratulations to Brothers for getting all three teams into the big dance. It shows the benifit of a well run program and the affiliations with some strong school programs.

    Colts 1 Brothers v Bank This game is brothers to lose as they have been the benchmark all season having only lost the first game of the year and remaining untroubled since. Both teams will benefit with some premier grade players playing down. Overall Brothers depth across the squad should prove too much for the Bank. Brothers by 14

    Colts 2 Brothers V Bond The Bond coaching staff have played have played the dispensation game very well this season with the team being unrecognisable from the team that played rounds 1 to 18. Brothers were undefeated against all comers barring draw and loss against Souths during the season who are the only team they would not have wanted to face in the GF. I expect this to be a close game with Brothers prevailing by 7

    Colts 3 Brothers V Wynnum This is my pick for the upset The Wynnum team is INHO better than this level with quite a few of the boys being relatively high level playing with mates. Wynnum by 10

    Congrats to all boys who played this year I certainly enjoyed all of the games I saw and hopefully the boys continue to play either next year in colts or progress to grades.
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  5. Dark Shark Dave Cowper (27)

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    Nice review Happyman. Agree with most except I see a clean sweep by Brothers.

    GF’s can throw up funny results from time to time as their are some teams and players that either get it together or fall completely apart. I think their is too much experience around Crosby Road to let the latter occur.
  6. Dark Shark Dave Cowper (27)

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    Yes, Grand Finals are a funny thing. Congratulations to Wynnum getting up in a nail biter to win Colts 3!
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  7. George Craswell Bob McCowan (2)

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    Great win to Wynnum Colts 3. Could have gone either way.
    Good game
    Colts 2 was great to watch. Bond 9 and 11 and 14 were fantastic
    So was the big bruiser in the front row.
    For Brothers 7 was exceptional. Great runs. The move of 12 to 10
    mid second half steadied the ship
    Who is the 13?
    Big and great hands. Gorilla in defence
    Don’t often to see those words together
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  8. Happyman Fred Wood (13)

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    Just like to say called the Colts 3 mate
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  9. Stripes Chris McKivat (8)

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    Now the season is done and dusted, has anyone heard when the U19 teams will be announced?
  10. Dark Shark Dave Cowper (27)

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    Congratulations to Brothers Colts 1 winning the 2018 Premiership.

    Usher and Siggs were enormous up front, setting up platform for the rest of team. Wood made terrific yards up middle and McReight pilfered and cleaned up so much the backs were able to run riot. I thought Carroll was outstanding.

    Sunnybank never gave up, but with forwards always seeming to be on backfoot, Lucas had few chances of igniting any fightback. A couple of poor options by forwards running ball at or near McReight was a killer for the Dragons as he spoilt so much.

    Another great season for Colts rugby in Queensland.
  11. Getwithme Alex Ross (28)

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    Now that we're moving on to the U19 NRC selection, my friend and I had a little fun selecting hypothetical teams.
    The rules were you could only select players who played at least 1 game of colts, (so by our measure that ruled Phoenix Hunt ineligble.), you could select players out of their regular position, No Country/City zones and I had the first selection for 1-8 and 20-23 and he had the first selection for 9-15 and 16-19.

    Queensland Country:
    1. Lloyd Gorman (Sunnybank)
    2. Theo Fourie (Souths)
    3. Lawrence Tominiko (Sunnybank)
    4. Josh Fenner (Sunnybank)
    5. Henry Sharpe (Brothers)
    6. Tom Kibble (GPS)
    7. Nathan Marshall (Sunnybank)
    8. Cullen Ngamanu (Souths)
    9. Neal McNamara (Sunnybank)
    10. Isaac Henry (Wests)
    11. Viliame Lea (Souths)
    12. Isaac Deflavis (GPS)
    13. Tristan Stanghon (Brothers)
    14. Shea Lalagavesi (Wests)
    15. Nathan Carroll (Brothers)
    16. Flynn Noon (Wests)
    17. Rhys Van Nek (Souths)
    18. Prynce-Romeo Taele Asiata (Wests)
    19. Alex Smit (Wests)
    20. Ben Paxton-Hall (UQ)
    21. Liam Prendergast (Norths)
    22. Max Dowd (Bond)
    23. Callum Hicks (Brothers)

