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QLD GPS Rugby 2015

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Scott from Scotland, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. DarkSide Sydney Middleton (9)

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    That's actually consistent with what I said, except you have 2 more coming into the 14s next year.

    All I know is that there is only 1 boy related to this years U14A no. 13 coming to GT next year, and next years 13s are getting 2 new boys including him, while next years 14s are getting 2 new boys. I don't know where you get an extra 2 from, perhaps they're being chased but have not yet decided, or perhaps they have and your information is more up to date.

    Having said that, I don't think parent's mind a couple of new players in the younge age groups. What they do mind is lots of new players (think NC's 14s from 2014) especially when they come in year 11 or 12 and take places from boys who have played in the As most of their school life.
  2. Oldschool Tom Lawton (22)

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    @DarkSide, I need to call you on the NC 14s of 2014 mate, your talking out your arse.
    They would of had 2 maybe 3 new players between the 13s and 14s. Zero between 14 and 15.
    But I bet your bottom dollar there's one or two for the 16s next year ;-)
  3. DarkSide Sydney Middleton (9)

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    There was 4 boys, perhaps 5 . I can absolutely guareentee you of that! One boy at least even left Nudgee because he was pushed out of the A's .
  4. englishcharger Banned

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    its great to see League kids in the gps comps. from my understanding the 15's lack league players, yet their comp is probably the most competitive - keep union kids in union schools!!
  5. TheKing Colin Windon (37)

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    So my ladder prediction was pretty good.

    1. ACGS (correct)
    2. NC (one off)
    3. TSS (two off)
    =. BBC (correct)
    =. TGS (correct)
    6. BSHS (three off)
    7. GT (one off)
    8. BGS (correct)
    9. IGS (two off)

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