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QLD Premier Rugby 2020

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by RugbyReg, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Garry Owens Alan Cameron (40)

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    ^Shit . Name tags all round
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  2. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    Matt Connor – Brothers
    Enzo Mututi – GPS
    Nathan Tweedy – Hong Kong Scottish
    Miller Leilua – Souths
    Harley Fox – South
    Liam Roberts - Souths
    Victor Thompson – Caboolture
    Bailey Thompson – Caboolture
    Falcon Peni – West Harbour
    Logan Allen – Harbour Eagles (New Zealand)
    Shai Waiperi – Fielding Old Boys (New Zealand)
    Sau Leaaetoa – Surfers Paradise
    Kinean Snead – Redcliffe Dolphins
    Leslie Hills – Sunnybank
    Matt Wilshire – Clifton Rugby Club
    Mana Cecil – Work
    Ken Taviri – Papua New Guinea


    Sefa Naivalu – Stade Francais Paris
    Duncan Paia’aua – RC Toulonnais
    Matt McGahan – Ricoh Black Rams
    Connor Chittenden – West Harbour
    Jayden Carroll – Easts
    Stone Kolio – Retired
    Saula Vuaca – Retired
    Wilson Enoka – Retired
  3. Bulldog Ron Walden (29)

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    Well done to Sauce for this preview of each clubs gains & losses.
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  4. SouthernX Colin Windon (37)

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    Are they going to cancel club rugby over COVID-19?

    I think it should still go ahead but we are in uncharted territories here.
  5. Happyman Fred Wood (13)

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    All good mate going ahead.
    current advice to players is to exercise caution if you have a cold.
    TBH the panic is almost amusing except for how it is screwing with the economy.
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  6. dru Mark Ella (57)

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    Updated advice is to close non essential gatherings of more than 500 people. Can the Premier clubs manage crowds to below 500?
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  7. Oracle83 Ted Thorn (20)

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    Where is prendergast this year?
  8. SouthernX Colin Windon (37)

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    Well Scott Morrison banned today gatherings of people over 500 people. surely Yoku Road on a GPS home game would be grounds to cancel that fixture?

    I do agree with your sentiments about panic hysteria effecting our economy.
  9. Bulldog Ron Walden (29)

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    I am not wanting to create greater hysteria but I think it possible that Junior Rugby could be called off - if so I hope the clubs have their T&Cs in order regarding refunds.
  10. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    yeah, I think that's sensible with regards calling if off. I'd support it 100%
  11. Garry Owens Alan Cameron (40)

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    I guess it might be reasonable to expect that you will see more Reds and Tahs players playing more games for their Clubs this season - assuming Senior Club Rugby continues on ?

    However it seems a bit inconsistent to put the sword through Junior Rugby and then allow Seniors to bat on (no pun intended )

    If the sword is put through Junior Rugby you'd expect the AIC school season to go bye byes , and with that , the GPS preseason and inevitably the GPS School season

    FWIW ..I have heard this morning that Water Polo has cancelled competitions in NSW and Victoria but that for now QLD are playing on.
  12. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    If the self isolation kicks in then all organised sport will be off you'd think
  13. dru Mark Ella (57)

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    At the moment I'm not so sure. But once cancellation of schools and universities happen - and that seems only a matter of time - club rugby (or sport of any kind) is surely on ice.
  14. Garry Owens Alan Cameron (40)

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    So our Chief Medical Officer has just briefed State and Federal Government - and it seems that going to the movies and the gym is fine as is public transport. No mention of Schools and Universities however big focus on "social distancing" around the young that have "more intense interactions" - so it would only seem like a matter of time , especially the doubling rate is projected at 6 days based on current info

    And once Schools and Universities go into hiatus so too everything that hangs off that - even our beloved Rugby
  15. Bulldog Ron Walden (29)

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    Will QPR go ahead this weekend?

    On Saturday at the QRU AGM it was a no determination at this stage.

    Preferred option seems to be games go ahead with no spectators - clearly this wouldn't be a great outcome for the loss of income but tough times call for tough measures.

    Makes the NRL's plea for government compensation laughable - surely there are people/industry who would be more worthy than the poor old NRL e.g. those still suffering from the bushfires, the tourism industry, community clubs like the QPR clubs and other junior sports clubs, etc

    Get in line NRL/AFL but you should be at the back of the queue should there be any handouts.
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  16. SouthernX Colin Windon (37)

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    The NRL are classless scumbags asking for a handout while people potentially in harms way to catch this disease and kill their fellow citizen with infection.

    I am done with that game. The rapey DV playing group is already a reason to not support them now this out of touch executive management more concerned about their bottom line then the well being of their fans.
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  17. BORED Herbert Moran (7)

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    Are there any KEY RECRUITS and KEY LOSSES for Easts
    I hear they have lost Gordo their Captain, Hayes and Schiller.
    Any other mail on the Tigers
  18. Stumpy Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Michael Gunn – work/study
    George Francis – Warringah
    Alex Smit – Wests
    Matt Smit – Wests
    Jayden Carroll – Norths
    Mika Tela – Souths
    Logan Tibbetts
    Kirwan Sanday - injury


    Tom Milosevic – England
    Matt Gordon – London Scottish (England)
    Carter Ozanne – Police
    Landon Hayes – Scotland
    Braden Schiller – Retired
    Tyrone Pritchard – Wests
    Jone Tiko – Wests
    Conrad Antonio – Wests
    Phoenix Hunt - Japan
  19. TJP Peter Burge (5)

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    Bugger. Well I guess that means no QPR for at least a month?

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  20. new recruit_ brisbane Ted Fahey (11)

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    Seems so, however all clubs received this early this morning from ARU/QRU:

    "There are a number of meetings occurring today that will allow us to arrive at an endorsed position later today. (possibly early evening) If I could ask all organisations to refrain from taking action that is over above the general health requirements it would be appreciated"

    Brothers are probably correct however interesting they ignored it and announced anyway.

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