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Shute Shield 2015

Discussion in 'Shute Shield' started by Hugh Jarse, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. the coach Bob Davidson (42)

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    Radar (and saucer) becoming more difficult to fly under Dave.
  2. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    I heard wests had uni at 17 zip today, and dusted uni in 2s.
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  3. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Remember that the Beasties put 50 points against the Woodies at home last year. Who won the 2014 premiership?

    This could be the loss that the Woodies needed to have en route to another premiership.
  4. GunnerDownUnder Jim Clark (26)

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    Just finished watching the game
    Pirates were really good (apart from those restarts- did they learn nothing from the northern suburbs game!) and deserved the win
    No doubt it had something to do with me heading to Penrith and just watch the TV game later. No need to worry Dave I will be there next week so MMM by 30+
  5. wamberal David Codey (61)

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    Some of our very best players are getting to the walking stick stage, though, Hugh. That said, Roach would have been badly missed (I assume he did not play, he was on the bench for the Tahs). His scavenging ability is enormously important for the team's balance.
  6. Nusadan Chilla Wilson (44)

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    Thought Jack Dempsey missed out on making the final cut for the Tahs last night so backed Gordon to win at 3.20 odds, so was flabbergasted to see Jack in the line up at the start of the Tahs telecast! Not complaining though!
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  7. Done that Ron Walden (29)

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    Maybe,but this is the Uni 2015 version we're talking about.And don't forget that when West Harbour played Eastwood earlier this year it finished at 1 try apiece.I think Wests are starting to show the benefit of the Joe Barakat coaching influence.He only showed up 2 days before the comp began . Clearly Manly are the hot favourites this year, & should beat Wests next weekend,but you never know.
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  8. Stands Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Just finished watching the Uni v Wests game:
    • Wests were fantastic, all over the students particularly in the forwards and the Uni backs were back peddling most of the game.
    • Betham didn't really help them.
    • Does anyone know what has happened to Jim Stewart for Uni?
    • Tom Carters speech was a good one.
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  9. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    @Coach - hard to stay under the radar when its all for a good cause;
    This weekend was all about fundraising for Bear Cottage and looking after the ladies on ladies day - huge job to sell Ladies Day out and keeping with the Mexican theme it was catered for by one of our sponsors Guzman Y Gomez
    https://www.guzmanygomez.com/locations/#nsw Manly Wharf for any one catching the ferry home.

    With the chalk in pink for ladies day, and the boys decked out in their special jerseys it took about 20 minutes of defending before we clicked into gear and put some points on the board - great physical D.

    Next 60 minutes had us playing some good rugby for the girls that always come down to watch. Even when down to 14 men for 10 minutes when our hooker Porecki went for an intercept with 80 meters to run - the ref ruled deliberate knock down and he had a long half time break - down to 14 we still cross the pink strip for an Olivers pie.

    The engine ticked along up front, and the backs attacked - we defended well. It was enjoyable to watch, and even after the full time bell instead of heading straight for the sheds the boys played rugby scored another try, then got absolutely caned in the tug of war.

    out 10 ? it will be based on how we back up next.

    Tank, shocking body height from a front rower - more scrum practice

    Jersey's are being auctioned off with proceeds going to Bear Cottage http://www.bearcottage.chw.edu.au/home.php#/what-we-do
    Contact the club to find out more - admin@manlyrugby.com.au
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  10. GunnerDownUnder Jim Clark (26)

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    Great work Dave, hope the auction goes well an Bear Cottage get a lot of funds - great people providing much needed help.
  11. the coach Bob Davidson (42)

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    Named in the run on team this week.
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  12. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Round 10 Team Lists

    Eastwood vs Southern Districts (Televised Live on 7TWO)
    1. Sam Needs, 2. Todd Pearce, 3. Martin Plotskys, 4. James Neale, 5. Jared Barry, 6. Michael Kovacic, 7. Hugh Perrett, 8, Pat Sio, 9, Mick Snowden, 10. Jai Ayoub, 11. John Grant, 12. Tom Hill, 13. Mike McDougall, 14. Brad Curtis, 15. Ben Batger

