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SA vs Aus - SA cricket Tour 2011

Discussion in 'Cricket' started by PaarlBok, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. PaarlBok Rod McCall (65)

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    Congrats with the win. What a way to start the cricket season and still cant figure out that it is only two tests? We have Sri Lanka (home), Black Caps (away) and England (away) all 3 test series to follow , so even more confusion. SA last had a clean sweep against Australia at home in 1970 and came very close this time. Maybe between the ears the problem and something Gary Kirsten have a lot of hard work to do. He need to take the hard desicions right now and need to cut some of our dead wood. No way you can leave out JP Duminy from the side and at least Boucher and Prince needs to go. SA is blessed with young players and we probably need to divide our game in three different squads (T20/ODI & Tests). Lets call this the series of the debutants.

    Good luck with Mickey Mouse , I have never been a big fan of him and you lot can expect Clarke to take full control of your national side from now on. Maybe it will work for you but not for SA. He was Graeme Smiths bitch and not the way I want to see our coach. We need a hard ball coach, the one who call the shots and not sure if Gary have this. Time will tell.
  2. mark_s Chilla Wilson (44)

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    I would like to understand why Arthur was appointed, I find it very hard to believe there isn't a stronger Aus candidate. Maybe the ACB was inspired by how well Deans is working out for the ARU.

    Steve Rixon has been overlooked a couple of times now so looks like its not destined to be for him.
  3. PaarlBok Rod McCall (65)

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    Very good question. I was very angry when they appointed Athur as SA coach. Ray Jennings has been excellent with the Proteas as coach and for some obscure reason they fired him because of the way he work with Smith and kie and appointed a coach who have never played even test cricket in Mickey Mouse. Myself feel cricket is the kind of sport where you have to played at the highest level to understand the importance of having it between the ears to do well at top level. The Mickey Mouse era havent ended well for SA and we still have the choke tag and I still dont feel confident with gary Kirsten as coach. We are in despereate need of someone like Kepler or Jet who came from tghe hard school of cricket to get rid of that CHOKE tag in cricket. Donald stink with that tag and the future will tell us if we are on the right track. We have some tough seriesse coming up next year.

    You lot have NZ and India at home, we have Sri Lanka at home and then its NZ and England and next year this time Aus in Aus.
  4. MajorlyRagerly Trevor Allan (34)

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    What do you guys put in your water to keep unearthing these bowlers?

    I'm sick of the dogshit continuously trundled out in NZ. The only decent fast bowler we've had in the last 20 years is Bond, and he spent more time broken than fixed.

    Martin is a journeyman at very best, the rest wouldn't get past club in level in any decent competition in SA or OZ.

    Cummins, Philander - that's 2 in one bloody series that are already better than anything we've had since Hadlee.
  5. AngrySeahorse Peter Sullivan (51)

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    NZ do need another Bond.

    On our guys I stayed up to watch the match & was thrilled for Pat Cummings, I just hope people dont put too much pressure on him & break him. I thought SA was going to get the win, very unlucky that Dale didnt get that catch but its good to see us not completely crumble & hang on for the win.
  6. PaarlBok Rod McCall (65)

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    SA for some reason manufacturing quickies these days. Think it have a lot to do with the genes. Philander who have been around for some time now have always been in the shade of the lefties Tsotsobe and Parnell (he blasted a ton in a local 50 over match for his province on the weekend). I'll be honest and would have wanted a leftie just to get more varation in our attack but Vernon prove us all wrong. They could have gone easily for Vernons Cobra quick partner Kleinveldt aswell. He is also a good all rounder and expect him to make it through the shorter version aswell.

    To answer the question just maybe its in the cricket pitches you get in Aus and SA. That India/Pakistan/SL flat tracks aint productive to seamers and quickies. I'll never forget NZ river beds like Maccie calls them. maybe thats the reason, dunno.
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  7. Blue Andrew Slack (58)

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    Arthur. Perplexing.

    Look he has a decent record but it's not like he is a super coach or something.
  8. Aussie D Dick Tooth (41)

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    Mickey Arthur, I remember thinking when he was one of the select few still in the running "wtf is going on, Australia exports some of the best cricket coaches in the world and now the ACB is looking to appoint a foreigner"? Joke of a selection.
  9. lincoln Bob Loudon (25)

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    Would be akin to NZ importing a rugby coach.
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