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Rebels 2020

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by RugbyReg, May 9, 2019.

  1. Rebels3 Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    It’s hard to say, they now run with support of a partnership between the state government and a handful of private but silent businessmen in the background. It’s hard to judge what type of support they are getting from these people.
  2. Mickey Rummery Fred Wood (13)

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    Not only is Melbourne the 2nd biggest market - it's also growing by 125k people per year who, more than likely, will have an affiliation to Soccer, Rugby Union or Cricket as they are global sports - AFL and League aren't...I remember the halcyon days of the early stockade when there were on average 12-15K people there.

  3. oztimmay John Hipwell (52)

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    The market size alone in Melbourne is hard to ignore. I can't imagine a TV broadcaster looking a Rugby TV product and saying "nah, we don't need melbourne included". It's simply too lucrative to ignore.

    I hate to hark back to the 2017 days, but the decision to keep the Rebels came down to two factors:
    1. Super Rugby (in its current guise) is a made for TV product FIRST and FOREMOST, then a talent development pathway for the Wallabies.
    2. Any major sport in Australia needs a presense in Melbourne.

    Sure, ther are other reasons (ability to sell licence, financial backing, Cameron Clyne's links to Vic Rugby (He was a vic rep player), but these are the to key points. I don't really see that changing in any new high-performance model deilberations.

    And jsut febfore yo usay it, yes I was sad and upset to see the Force go, and would love to see the day when all five teams can be reunited under a single competition.

    If there is a silent push to shrink back to greatness, they will look to merge the Brumbies and Rebels before they exit the Melbourne Market.
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  4. RebelYell Alex Ross (28)

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    I had an idea today. What about if a team - let's see any of Rebels, Brumbies, Force - went to RA & WR and proposed that they would play a quarter of their games in the Pacific in exchange for funding which offset that. Could even open up 4-6 spots on their squads for PI elgible players.
  5. Derpus Steve Williams (59)

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    WR is only vaguely aware of the existence of continents other than Europe. Goodluck with that.
  6. Rebelsfan Alfred Walker (16)

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    it sure is, especially without seeing the accounts.
  7. upthereds#! Dick Tooth (41)

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    Ok now Philip himself saying he's talking to clubs. Is the guy under contract or not!
  8. Snowy Stan Wickham (3)

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    Yes because that's how business people like to spend their money silently with no reward
    Who is your main/ front of jumper sponsor ??

    Yes when the Force started we had 30K at a crap AFL ground with a population of only 1.5 million in a state the size of half the country - your point is ?? You are gaining that many people but now your crowd numbers are what - oh that's right never published a figure this year

    Oztimmay you guys are going to be dropped like a hot potato - been there done that as a Force fan
  9. Scooter Cyril Towers (30)

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    Snowy I think the Rebels announced two home crowds last year. Both of which were early in the season, one of which was v Highlanders of 11k, which by optics was clearly our best crowd of the season.

    At the end of last season I raised a question about release of crowds at a Rebels member forum. Another member (shot me down) replied straight away that they are shown on scoreboard every game.

    CEO Baden Stephenson said it is not something that he notices (whether crowd is on scoreboard or not) but that Rebels are transparent.

    I said after the first couple of home games I didn't see it announced on scoreboard and even went to Ausstadiums website and the crowds were not included there. I also said that Rebels fans copped heaps of criticism on social media re size of and no crowds being announced and that there are crowds published for Melbourne City of 5k.
  10. Mickey Rummery Fred Wood (13)

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    It's fair to say that all teams in Super rugby have seen their crowds shrink over the last few years. Which brings the conversation back to the product, Super Rugby itself.

    The lack of regular local derbies and being stuck behind a paywall on Foxtel has decimated interest. Exactly the same happened on the UK when Cricket and F1's broadcast rights were bought be Sky.

    I have no doubt Union would have a much better attendance if regularly on FTA, plus that would bring more sponsors.

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  11. Snowy Stan Wickham (3)

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    Micky Rummery with all those people pouring into Vic shouldn't the numbers be lifting ? even if only 1% you should get 1200 extra people a year not lose that number and more

    Anyone want to field the sponsorship question ??
  12. Mickey Rummery Fred Wood (13)

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    I agree snowy, logic would decree that there would be an increase in attendance (even by 500), also the Rebels claim to have nearly 14k members, which strengthens the argument it's the super rugby model that's broken.

  13. Rebels3 Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    All teams have had a significant decline and that includes the Force as well who were doing equally as poorly as the others before the decision to cut them a few years ago. The system doesn’t work for anyone. I’m looking forward to the domestic comp this year to see if that works for our teams. Having a game on every fri and sat night for 10 weeks will hopefully provide something to work towards
  14. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    Any injury concerns for the Rebels for the upcoming Super Rugby season - do we expect a full strength squad?
  15. Dctarget Greg Davis (50)

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    Jermaine Ainsley signed with the Highlanders.
  16. Rugby Head Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Too be honest, I don't see him as a loss to Aussie rugby. He is a pillow, he isn't up to super rugby standards.

    On the other hand, Lomax was a big loss..
  17. Mr Wobbly John Solomon (38)

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    Apparently both Wilken and Tuttle are back at full training. Haven't heard anything about Tupou, or Jones, haven't even seen them in any of the training photos the Rebels have been posting.
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  18. brokendown Ron Walden (29)

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    would like to think an organisation such as the Highlanders wouldn't select a player who isn't up to Super rugby standard!
  19. KiwiM Ted Thorn (20)

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    Well they already signed Michael Collins so...
  20. swingpass Jim Lenehan (48)

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    Tupou, was running around in team rehab a few days ago with, Wilkin, Magnay, Hardwick and a couple of faces i didn't recognise.
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