    Southern Districts:
    1. Salesi Maumalanga, 2. Max Holland, 3. Willie Maumalanga, 4. Fili Tufui, 5. Jake Douglas, 6. Albert Hemopo, 7. Jono Hayes, 8, Marcus Carbone (C), 9, Dewet Roos, 10. Ben Volavola, 11. Feluela Finau, 12. Apolosi Latunipulu , 13. Denny Godinet, 14. Richie Williams, 15. Paul Asquith

    Gordon vs Penrith
    1. Aritema Ralulu, 2. James Wilkinson, 3. Tobias Guikabau, 4. Mark Johnson, 5. Ruirahh Wilson, 6. Luke Papworth, 7. Luke Rissman, 8, Harry Rorke, 9, Terry Preston, 10. Mark Preston, 11. Michael Manners, 12. Erik Moss, 13. Tom Matthews, 14. Matt McDougall, 15. Sione Ala

    1. Max Maa Nelson, 2. Sam Siaki, 3. Luke Bryan, 4. Doug Want, 5. Tu'itakau Kioa, 6. Ben Vai, 7. Paueli Halafihi, 8, Jason Havea (c), 9, Aporosa Ada, 10. Johnny Poe, 11. Campbell Hislop, 12. Ben Kaafi, 13. Saiosi Vulinaganavou, 14. Pauala Makasini , 15. Michael Baysaat

    Northern Suburbs vs Randwick
    Northern Suburbs:
    1. Tyron Rota, 2. Will Weeks, 3. Lawrence Hunting, 4. Nick Palmer, 5. Connor Vest, 6. Ben Matwijow, 7. James Wivell, 8, Sape Tamamasui Misa, 9, Tim Duchesne, 10. Josh Kay, 11. Lochie Creagh, 12. Jordan Heyer, 13. Jac Cameron, 14. Richard Woolf, 15. Peter Schuster

    1. Toa Asa, 2. David Vea, 3. Dashville Kuate, 4. Dave Parsons, 5. Will Munro, 6. Sam Figg , 7. Jack Johnson, 8, Mark Baldwin, 9, Patrick Phibbs, 10. David Horwitz, 11. Chris Taripo, 12. Ben Starkey, 13. Kuki Ma'afu, 14. Ethan Ford, 15. Tom Coupland

    Parramatta vs Eastern Suburbs
    1. Nick Blacklock, 2. James Holden, 3. Nigel Vaifale, 4. Siatua Solaese, 5. Evan Olmstead, 6. Peter Brush, 7. Evan Tuckwell, 8, Andrew Cox, 9, Dan Tully, 10. Nathan Langsford, 11. Larry Hermens, 12. Chris Nay, 13. Regan Haika, 14. Petero Satogo, 15. Tom Woods

    Eastern Suburbs:
    1. Sione Kolo , 2. Clarrie Moore , 3. Jake Ilnicki , 4. Fergus Lee-Warner, 5. BJ Edwards , 6. Sam Stitcher, 7. James Graham , 8, Liam Moylan , 9, Angus Pulver , 10. Robbie Mate, 11. Charlie Clifton , 12. Will Fay , 13. Jack Maddocks, 14. Malakai Watene-Zelezniak , 15. Will Paterson

    Sydney University vs Warringah
    Sydney University:
    1. Alastair Ryan, 2. Thomas Coolican, 3. Tomas Robertson, 4. Byron Hodge, 5. Liam Winton, 6. Rohan O'Regan, 7. David Hickey, 8, Jake Wainwright, 9, Jake Gordon, 10. Stuart Dunbar, 11. Henry Clunies-Ross, 12. Tom Carter, 13. Jim Stewart, 14. Angus Roberts, 15. Jack Macklin

    1. Rory O'Connor, 2. Robert Kelly, 3. Wayne Borsack, 4. Vincent Wright, 5. Junior Palau, 6. James Cunningham, 7. Sam Crompton, 8, Sam Ward, 9, Josh Holmes, 10. Hamish Angus, 11. Seb Wileman, 12. Josh Gillard, 13. Michael Adams, 14. Jamie Forbes, 15. Dave Feltscheer

