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QLD Colts 2019

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by rugbysthewinner, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Oldschool Tom Lawton (22)

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    The U19 one metre push at scrum time kinda sucks then doesn't it?... Think that might be the work around.
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  2. steveadams12 Frank Nicholson (4)

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    It is going to be great to watch Sunnybank and Souths forward packs go at each other when they meet again, I think Souths personally have a more dominant pack, In particular the front row - 1, 2, 3. would love to see some comparisons and opinions on the different forward packs in the comp
  3. Sgt Slaughter Herbert Moran (7)

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    Being that UQ had 5 starters out (couple called to 1st Grade which included Prop Torah and lost both locks from the Bond game) I think UQ were actually the better side on the day. UQ do need to fix there front row issues. Souths are big but as stated in another post they do look like tarzan and play like jane. Potential to win the comp absolutely, will they? Im not convinced. As it currently stands Sunnybank look like the team to beat.
  4. George Craswell Bob McCowan (2)

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  5. George Craswell Bob McCowan (2)

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    Being watching Sunnybank, Souths, University, Bond, Wests and Brothers so far.
    Souths by far the best front row. No clear winner in the locks. University has the best 7. Brothers have the best 8.
  6. George Craswell Bob McCowan (2)

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    Sunnybank will be too big for Brothers today. Front 5 will dominate
  7. GeorgeAnderson Bob McCowan (2)

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    Early for this i know but URC predicted teams after the first 5 rounds.
    1. Sinlau Wolske (Souths) - John Paul Tominkiko (Sunnybank)
    2. Ethan Dobbins (Brothers) - Nesta Mahina (Sunnybank)
    3. Phransis Sula-Siaosi (Souths) - Angus Lovelock (Brothers)
    4. Callum Macdonald (Souths) - Emitt Keepa (Sunnybank)
    5. Jacob Stocker (Brothers) - Charlie Round (Wests)
    6. Alex Smit (Wests) - Conrad Skelton (Brothers)
    7. Tom Kibble (GPS) - Will Roach (UQ)
    8. Reno Gerrad (Souths) - Nick Cross (Brothers)
    9. Spencer Jeans (Bond) - Will Kirk (Easts)
    10. Carter Gordan (Wests) - Matt Minogue (Bond)
    11. Rhian Stowers (Bond) - Nick Houlahan (Brothers)
    12. Hudson Creighton (Brothers) - Henry Smith (Souths)
    13. Flecther Spicer (Wests) - Josh Flook (Brothers)
    14. Byron Ralston (Brothers) - Villiami Lea (Souths)
    15. Cooper Whiteside (Wests) - Nathan Carroll (Brothers)

    Brothers - 10
    Souths - 6
    Wests - 5
    Bond - 3
    Sunnybank - 3
    Easts - 1
    GPS - 1
    UQ - 1
    Norths - 0

    Certainly have forgotten plenty of stars, let me know your thoughts.
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  8. steveadams12 Frank Nicholson (4)

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    I would honestly just pick the Souths and Sunnybank front rows, don’t think any brothers front rowers have stood out or dominated like Souths and Sunnybank

    Isn’t Tom kibble 20 this year?
  9. The Nomad Dave Cowper (27)

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    No , Kibble 19 this year, born 2000.

    Unsure about Reno from Souths , he seemed to cop a pretty bad injury against UQ in Rd 3 early in the game, spent more time on the side line last year than playing, was a passenger on the UK tour with Aussie Schoolboys after being added to the squad late in the season , but then picking up another injury training before the first game of the tour. Is he back playing yet?
    Very good impact player when not injured, but would be great to see a higher work rate from him.

    Dobbins from Brothers has been in the Reds U20s for the past 2 years , somebody rates him.
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  10. Bladerunner Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Ethan Dobbins is also part of the Junior Wallabies squad, I would suggest some fairly credible people rate him
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  11. Dark Shark Dave Cowper (27)

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    Following up on some of things above:-

    Kibble was playing NRC last year, URC is a step down. I see he is playing no. 6 tonight for Jnr Wallabies. However, I think he is struggling to find a position. Body size and playing style is more of a 7 and not a 6 or an 8. But he has Gicquel ahead of him at GPS and McReight ahead of him in Rep games.