    Brisbane City
    1. Josh Nasser (UQ)
    2. Joe Cotton (Wests)
    3. Egan Siggs (Brothers)
    4. Michael Wood (Brothers)
    5. Will Deardon (Wests)
    6. Harry Wilson (Brothers)
    7. Fraser McReight (Brothers)
    8. Lachy Connors (Bond)
    9. Isaac Tarabay (Brothers)
    10. Isaac Lucas (Sunnybank)
    11.Ilaisa Droahehe (Wests)
    12. Brad Twidale (UQ)
    13. Byron Ralston (Brothers)
    14. Liam Matenga (Easts)
    15. Finn McKee (Norths)
    16. Liam Usher (Brothers)
    17. Clinton Malaloua (Wests)
    18. Jed Chapman (GPS)
    19. Matt Munday (Brothers)
    20. Harry Webster (Easts)
    21. Nick Hughes (Wests)
    22. Koen Dovey (UQ)
    23. Finn Mounsey (Wests)

    There would also be about 10 other guys selected as part of the squads I would imagine.

    The count from each club is:
    Brothers (12)- 9 starting, 3 bench
    Sunnybank (6)- 6 starting
    Wests (11)- 5 starting, 6 bench
    Souths (3)- 3 starting
    UQ (4)- 2 starting
    GPS (3)- 2 starting
    Easts (2)- 1 starting
    Norths (2)- 1 starting
    Bond (2)- 1 starting
    Logan (0) (would have Wider Training Squad players)
  12. steveadams12 Frank Nicholson (4)

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    I actually agree with most of this team but I know Cullen Ngamanu is out for the season with a shoulder injury and I actually think Angus Dean the 7 from Souths has not been rated highly, he has been the best 7 all season for me, his breakdown skills are a class above. I would also have Brendan Bell as a 16, for country instead.
  13. Getwithme Alex Ross (28)

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    Yeah few injured/guys who have left who I know are unavailable but were still included.

    • Cullen Ngamanu-Shoulder (Season)
    • Josh Fenner-Shoulder (TBA)
    • Lawrence Tominiko-MCL (5-7 weeks)
    • Lloyd Gorman-? (TBA)
    • Neal McNamara-Concussion (2 weeks)
    • Clinton Malolua- Signed for a Japanese Top League Club, left today
  14. Oldschool Charlie Fox (21)

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    Well done Clinton on picking up a contract, one of the top props in the colts this season. Is he coming back or doing a Magney?
  15. steveadams12 Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Does anyone actually know when the 19’s sides are announced? I heard rumours that it was going to be announced today or tomorrow?
  16. Will Smith Peter Burge (5)

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    Not sure about

    Nathan Marshall and Viliami Lea
    In the Country team

    As for Marshall I'd put in the 7 for Souths, but between the two it's more of a toss up , you could make a serious case for either. And Viliami, who in my opinion, plays a little one dimensional, just crashing constantly and no kicking game, maybe put in Moli from Brothers

    Also the
    Byron Ralston and Liam Matenga spots in the City team

    I'd try and get the 13 for Souths, Elijah and the winger from Sunnybank who scored a beauty against Souths in the finals series.
  17. Stripes Chris McKivat (8)

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    So the teams have been announced. Does anyone have the lists?
  18. Dark Shark Dave Cowper (27)

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    I haven’t seen list but have unconfirmed report that it has a 2018 Qld Schoolboy or two that did not get selected in current Aust schoolboy teams. Interesting selection if so. I thought this comp was about widening the pool of talent exposed to rep rugby.
  19. Oldschool Charlie Fox (21)

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    Well if that's true, and they can't crack the school boy team while they're of age, how the are they a potential for the u20s next year?
    I've watched a fair bit of school boy and Colt rugby over the years, and there is no doubt that Colt 1 rugby is a big step above GPS.
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  20. Stripes Chris McKivat (8)

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    Agree, majority of schoolboy players in QLD are under 17, so even if he’s under 18, he’s mostly been playing with and against under 17 year olds. It’s a very different game playing against under 19 year olds who have played 1 or two years of colts 1. But if he’s involved in the Reds development squad then he’ll liikely be in, despite age or experience.
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