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Southern Inland Rugby 2017

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by yourmatesam, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Bandar Darby Loudon (17)

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    What are the odds on Waratahs not getting a single team into a grand final?

    Hay would have to be favourites in 3rd grade along with Leeton in the girls.. Probably the best bet for them is 2nd grade but Leeton were quite impressive on the weekend. In 1st grade there could be a bit of a fatigue issue after that very physical battle with the Phantoms.

    Yeah whistle, I agree on Big Joe - he has been there through several years of getting belted and probably deserves a to be playing in a grand final, he was absolutely devastated on Saturday when he left the field.
  2. Whistle Happy Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Instead of Griffith struggling to find 2 Regular Grades each weekend the I Team C/West Comp might be more appealing despite the extra travel,
    Griffith finished the season on a very sour & controversial note this year and the ball is their court as far as their future is concerned.
    Would the Comp suffer without Griffith in it ? - you would have to ask the other Clubs I suppose
  3. Whistle Happy Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Any predictions for this Year's Bill Castle Medal & Alicia quirk Medal winners ?
    Candidates for Bill Castle are Duncan Woods & Cam Duffy (wagga ag), James Devlin- Albury, Chris Latu - Griffith, freddy Toupu & Noa Radici - Leeton, Josef Glamuzina - Tumut, Mitch Fealy - CSU , Stu Dyer & Monson Tuivale - City & Tim Corcoran & Sam BVunny - Waratahs

    Alicia Quirk Medal Candidates are - Alice White - aggies, Lele Katoa - Griffith, Rebecca Vaughan & Kaitlyn MacKay - Leeton, Tara Arnall- Tumut, Terri Ann Cain & Amelia Harris - City, Claudia obst & Britney Bedford - CSU & Holly Stephens - Waratahs

    I'm leaning towards Bunny for Bill Castle & Bedford for Alicia Quirk
  4. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    #SIRU2017 Finals Week Three Preview:
    What a cracking day it was last weekend at Leeton #1 Oval, well done to the Phantoms on hosting a great day of rugby, great coffee and sensational bacon and egg rolls. The Phantoms have definitely set the bar for Aggies to meet this weekend when they host the SIRU Preliminary Finals at Conolly Park this weekend.

    While Aggies are hosting tomorrow, this day could easily be mistaken for a Wagga Waratahs home game with Waratahs represented in all four grades at their home ground. The fact that the Tahs are represented in all 4 grades this weekend shows the depth of talent at the club but it must have been a while since Waratahs weren’t through in at least one grade by this stage of the season – will they all get a gong next week? Surely not.

    Well done to all the teams who have made it this far into the 2017 season, a great effort from all and sundry. Particularly worth mentioning the efforts of the Hay Cutters who have made it deep into the 2017 Finals Series after playing week in week out with a maximum of 17 players. The Mighty Cutters fronted up at Leeton last weekend with 16 players, Captain Coach, one strapper and two dogs. A fine example of the values of country rugby – having a solid dig in the first game of the day and no doubt enjoying a few frothies on the drive home.

    The Leeton Phantoms have already qualified for 1st Grade but have the chance to get through in another two tomorrow – can they do it in 2nds and Women’s also?

    Sorry for the short preview team, not enough hours in the week at the moment!! J

    Waratahs v Wagga City – 1st Grade Preliminary Final
    3:00pm Kickoff @ CRP #1. Referee – S Donelan
    A bit of deja vu for local punters in this one, the old foe face off again this weekend, a 2016 Grand Final rematch to make it into the 2017 GF is a great example of how these clubs have fared this season and a testament to their final ladder positions this year also. If I was Dave Adamson, I’d be pretty stoked to see these two Wagga-based clubs duking it out this weekend, it’s gotta be good for the gate right!?!

    These two played a high paced game two weeks ago at the same venue and I’m hoping to see a similar brand of footy tomorrow. The key difference from that match though is that neither team gets a second bite at the cherry this time round and I wonder what impact that statistic will have on the style of game both teams present tomorrow? I suspect that this game is going to be intense, but maybe not as quick as the match played recently, I expect to see two teams who will be more calculated in their decisions and they’ll play more like a “test match” brand of rugby.

    I see the Daily Agonizer spruiking some potential outs for City which could be important in this game – Curgenven is easy to understand, an important player, jumped through the hoops to play in the finals and then a car crash has cruelly hampered his chances of actually playing. Tuvale is an interesting one though and the paper was pretty sketchy on details. “Away from the club” I think were the key words – what does this mean? Regardless, these guys will be important for City in this game, Tuvale’s ball running is critical to City’s momentum and Curgenven’s decision making and cool head would be really useful for the Boiled Lollies in such an important match.

