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Shute Shield 2014

Discussion in 'Shute Shield' started by Hugh Jarse, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. paul martin Ted Fahey (11)

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    Congrats Woodies. Too easy.

    I am fairly STEAMING about something though. James Stannard on the wing for the Woods? WTF? Hasn't played a single game and blows in to a GF? You gotta be kidding me. What a slap in the face to any lower grade player in line for the job. Let's face it,Eastwood have speed to burn in all four grades. There are probably a dozen guys in the club that could have done the job. A dozen guys that have been to training every Tuesday and Thursday and played every Saturday. Stannard did FA anyway. I could understand it if it was a Wallaby but James Stannard???? Seriously? Every club in Sydney would have a better winger than him!
  2. The Galah Darby Loudon (17)

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    Ah DB I'll hold that request for a day or so having just returned from a post match session at the Steyne who put on a couple of kegs for the boys who have just moved downstairs from Blackett's Bar . Mrs Galah and a couple of colourful local identities are settling for the test with an excellent red .

    The MMM's 2's were great today . At 6-6 halftime having had no ball and no field position they just had to hold the ball and be patient. Credit to Uni but for a change it was their opponents who had the experience and class. Siggy was outstanding Dane threw himself at everything the back row bashed them . Treweek big second half BJ did not put a foot wrong and the 9 not known to me was not too shabby..

    Best quote of of the day from Tim Gavin at presentation " when sydney club rugby is strong the Wallabies are strong"
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  3. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Rookie of the Year - Henry Clunies-Ross
    Coach of the Year - Matt Barr
    Catchpole Medal - Player of the Year - Hamish Angus
  4. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Well done to the Woodies. Deserved Premiers for 2014.

    I didn't think they would be able to fire missing their first choice back three.

    Not enough petrol left in the tank from the Hobbits, but they will take great confidence from their efforts towards the business end of the season.

    Good crowd at the game, making tonnes of noise. Well done to the supporters. Great atmosphere.
  5. wamberal David Codey (61)

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    It does seem strange, I agree. Stannard was in the Sevens squad at the Commonwealth Games, not sure whether that is a factor in all this.
  6. isp resp loquitur Frank Row (1)

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    Sometimes NSW rugby needs some help to spread good news.

    Shute Shield Player of the Year
    24 Hamish Angus (Warringah)

    18 Harry Bergelin (Manly)
    15 Thomas Boidin (Sydney University)

    15 Jed Holloway (Southern Districts)
    11 David Feltscheer (Warringah)
    11 Matt Lucas (Manly)
    11 Harrison Orr (West Harbour)
    11 Michael Wells (Northern Suburbs)
    10 James Dargaville (Sydney University
    10 Henry Clunies-Ross (Sydney University)
    Shute Shield Rookie of the YearHenry Clunies-Ross (Sydney University)
    Shute Shield Highest Points Scorer

    Hamish Angus (Warringah)
    Shute Shield Coach of the Year
    Matt Barr (Southern Districts)
    Shute Shield Referee of the Year
    Ian Smith
    Shute Shield Club Champions

    Sydney University
    Colts’ Club Champions

    Sydney University
    Shute Shield Minor Premiers

    NSW Country Player of the Year

    Gavin Holder (Illawarra)
    Club Challenge

    Ken Catchpole Medal Honour Roll
    1981 Neale Murphy (Western Suburbs)
    1982 Geoff Richards (Eastern Suburbs)
    1983 Peter Lucas (St George)
    1984 Richard Moriarty (Western Suburbs)
    1985 Phillip Cox (Manly)
    1986 Peter Lucas (St George), David Niu (St George) and Sione Tahaafe
    1987 Steve Lidbury (Warringah)
    1988 Jim Fewtrell (Warringah)
    1989 Simon Poidevin (Randwick)
    1990 Matt Foldi (Warringah)
    1991 Marty Roebuck (Eastwood)
    1992 Ross Reynolds (Gordon)
    1993 Phil Kearns (Randwick)
    1994 Mark Catchpole (Warringah)
    1995 Nick Harvey (Northern Suburbs)
    1996 Dirk Williams (Eastern Suburbs)
    1997 Adam Leach (Eastwood)
    1998 Mark Catchpole (Sydney University)
    1999 Peter Besseling (Penrith) and Keith Gleeson (Northern Suburbs)
    2000 Sam Harris (Warringah)
    2001 Des Tuiavi’i (West Harbour)
    2002 Scott Fava (Eastwood)
    2003 Scott Fava (Eastwood)
    2004 Scott Fava (Eastwood)
    2005 Tim Donnelly (Eastwood)
    2006 Peter Hewat (Manly)
    2007 Gavin Debartolo (Eastern Suburbs)
    2008 Scott Fardy (Warringah) and Dave Harvey (Gordon)
    2009 Andrew Smith (Norths)
    2010 Brendan McKibbin (Eastern Suburbs)
    2011 Dave Harvey (Norths)
    2012 Hamish Angus (Warringah)
    2013 Hugh Perrett (Eastwood)
    2014 Hamish Angus (Warringah)
  7. turnovertwopasses Banned

