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Sth Aust GF results

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by grievous, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. grievous Charlie Fox (21)

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    Good day for Burnside despite the 1sts loss and Souths

    Saturday 18 September - CHANGE OF VENUE
    Senior Men's, Women's and Under 18's Grand Finals


    Pitch 1

    Womens GF 9:00 Southern Suburbs 22 d Old Collegians 5

    4th GF 10.20 Burnside 47 d Southern Suburbs 18

    3rd GF 11.40 Burnside 17 d Old Collegians 14

    U18's GF 13.00 Southern Suburbs 24 d Onkaparinga 22

    Reserve GF 14.20 Port Adelaide 22 d Brighton 17

    Premier GF 15.40 Brighton 46 d Burnside 5

    Brighton have dominanated 1st grade for years now, something has to be done!!!
  2. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    OK I'm intrigued.

    How many players, teams and clubs do you have over there?
    Seems at least 7 clubs : Burnside, Biighton, Port Adelaide, Southern Suburbs, Onkaparinga, Old Collegians, and Woodville.

    Any stars or is it that aspiring players beat a path to Canberra, Sydney or Brisbane to further develop their skills and experience?

    I recall seeing one of your Under 12 boys back in about 2004 at Balmoral Oval in the NSW under 12 state champs slot a very difficult conversion from the sideline.
    Something even the first choice kicker from the Men in Gold can not achieve with regularity.
  3. The_Brown_Hornet Michael Lynagh (62)

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    My old man will be happy that Brighton won 1sts, as he played almost all of his footy there from a junior all the way up the grades. They've been a good club for a lot of years.
  4. en_force_er Geoff Shaw (53)

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    The most successful SA rugby product would be Butch James. Good players come from there, just not a whole lot of them.
  5. grievous Charlie Fox (21)

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    11 clubs in 4 divisions, not all clubs field teams in all divisions. u12 to u18 and small schoolboy competiton.
    No stars, players go to Sydney grade if they asre good enough. Not having the ARS now makes it a little harder to be noticed.
    Playing numbers are around 3500 with a recent jump in juniors.

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