    West Harbour vs Manly
    West Harbour:
    1. Joe Dakuitoga, 2. Daniel Midghall, 3. Michael Alaalatoa, 4. Bradford Kapa, 5. Tom Games (c), 6. Kelly Meafua, 7. Cohen Masson, 8, Matt Coles, 9, Mona Silipa, 10. Ben James, 11. Tito Mua, 12. Henry Seavula, 13. Rory Sidey, 14. Joel Brooks, 15. Angus Le Lievre

    1. Dane Maraki, 2. Dave Porecki, 3. Andrew Collins, 4. Ed Gower, 5. Ryan Melrose, 6. Harry Bergelin, 7. Kotoni Ale (capt), 8, Daniel Alley, 9, Matt Lucas, 10. Sam Lane, 11. Chris Yarrington, 12. Reece Hodge, 13. Dennis Pili-Gaitau, 14. Richard Hooper, 15. Brenden Hartmann
  13. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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  14. GunnerDownUnder Jim Clark (26)

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    I noticed a few shirts still needing a bid earlier on
    It's a great cause guys and you can get a shirt for a lot less than retail prices
  15. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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  16. Beer on the hill Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Manly destroying all before them. I am concerned. We have seen this all before.
  17. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Learnt lessons.
    This week is a new week, and Wests play a different style of game to the Woods.
  18. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Not so good with last weeks tips with only 3/6 due to a couple of last minute scores by Wix and Highlanders upsetting the tipping applecart.

    Round 10 Tips

    Eastwood v Southern Districts. Rightly deserves to be the televised game and should be a cracker. Both combatants lost last week, against the form guide and both will be keen to get back on the right side of the ledger. There will be a great battle between the 9's, 10's and 15's with not much to separate them but the Woodies seem to have the edge in the loose forwards which may be the key point of difference. Missing a couple of key players will make the job a little too hard for the Hobbits who will fall short by 10-15 points.

    Gordon v Penrith. The most interesting part of this game will be to see how the young buck, James Wilkinson, goes at hooker in his first year out of school. Gordon will be too good. Emus will try hard but ultimately fall short. Highlanders by 20+.

    Northern Suburbs v Randwick. With the return of Pat Phibbs, Randi-Wix have some good experience to balance the youthful exuberance of their otherwise rather young team. That, the return of Ethan Ford and the quality of their loose forward trio will see the Wix grab the chocolates by 7-12 points.

    Parramatta v Eastern Suburbs. Mighty 2 Blues at home should keep on their winning way in a real ding dong battle. M2B by < 7.

    Sydney University v Warringah. The Corporation will be strengthened by the return of Jim Stewart in their centres but will have a real battle on their hands to contain a slick and confident Rats team. Being at home, and coming back from a loss in a game they coulda shoulda won, may give BuildCorp the motivation they need to cause an upset. The Corporation by < 7.

    West Harbour v Manly. Pirates showed that they are a team not to be taken lightly with their performance last week but they will be blown off the oval by a rampant MMM. Marlins by 20+.
  19. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    HJ why not for next year - you touch base with SuperBru and see if a tipping comp can be arranged for the Shute Shield.
    Get the nod early.
    All clubs can put it out there as they wish.
  20. AussieDominance Trevor Allan (34)

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    Be interesting to see how the Rats go towards the end of the season. The backs were always the Rats strength but they have five quality ones out/have disappeared recently (Davis, Jones, Tuisavaii, Tagicakibau, Dixon).

    Seems it was a curse of the hookers last week with Ron Hobden (Gordon) and Luke Holmes breaking arms (although Luke Holmes was playing openside ).

    Gordon's other two hookers used in first grade this season have had season ending operations so it gives the chance as mentioned above for James Wilkinson to have an extended run will be interesting to see how he goes but he is a tough kid so that is a good start.

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