    I feel that Gerrard is a flat track bully. A couple of years ago he did not stand out playing against his own age group. Last year he stood out as he was on average, a year older than his competitors in GPS rugby. But as soon as started mixing it with his age group again, the knocks and the injuries have started mounting and performance not as red hot.

    Dobbins has all the skills around the park and then some, but not sure of the strength required for the front row when stepping up into Rep rugby.

    Smit is a number 7 (not a 6 as above) through and through and probably best in the Qld Colts programme at the moment.

    Others I would throw in the mix are Theo Fourie (Souths Front row), Fred Fewtrell (Easts – lock), Reagan Leslie (Souths – lock), Mitch Wood (Wests – backrow), Nick Hughes (Wests – halfback), Isaac Crone (Sunnybank - half/flyhalf), Harry Leerenttveld (Souths – flyhalf), Sam Samu (Sunnybank - centres).

    Unfortunately for Easts, Norths & GPS – getting belted from week to week is not helping any other prospects with chances of selection.

    I am surprised that GeorgeAnderson being a Brothers player / supporter by the looks of it did not have Xavier Soli in the frame, coming back steadily after dreadful knee injury a couple of years ago.
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  12. Getwithme Ron Walden (29)

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    Sam Samu would be a certain starter come URC time. Big wraps on him at the Reds and is a dominate force in Colts.
  13. George Craswell Bob McCowan (2)

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    Agree on the front rowers. Souths have the best front rowers. Dobbins is a good hooker but I would probably stick with the
    Souths trio. Sunnybank trio are good step behind the the Souths boys.
    Plenty of options at 7. Some wonderful options. Again at 6 there are some talented boys but size is a real issue. Don’t rate the Souths 8 at all. Missing in action when the going gets tough. Brothers 8 has great hands and likes the rough stuff. Not sure on 4 and 5.
  14. Dane Gleebles Frank Row (1)

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    While we're on the topic of front rowers, Red heavies No. 3 Aiden Latter seems to be a standout from the games i've seen. His mobility around the park is incredible for a man of his size, crazy not to be considered for URC selection. Rumour has it though he's been snatched by an American College on a rugby scholarship next year. Another big loss for Australian rugby.
  15. Dark Shark Dave Cowper (27)

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    Also further to above, with some of the back row nominations looking very underwhelming I remembered some injured players have not taken to the field to this date in the season yet should be in the frame when fit.

    Tom Van Der Schyff (UQ - backrow) recovering from a foot injury and Cam Howard (Wests - backrow) recovering from shoulder(s?) surgery would both add some starch and strengthen the defence and offer great options in attack in the 6 or 8 positions.
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  16. The Nomad Dave Cowper (27)

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    Tom VDS about another month away.

    Young fella Sam ? from Scared Hearts College Auckland is due back in the next week or two, did his AC at training with UQ Prems just before Rd 1 and is a 4/5/6 option.

    Front row option Torah ? currently benching for UQ Prems is also U19. Played trials in Prems, injured early then back into Prems. Would like to see him in action against his own age group.
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  17. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    is he another loss though? From what I hear he has some raw talent for sure but you can't expect contracts with that.

    And is he being snatched by an American College or has he just signed up with one of those organisations that try to get scholarships for school kids?
  18. Jimmy_Crouch Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Its all RA fault.
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  19. Sgt Slaughter Herbert Moran (7)

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    I think you may have gone and bumped your head - UQ with only 1 they are currently sharing the top of the ladder with Souths. Sunnybank front row look to unfit, they also have no dept after losing to UQ by 24. Spencer Jeans is overrated repeated a year at TSS and done well so he should playing with younger players.
  20. Happyman Fred Wood (13)

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    Once again everyone is getting confused by thinking that a rep team should only be selected from a successful club team. The young 9 from uni is playing really well, the 12 has been selected in Prem grade both played for Logan last year but did not get a look in as all they did was tackle. There back row is very good also.
    Both the Souths and Bond hookers on the weekend were also very good. The Bond hooker went on to bench Prems, the Souths hooker benched reserve grade. Bond also had some decent outside backs. The Prems starting hooker at Souths was also a colt. Easts have a couple of good good players in the front rower and some decent outside backs but again due to limitations elsewhere probably won’t be looked at.
    Finals will be a real lottery as some players who are playing in higher grades will come down and add some real polish. They s year is much more interesting than last due to a more even spread of talent.
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