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    Chucky is Eastwood through and through, has played for the club before and was coming off rep duty- Aussie 7s. Lets just lay off him a bit, he had a crack, wasn't his best game but you move on. All credit to him and also to Kane Douglas for fronting up yesterday. Lets just enjoy the Woodies win. Beats seeing Buildcorp reign supreme !! Superb win to the Marlins in 2s, thought they were cooked at half time! Wonder how many from the team will push for higher honours in first grade next year.
  8. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Cooked and then served it up on the platter in the second 40 for you turn over ;).
    Uni just piped us in a very wet affair in the 3rd and 2nd grade colts.
    3rd - no tries
    2nd - after the bell penalty gave it to uni 13 - 12.
  9. wamberal David Codey (61)

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    And as a loyal Woodies man for more decades than I care to disclose, may I state here that I would have preferred to have seen Penriff (led by local hero Dave Dennis) win the flag. Or Parramatta, led by TPN, or even West Harbour.

    Let's hope one of the lower ranked clubs wins a flag soon. Any grade will do.

    Anyone but Buildcorpse.
  10. Knuckles Billy Sheehan (19)

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    Interesting to note that only Southern Districts and Parramatta are the only two clubs to never have had a Catchpole Medal Winner. Paints a bit of a picture if you asked me. Be interesting to know if any Parra player ever won the old Rothman's Medal back in the day.
  11. Knuckles Billy Sheehan (19)

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    I think you'll find that the salary of Mr Worboys and the Competition Manager, the excellent Mrs Kane are heavily subsidised by SRU. Yes Mrs Kane is an employee of Subbies, but that's because they have more $$ than NSWRU. Therein lies the problem.

    Mr Worboys at the start of this year, when advising the clubs of the funding cut indicated that SRU's salary bill was in excess of $100K. If they don't have any employees, then why Yikes are they forking out so much dough? I wait with anticipation for your response.

    Agreed they have skeleton staff, and could certainly do with more. Nicki Drinkwater, whilst paid by the Waratahs, is the media officer for NSWRU as well. Her interns are part of the workforce that devotes attention to the competition. Russel Fairfax is the Media Officer for Waratahs specifically.

    Splitting the organisation effectively into 3 certainly has divided and conquered it. Here's hoping Jim L'Estrange doesn't destroy the Cancer Council in the same way he destroyed NSWRU!
  12. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    Got a feeling Ray Price (Parra) won it and Peter Lucas (St George) which is Southern, I guess
  13. BellyTwoBlues Guest

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    I'll call Ray and ask him. brb
  14. BellyTwoBlues Guest

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    Ray said he won the Rothmans in league in 79 but didn't recall winning it in Rugby.
  15. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    He'd know better than me;
    what about the winger - Martin was it? Edit: Mick
    Tony Melrose too young/too early?
    Don Price???
    I'm trying to defend the east north bias against a pretty sound attack here
  16. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Do they pay for the Shute Shield referees?
  17. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    You're missing the point of the NRC entirely.

    Rugby fans need to get out there and support it because Australian rugby needs it to work to help build the depth to keep us competitive with South Africa and New Zealand.

    It's about creating an opportunity for more players to play at a higher level and bridge the gap below Super Rugby whilst also improving the fringe Super Rugby players who don't get much opportunity outside of playing club rugby during the season.
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  18. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Fishing season!!!!!@@
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  19. Knuckles Billy Sheehan (19)

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    They certainly do. They pay $110K per annum for the referees. I think given the standard of refereeing I witnessed this year, the clubs are entitled to ask what ROI they are getting.

    SRU also pay the ABC around $120K per annum for the SS to be televised.
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  20. FTS Billy Sheehan (19)

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    Dunno if this has been covered, but why the hell does the Shute Shield use Mitre footballs? Seriously gives such a prestigious and awesome competition a bit of a unprofessional and cheap feel using Kmart balls.

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