    If we go through the roster for both teams, they’re reasonably similar to the starting XV’s that have played each other during the season so they should have prepared well for this game knowing what they have to do to get past their opposite number. From Waratah’s perspective, they’d have to be confident that they can get past their opposite number with 3/3 wins this season but we all know that Finals Footy is a different kettle of fish and Waratahs did do plenty of running last week chasing ghosts around Leeton #1 Oval.

    The jewel in the City crown for the past two seasons has been a strong front row and this season they seem to have ramped things up even further. It’ll be interesting to see how both engine rooms handle this game as the set-piece and subsequent starter plays will likely have a big impact on the outcome of the match. With a mild day and potentially a slippery deck, there will likely be a few scrums for these guys to lock horns over.

    Xavier Chigwidden and Jayden Stanton know each other well and neither player will yield in defence tomorrow, however I think the impact that they provide to the game from an attacking perspective will be more important for their respective teams. My reasoning here is that the two back rows are well balanced for each team which should cancel any defensive aspect through the #10 channel and highlight how these guys attack and how crafty they can be in this game. These two young pups are wily characters, both enjoy the contest, they both take the ball to the line and ask questions of their opposition in this regard.

    Can Wagga City bag a win with their season on the line? Can Waratahs make it 4/4? Will we see a 2016 GF Replay? How much gas do these teams have left in the tank after a long season? Will James Curgenven play? All these questions and more will be answered tomorrow afternoon at 3pm – I can’t wait to watch these guys go round, get on down to Conolly Park to watch this one!!

    Key Matchups – Sam Bunny v Rory Sheard, Xavier Chigwidden v Jayden Stanton, Tim Corcoran v Jesse Uhr

    Waratahs v Leeton – 2nd Grade Preliminary Final
    1:25pm Kickoff @ CRP #1. Referee – B Reynolds
    A case of the old bull and the young pups here in this one. The Phantoms are probably getting a little long in the tooth but should be proud of their efforts to get through to this game this season and no doubt the success of their 1st Grade team has contributed to some more players showing up and having a run around for them this season. Hopefully this is something that continues for them past the 2017 season.

    Full credit to Wagga City last week who hung tight up until the final seconds of the game and took their chance to go straight through to the GF by scoring a try on the fringes, will this encourage the Waratahs to play out the entire game? Wagga City took their chances late in that game and showed why they were Minor Premiers, they stuck to their guns when it mattered and came out on top. Second Grade bush footy is typically about concentration and effort, the team that can apply themselves to the task at hand will generally come out on top.

    While there is no mistaking Waratahs effort, they did appear to be a little lost at times and maybe with a bit more focus all game, they can come out on top here against their more experienced opponents. The average age of the Phantoms is pushing close to 30 but don’t let that fool you into thinking that they’re pushovers, they’ve got a blend of youth and experience that provides a strong set piece balanced with some pace peppered through the team which provides them with plenty of opportunites to break the line. Leeton aren’t the fittest team getting around but there’s plenty of experience in the group to push Waratahs in this game.

    Leeton v Waratahs – Women’s Preliminary Final
    12:50pm Kickoff @ CRP #1. Referee – J Martel

    Hay v Waratahs – 3rd Grade Preliminary Final
    11:40am Kickoff @ CRP #1. Referee – M Harris
  5. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    Waratahs 13 bt Hay 11 in 3rd Grade.

    Leeton 39 bt Waratahs 7 in Women's.

    Waratahs 27 bt Leeton 26 in 2nds

    Waratahs 54 bt City 26 in 1sts.

    Next week:
    3rd Grade GF Deni v Waratahs

    2nd Grade GF City v Waratahs

    Women's GF CSU v Leeton

    1st Grade GF Leeton v Waratahs
  6. James Lewis Bob McCowan (2)

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  7. rugbyfollower Frank Nicholson (4)

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    I hope you didn't have money on this wager Bandar. Love them or hate them as a club they have all their men's teams in their respective grand finals. Two years in a row is quite an achievement particularly with the standard of rugby in this years competition.

