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QLD GPS Rugby 2012

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by light, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Risky Bob McCowan (2)

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    dan forsyth, matt marsden, zach laud and luke beesley all have a good boot
  2. PlayedinHeaven Allen Oxlade (6)

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    I don’t think there would be any grammar players besides Greene in my 'dream' backline either. They won the comp off the back of some fantastic game plans, commitment and great team work. That’s not initially what you look for in Rep players. I still think the QLD selectors got it pretty right at the start.
    Where is everyone playing next year? Would be great to see some of the rivals playing together. Greene, Paddy James and Tuttle are all Brothers Juniors aren’t they? that could make for an unbelievably good backline. I saw Phil Mooney hanging around the grammar boys on the weekend, maybe trying to revive the cellar dwelling Wests by taking the whole grammar side? and i imagine Uni would have already bought up some of the QLD schoolboys? I know they’ve already scholarshiped some NSW based Australian schoolboys. Whos gonna make it to the professional ranks?
  3. Swarley Bob Loudon (25)

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    I'd definitely have #13 Josh Birch in my GPS XV. He made himself ineligible for QLD Schools trials due to his league background, but you'd be hard pressed to find a better outside centre in the competition. He started every game this season- which not many other candidates did- with exceptional running lines, blistering speed and flawless defence.
  4. armatt Fred Wood (13)

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  5. Straith Chris McKivat (8)

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    Thanks for the highlights videos you have made all season mate. Really appreciated them :cool:
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  6. armatt Fred Wood (13)

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    Pleasure mate.

    I've loved writing the reviews and doing the vids each week - I've filmed the GPS for years now but doing this extra stuff this year has been really rewarding and good fun.
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  7. light Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    It's hard to take any of this seriously when it was you posting non-stop about how good BGS were last year and how they were premiership material. You have a short memory if you're criticising me for my predictions. You can argue that I was wrong in choosing Churchie as the pre-season favourite, after all they did have 9 QLD players - I wasn't the only one who thought that perhaps it was their year. I was wrong but I don't feel as if your criticism is justified, I doubt many of us here would have been surprised if Grammar finished outside the top 3, you can say "I told you so" but the truth is you only recognised the potential, they were never expected to beat the big teams.

    And you are right, BGS is not the laughing stock of GPS sport - that would have to go to BSHS, TGS or GT (the first two due to non-participation) but there's no real glory in winning either Volleyball, Debating or Gymnastics (which I might add Churchie were reigning premiers before discontinuing the sport due to lack of interest and lack of competition). Maybe this will be the start of the BGS rugby dynasty which sees them become the greatest schoolboy team ever and win the next 10 Premierships (which would still only see them 4th overall). Time will tell.
  8. Bowside Peter Johnson (47)

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    State High, Toowoomba and Terrace the laughing stock of GPS Sport?

    The only school that deserves to be laughed at currently is Churchie.

    Ordinarily the results wouldn't matter - some schools have weak years on the rugby field. But for a school to decide that they need to win everything to celebrate the 100 year anniversary, to sink that much money into a rugby team with the aim of stroking the school communities collective ego, and to then get the results that they have, is simply embarrassing.
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  9. Red Black Larry Dwyer (12)

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    Just watched the video of the BGS vs NC game, some thoughts:
    -The thing about the horn during the NC kick is true
    -The penalty at 4:07 is ridiculous, clearly not releasing is the main issue
    -IMO from the highlights Paddy James appears to have had a cracker
    -BGS's kicking game is very impressive
    -High tackle at 7:14
    -Is that Greene at 13:14 giving the nudgee crowd the finger (as some people have said)? (Have heard that this is true)
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  10. WebbEllis Ward Prentice (10)

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    Oh Light with another big call that nobody cares about winning gymnastics (the oldest GPS sport), volleyball (which drew a huge crowd from the school he was associated with, Churchie, in the hope of winning) or debating (the QDU final drew about 150 Churchie boys).
  11. WebbEllis Ward Prentice (10)

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    Don't think that the horn was from a BGS student. Actually, I'm sure it wasn't from one.
  12. idaknow Herbert Moran (7)

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    Cmon lads, lets stick to rugby please.
  13. Straith Chris McKivat (8)

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    Lets forget the Horn issue, listen to the crowd seconds before Sam's kick at 9:42
    The penalty at 4:07 is iffy, he should have let the game play on, but the BGS player was definitely releasing the ball. The first guy picked up the ball and dropped it, the second guy put his hands on the ball and fell over. If you watch Ben Muller after he is tackled he just places it back and waits for support.
    If you think that wasn't releasing then you should have a look at 7:30 !!!!
    Paddy James did have a wonderful game, I think a majority of his line breaks were a result of BGS players expecting him to pass because of the superior players outside of him. You can tell he played his Heart out the full 70 minutes but never had the support to get over the line.

