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South Coast Rugby Union

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by No.8, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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  2. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Abit of an update on the start of the South Coast Comp - as mentioned Narooma did not have enough numbers to field a side this year - Batemans Bay though have created a "2nds" side called Bay Red - some Narooma players have been spread out across the comp from what I have heard though.

    The conference system with the 2nd Div Monaro Comp has not moved forward but from what I have heard is def happening next year - which 1. will bring alot more life back into the "South Coast Comp" with more teams and 2. of course strength player development in the South Coast and bring them closer in the Brumbies Provincial Championships to Monaro and Southern Inland.

    It has been an interesting start to the season - Milton and Batemans Bay Boars are clear front runners at the moment - Bombala are always late comers to the comp - from the looks of things Broulee could really struggle this year - heard numbers are down - unsure if players have retired, gone to different codes or even be playing/filling the numbers in the Bay.

    Milton look like a TOTALLY different side than last year - not sure what has happened down there but it is fairly surprising the players they have and the strength they are shoing with 2 big wins. The real test/and a real look at where they are at is when they play Batemans Bay Boars in Round 4. They do have Bombala at home this weekend though - Bombala are always alot stronger and can beat any side on the day when they are at home.

    Great news about the Brumbies Provincial Championships and them playing at Bruce before the Brumbies - last year they ended up playing MONTHS later at RMC on one of the back ovals.

    Round 1 -

    Milton 71 - Broulee 3

    Batemans Bay Boars 52 - Bombala 24

    Batemans Bay Red - BYE

    Round 2 -

    Milton 57 - Batemans Bay Red 22

    Batemans Bay Boars 54 - Broulee 0

    Bombala - BYE

    Batemans Bay Boars V Broulee Photo Gallery -


    Round 3 games (This weekend) -

    Bombala V Milton - @ Bombala
    Broulee V Bay Red - @ Broulee

    Batemans Bay Boars - BYE
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  3. No.8 Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Lonnnnng weekend for the South Coast Marlins team @ the Brumbies Provincial Championships -

    Monaro 74 - South Coast Marlins 19 (Saturday game)

    Southern Inland 115 - South Coast Marlins 0 (Sunday game)
    Not a good weekend for the South Coast - unsure if players didn't want to travel, had other things on or if the other teams have simply improved from last year - really not good signs for the South Coast guys - maybe having pretty much a 4 team comp has hurt them abit this year.

    Next year I am guessing the comp will be somewhere in the Southern Inland - If not South Australia?? - if this is the case we might not even see a South Coast team play.

    I think the South Coast guys joining the Monaro comp will do a lot for the development and skill level - even if it does take a couple years for the SC teams to get on the same level.

    I really hope the comp can find another team apart from the Bay (even though its great to see them having 2 sides) to join the comp again next year - fingers crossed Narooma will be able to pull a side together - may look unlikely though as some of their guys are now playing for Milton - so they may feel content in simply playing for them.

    Recent results from the South Coast comp -

    Round 3 -

    Broulee 24 - Batemans Bay Red 19
    Milton 34 - Bombala 17

    Batemans Bay Boars - BYE

    Round 4 -

    Batemans Bay Boars 47 - Milton 24
    Batemans Bay Red 45 - Bombala 24

    Broulee - BYE

    Round 5 Preview -

    Broulee V Bombala
    Batemans Bay Boars V Batemans Bay Red

    Milton - BYE
  4. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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  5. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Score from the Coppers game?

    Nothing on the @AuspoliceRugby twitter feed.
  6. namtrak Charlie Fox (21)

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    47-22 Brumbies over Police
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  7. Crashy Dave Cowper (27)

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    I’m down the South Coast this weekend staying at Mollymook /Milton.

    Anyone know if the Milton Platypi are playing at home on Saturday the 19th of May?

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