    For me city seemed to miss the go forward and powerful running of the Lagaali's and JC's direction and experience in both attack and kicking. For City Jayden Stanton for them was excellent and scored a brilliant individual try. The back row of harry hosegood, Dave Armstrong and particularly Sam bunny for Waratahs was immense and clearly he must be a favourite for the Bill Castle medal. But tougher challenges in leeton await. Great day of rugby for all played in the right spirit. I played my last game for my club today after pulling up injured but have enjoyed playing in this zone over the last ten years and after returning home overseas I'll follow this comp eagerly with fond memories and fortunately with some on field successes to boot, more importantly than that though are the lifelong friends from this great sport of ours, and a hope that the future of rugby in this region goes from strength to strength! Good luck all teams next Saturday, should be a fantastic finish to a great season! Cheers YMS for the hard work and input! Cheers
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  8. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    Thanks RF, safe travels mate and thanks for your efforts during your time here in the Riverina. Always a tough but fair competitor, I enjoyed watching you run around. You'll be missed around these parts mate.

    Farewell mate, you join a long list of ex SIRU/Riverina/South West players and fans who keep their fingers on the pulse from OS.
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  9. Bandar Darby Loudon (17)

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    I think the answer to my question RF was very long odds.

    They certainly are a proud and strong club, and would have to be a fair chance in some of their grand finals.

    In relation to the matches on Saturday, how good was that 2nd grade match??? I think is was half an hour into it before there was a scrum. In 1st grade Tah's just have too much class and City really missed their key players.

    In relation to this weekend in Leeton I think Tahs showed last week if they play the percentages, play for penalties and do it without making a mistake they have the ability to beat the Phantoms - they have shown they can score points against the Phantoms, they just have to stop conceding them (easier said than done)

    On the Bill Castle medal front, Bunny might well be favourite, I think Noa Rabici from Leeton was outstanding when I saw them play but in a team like that it is had to get points every week. I was surprised the Simon Vunilagi was not in the running - he is another that is consistently good.
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  10. namtrak Charlie Fox (21)

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    The question was raised on Saturday night about an all time SIRU team? Has there ever been such a thing? I'm sure the discussion would be willing.
  11. Whistle Happy Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    I reckon in the end we got the Grand Final that everyone sort of expected ever since Leeton beat Waratahs in the early Rounds of the Comp 40-37 at Conolly
    City were gallant on Saturday but the loss of Curgenven & Tuavale before the match hurt them big time.
    Hard to see anything but a convincing Leeton win on Saturday in what should be a great Day of Grand Finals football.
    The big question is what sort of crowd will turn up ? Will the locals come out & support the Phantoms & the Dianas ? and will the supporters from Wagga & Deni support their teams in good numbers
    My early Bird winners are Leeton, CSU, City & Deniliquin- sorry Waratahs 3 from 3 last year but 0 from 3 this year
  12. paul bristow Bill Watson (15)

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    I think the only chance Waratahs have is to play a very negative style of rugby. 2 points seem obvious. Number 1, if a lot of points are scored in the game Leeton wins. Number 2, if Leeton have 50% or more of the pill a lot of points are going to be scored in the game. Is there any way Waratahs can starve Leeton of the ball?
  13. MonkeyWrangler Frank Row (1)

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    Negative or tight, were you a back in your playing days? To try and play the expansive game that Leeton plays is sending a bull lamb to slaughter. If Tahs can keep it tight, use the rolling maul and set pieces effectively and further reduce their mistakes they are a chance in what will be an exciting game.

    I think you will find that Leeton has not had 50% ball in most of their games against the other top 4 teams all year but have thrived on mistakes and an ability to score from anywhere. Going to be an amazing match on the weekend and I look forward to the clash of rugby styles.

    3-0 for the day from a Blue eyed monster
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  14. Bandar Darby Loudon (17)

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    I agree Wrangler, Leeton will be able to win with 25% possession, not saying they will but they can. Should be a great match up of styles

    I learnt last week not to write of the Tah's too early, but all men's grades is pushing it. Doing that back to back would surely be unprecedented in the comp.
  15. Almost 2 old Chris McKivat (8)

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    I am sure that only Griffith 1996 (RRU)? and Waratah's 2016 (SIRU) are the only clubs to have won 1's 2's & 3's GF''s in the same year. To my knowledge no team has done it in consecutive years.
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  16. Bandar Darby Loudon (17)

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    Even just getting the three teams two year running is an impressive effort
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  17. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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  18. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    #SIRU2017 GF Preview:

    Leeton v Waratahs – 1st Grade Grand Final
    3:15pm Kickoff @ Leeton #1 Oval. Referee – S Donelan

    Check the GAGR front page (link above)

    CSU v Leeton – Women’s Grand Final
    2:15pm Kickoff @ Leeton #1 Oval. Referee – S Frost

    Two teams with a strong history of competition here and both teams are very familiar with playing finals footy. The Diana’s have had a strangle hold on this match for a number of seasons now and the Red Chicks will be keen to snatch the crown in this game.