    The accused 'finger' was reported to be after the game when Greene was leaving with his family. I still don't think this ever happened though, it is in usual fashion for Nudgee to make excuses when things don't go their way.
  14. runitstraight Frank Row (1)

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    Paddy James consistently broke the line then spread the play out to Tuttle n Charles on the wing , Having been at the game I can remember a few more times he broke through the centres of BGS than what the highlights show . Great performance.
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  15. Bowside Peter Johnson (47)

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    I was impressed by Paddy James, he tore terrace apart.

    Will he be playing for brothers next year?
  16. Dark Shark Alex Ross (28)

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    I do hate some of the rubbish on this thread and the singling out of some posters. There is the old saying "play the ball, not the man" Same should apply here or otherwise no discussions or friendly banter will occur. And no interesting bits of information will be uncovered to make the viewing more enjoyable and knowledgeable.

    Some of you should go and read or re-read the first 10 or 12 pages of this thread with people providing an opinion or predictions on teams and the final outcome more than 12 months before the comp is to be completed. Some of the factors (eg Green repeating) were not even known at that stage and there was a lot of conjecture that never came to fruition.

    Many team list predictions from those "close" to the action were nowhere near the teams that took the field this year. Not one person accurately guessed the final team standings in the comp. Few thought until only a couple of months ago that BGS were a chance of a premiership.

    Hey, even two weeks out from the start of the season I still backed Churchie. With their pedigree (weight of quality rep players) they should have blitzed. But they fell like a house of cards.

    One thing about this year which I thought was great for the competition was the reduced number of "blow out" scores and the many many games that went down to the wire. More than 30% of the games were decided by a converted try or less.

    There is now another thread for 2013. No one has to agree with another person's opinion (life would be boring if this was the case), but I do hope that those posters interested in the Qld GPS competition show respect to each other.
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  17. Swarley Bob Loudon (25)

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    You're right Light, I was posting about how good BGS were last year. Last year, Grammar's 1st XV contained Greene, Cornelson, Gilbert, Saunders, Blackhurst, Starr-Thomas, Radford- who all played an essential part of this years premiership team. It would have had this year's centre pairing of Aiono and Birch if the duo weren't unfortunately cruelled by season ending injuries. Furthermore, Grant Davies (2010 Aus Schools 'A' #), Blake Laud (Representative League, brother of two-try winger vs. NC Zach) and Levi Aumua (Jnr Brisbane Broncos) were still around in their second year of 1st XV Rugby. That team had a lot of potential and after seeing the aforementioned players in action this year I'm sure the fair majority of posters here would see my point. I continued to post this year, and look what happened. I didn't predict a win- In fact, I'm pretty sure I was tipping Churchie too when the reports of mass centenary importing emerged. You, however, refused to acknowledge Grammar as a contender and wrote them off as a cellar dweller. Even after the first two matches, when Grammar were undefeated with Churchie still to win a game, you attributes these results to flukes. Now you say you won't post on these forums

    You're saying you can't take me seriously because I was posting predictions about a team that ultimately did not perform to expectations. Oh, the irony.

    Oh, and I completely agree with Bowside. The whole "Centenary Sporting Whitewash" is by far the funniest thing in GPS Sport 2012. And given the childish nature of your "BSHS, TGS and GT are laughing stocks and nobody cares about Volleyball, Debating and Gymnastics", it makes it only sweeter.
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  18. Taipan168 Syd Malcolm (24)

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    Maybe an old boy
  19. Swarley Bob Loudon (25)

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    I heard a trumpet played very briefly by a BGS student, but that wasn't during a Nudgee kick.
  20. WebbEllis Ward Prentice (10)

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    They attempted to play the school song as the boys went on after half time.

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