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SA Rugby watch 2018

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by dru, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. dru Tony Shaw (54)

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    Must be time to start this.
    No need for a great deal of rules or guidance on the thread. If it's South Africa and it's rugby, or it effects rugby in South Africa, then it's on topic.
  2. dru Tony Shaw (54)

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    Let's start with the Currie Cup Division 1. (The lower division)

    Note that Eastern Province (the Kings) were removed from Premier division more or less at the same time as being promoted to Pro14. Their problem was a lack of certainty to the short term future, the promising team built in 2017 Super Rugby more or less evaporated as they rebuilt from scratch in the very short turn around from Super to Pro 14 seasons. Running the CC at the same time as Pro14 was too much.

    From recollection removal was largely about finances.

    There are 8 teams in Currie Cup Div 1, including Namibia (Welwitchiwas - national flower symbol of Namibia) who are the traditional "also ran" but finished ahead of EP this time.

    The other teams in this comp are the various provinces (State RUs in AUS reference) that we don't hear about much in Aus. They have been aligned to the franchises (teams promoted to Super Rugby and now Pro 14). Sometimes by SARU, not very successfully, and more commonly now by agreement between parties.

  3. Highlander35 Paul McLean (56)

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    Not relevant, but always find it funny that SA is short for South Africa rather South Australia on this site despite being an Australian Rugby site. I know the reasons (the lack of any significant Rugby presence) but nonetheless it amuses me.

    Cheetahs rool, kings drool. SA in Pro14 in a nutshell.
  4. dru Tony Shaw (54)

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    Currie Cup Premier

    7 Teams in this comp. You'd normally expect this to be the franchises we are familiar with (the 6 from previous Super Rugby days) + the best of the rest. With the Kings out, it gives:

    Western Province (Stormers in CC form)
    Golden Lions (Lions in CC form)
    Blue Bulls (Bulls in CC form)
    Free State Cheetahs (Cheetahs in CC form competing in Pro14 at the same time)
    The Pumas
    The Griquas (my personal favourite)

    The log ended with Sharks way ahead: https://www.flashscore.com/rugby-union/south-africa/currie-cup/standings/

    But WP took them convincingly in the final: https://www.sport24.co.za/Rugby/CurrieCup/wp-rock-sharks-to-lift-currie-cup-title-20171028

    Questions asked (and answered):
    1. Would the Cheetahs cope with two simultaneous comps? A: not really
    2. When the Cheetahs were on a Pro14 bye would it give them a run away advantage? A: nope.
    3. Would the funny goings on, from finance (WP), double comp (Cheetahs), topsy turvy admin/coaching change (Blue Bulls) etc, finally give either Pumas or Griquas a chance? A: Nope

    For the promotion/relegation battle the Griquas thumped the Griffons and so remain in Currie Cup Premier Division for 2018. [Yay!]
  5. dru Tony Shaw (54)

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    I used to say RSA, but it seemed that no-one understood me. SA is incorrect, but better if you actually want to communicate! Apologies to South Australia.
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  6. dru Tony Shaw (54)

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    More European franchises for South Africa? SARU continues to look for opportunity in the northern hemisphere. BUT while here in AUS (and perhaps NZ) there is almost an expectation that SA is looking for a non-Super Rugby bolt hole, this does NOT involve the standing four Super Rugby franchises.

    A bid process was called: http://www.sarugbymag.co.za/blog/details/sa-to-get-two-new-franchises

    And success was to the Pumas and Griquas. The two Premier Division Currie Cup teams that few in AUS have heard of.


    The suggestion is the Anglo-Welsh cup - but it seems there is plenty to happen before it, err, happens. 2020 is the target date - yes that is not a coincidence, it is timed with the end of the current Super Rugby deal.

    Ignoring the various SAANZAR politics, the SARU intentions here are to invigorate the Currie Cup (Premier Division) by making it a coming together of the Franchises competing across the various global comps, for a domestic best of the best. It's ambitious. I like it.
  7. kiap Mark Loane (55)

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    ZA – Zuid-Afrika or just RSA
  8. dru Tony Shaw (54)

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    Hahaha! Agree, but I'm not sure Afrikaans is going to help communication here at G&GR either. :)
  9. dru Tony Shaw (54)

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    Springbok HC situation seems to have come to a head.


    In outline, Rassie Erasmus returned from Europe a short while ago in the role of "Director of Rugby", and with SARU support immediately began setting things up as if the role was HC. They held off dealing with Coetzee, until a contractually dictated performance review was held. Rumour mill put Coetzee looking for a Japanese contract as things closed in on him. SARU seem to have delayed in order to force Coetzee to decide without SARU input. It didn't work.

    Lawyers at 6 paces, claims that the race card has been played nicely (by Coetzee). Another year in SARU.

    And the Boks would appear to have a new coach.
  10. dru Tony Shaw (54)

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  11. Derpus Jim Lenehan (48)

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    Yeah geez that's no understatement:
    Toyota Cheetahs Toyota Cheetahs 13 8 0 5 410 357 53 51 46 6 2 40
    Southern Kings Southern Kings 13 0 0 13 215 518 -303 26 73 2 2 4
  12. waiopehu oldboy Phil Kearns (64)

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  13. dru Tony Shaw (54)

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  14. dru Tony Shaw (54)

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    If I get time I might hunt for some references to how how the Soup teams are going in the off season. With just a gut reaction though, here it is: (start each para with an implied imvho.)

    SHARKS Certainly the most settled off season for any Saffer team. Purchases have been solid, consistent coaching team, really haven't lost too much of the starts, preparation looks good. Enough to top SA? Maybe.

    Stoompies [STORMERS] WP is a mess. Last season's financial woes have matured nicely into a South African style mess, with different stakeholders suing each other. It hasn't stopped them being active on the purchase front and if they can isolate the mess from the playing squad then they could be looking good. I can't help feeling that they are pushing it up hill and 2018 implosion can't be discounted

    BULLS Rebuild. New coaching, new players, promise, young blood, tough talking HC yadda yadda. Predictably these guys are my second team, just as predictable I rate their chances much like the Reds in Aus. Plenty of big talk from the fans, quiet solid work from the team. "Lose all hope ye who enter here."

    LIONS Being talked up in the betting and the press. Can't understand why. Ackerman has departed and the team has fractured. It's a new build not a continuation. Would top RSA only on the basis that the rest are a rabble.

    ON THE RABBLE Just as a note, Sharks stand out with stability, no rabble there. They are looking almost quasi-Rebels-esque
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  15. waiopehu oldboy Phil Kearns (64)

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  16. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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