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Rugby Nations: Wellington is in NZ

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Marcelo, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Marcelo Ken Catchpole (46)

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    For the Distinctive Games company, Wellington stadium (the cake tin) is the home of the Wallabies. Let me say you something, Wellington is the Capital city of New Zealand, the home of Hurricanes and All Blacks. The Wallabies play their home games at ANZ stadium, Moore Park, Suncorp or any other Australian stadium. Please, change it for your next rugby game.

    Website: distinctivegames.com
    Twitter: @DistinctiveGame
    Email: info@distinctivegames.com

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  2. Dismal Pillock Peter Sullivan (51)

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    Pod Mania!
    Yes, pod mania breaks out all over the attacking third during a fixture between England and Australia at The New Home of Wallabies Rugby, The Wellington Metropolitan Stadium.

    Beauden Barrett looks to have shanked this one badly. Wallabies turn their backs en masse and head straight for the dressing room.

    The home dressing room, their dressing room, at The New Home of Wallabies Rugby, The Wellington Metropolitan Stadium.
  3. Dismal Pillock Peter Sullivan (51)

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    Local idiots build road sign "way the fuck too big".

    --NZ Herald--

    The Wellington City Council are slightly in the shit after having built a local road sign that measures 100 metres high by 200 metres long.

    The sign in question.

    "It is bloody comically large" remarked a local motorist in passing.
    "It is fucking stupid" added a local parishioner "because we all know where Wellington is anyway. It's just over there."
    "I am fucking spewing over this" spat local beneficiary Aunty Egrith Meridill. "I have bad memories of Wellington and every time I drive into the fucking place I now have to look at this hoary great sign with 80 metre high letters saying, of all things, bloody 'Wellington'".

    Aunty Egrith Meridill
    in happier days.
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