    Hopefully the Diana’s learnt from their last effort at Leeton #1 Oval after they failed to show up and got blown off the park by CSU. I’m sure Reddies will be confident of their chances in this game, knowing that they have the wood over Leeton from the previous match.

    Keep an eye on – Sophie Quirk and Britney Bedford (CSU) and Ua Ravu and Georgia Wallace

    Wagga City v Waratahs – 2nd Grade Grand Final
    12:45pm Kickoff @ Leeton #1 Oval. Referee – B Reynolds

    This match was a cracker two weeks ago at the same venue, with Wagga City coming home with a wet sail and scoring on the bell to cement their spot in this game. Waratahs leaked too many points late in that game and will be looking for better support from their bench players late in the game.

    There are two players in each team who have the potential to tear this game apart, one is Gordon Lagaali for City who was unavailable for their 1st Grade side last week, the other is Corey Toole for Waratahs. Both these players are central to their team’s scoring ability.

    Waratahs have probably got the edge in this one in terms of experience with plenty of ex-1st Graders in their ranks and while City also have their share of 1st Grade experience (Crocket/Blanchard/Hand), they also have a fair share of youth to add to that which has proved to be a difficult mix for most teams this year.

    I reckon this game could easily come down to the wire again this week which should make for an exciting game for the punters at Leeton #1 Oval!

    Keep an eye out for – Josh Crockett, John Blackmore and Drew Martin (City) and Tom Adamson, Corey Toole and Justin Shortis (Waratahs)

    Deniliquin v Waratahs – 3rd Grade Grand Final
    11:10am Kickoff @ Leeton #1 Oval. Referee – M Harris

    The Deni Drovers were pretty impressive when they rolled past the Hay Cutters here a couple of weeks ago. They picked out a weak link in the Cutters back line and gave him the ball to drop all day. I doubt they’ll get the same luxury in this game and will probably have to work a bit harder to get a win here.

    Neither of these teams are particularly stressed about their fitness levels and any line breaks are likely to result in a depleted defensive line and potential points for the opposition. In typical third grade fashion, tackling could be viewed as optional at times as is warming up, stretching and sometimes even running. Don’t expect repeat efforts from any of these blokes unless that means shouting back to back rounds.

    Waratahs are showing the depth their club has by being represented in 3 men’s grades on GF day for the 2nd year running and while most clubs love to hate Tahs, it’s hard not to recognise that strength in numbers as a positive for them. Don’t be surprised though if they come home empty handed, they’ve got 3 tough gigs in every game.

    Keep an eye out for – Peter Gow, Nathan Holahan and David Vella (Deni) and Rhys Campbell, Morgan Jones and Hamish Cullenward (Waratahs)
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  19. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    Thirds Deni bt Tahs 20-17
    2nds City bt Tahs 22-17
    Women's Leeton 32 bt CSU 27
    1st Grade Leeton 30 bt Tahs 29

    Great day out at Leeton #1 Oval.
  20. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    SIRU Grand Finals Results at No. 1 Oval, Leeton– Saturday, Aug 26

    1st Grade- Leeton 30 d Wagga Waratahs 29

    Best & Fairest- Rivcoll Old Boys Medal – Simon Vunilagi (Leeton)

    2nd Grade- Wagga City 22 d Wagga Waratahs 17

    Best & Fairest- Warwick Tout Memorial Medal-– John Blackmore (Wagga City)

    Womens’ 7-A-Side- Leeton 32 d CSU 27 – after Extra Time

    Best & Fairest- Adamson Medal-– Rebecca Vaughan (Leeton)

    3rd Grade- Deniliquin 20 d Wagga Waratahs 17

    Best & Fairest- Ken McMullen Medal-–Hugh Sutton (Deniliquin)

    Bill Castle Medal

    Best and Fairest Player in the Zone this Season

    Joint Winners – Cam Duffy (Wagga Ag) & Noa Rabici (Leeton)

    Alicia Quirk Medal

    Best and Fairest Player in the Zone this Season

    Winner – Claudia Obst (CSU)

    Runner Up- Rebecca Vaughan (Leeton)
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