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Sydney JRU Vs NSW Country JRU 2013

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Hugh Jarse, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    This year the Annual City Vs Country day will be held at Forshaw Rugby Park on Sunday July 28th.
    4 teams will compete for the trophies:
    U14s at 10am compete for the Tim Gavin Shield
    U15s at 11am for the Steve Tuynman Cup
    U16s at 12.30pm for the Ella Cup
    U17s at 2pm for the Michael Brial Cup.

    Interesting that the NSW Juniors use City vs Country (Greco-Roman Rugby terminology) rather than Sydney vs Country.

    Sydney Juniors Squads are posted here:

    NSW Country Juniors Squad lists are on their web site (less the U16's), although there is no single web page with all the teams.
    If you want the individual lists follow the links on the "Latest news" tab.

    It is likely that the injury fairy has paid a visit since the squads were announced, and there may be one or two amendments in the squads across the various age groups

    Michael Brial Cup (Under 17)

    Sydney JRU Under 17 Squad
    1. Conor DAVIDSON, Manly
    2. Rohan ZEBIB, Eastwood
    3. Lochie ADAIR, Wests
    4. Andrew DAVIES, Warringah
    5. Ed CRAIG, Eastwood (from Shadow)
    6. Declan MOORE, Manly (c)
    7. Mitchell CALDWELL, Eastwood
    8. Scott WILLIAMS, Manly
    9. Nick NEWMAN, Manly
    10. Ben CRERAR, Manly
    11. Niko FIAPULENIKO, Eastwood
    12. Thomas HALL, Eastwood
    13. Lachlan BURLAND, Eastwood
    14. Harrison LOWE, Manly
    15. Ben FONTAINE, Warringah

    16. Tully MACPHERSON, Penrith
    17, Joshua MARTIN, Penrith
    18. Lucas PRICE, Warringah
    19. William CRONIN, Manly
    20. Robert HILL , Warringah
    21. Joshua LYNCH, Eastwood
    22. Nareg NAZARIAN, Eastwood
    23. Scott MORAN, Manly
    Injured withdrawal: Austin BLACK, Wests

    Coach: James LANCASTER
    Asst Coach: Greg McLAREN
    Asst Coach: David ZWART
    Manager: Andrew LEEDS

    NSW Country JRU Under 17 Squad
    1. Jai GUNTON, Central West
    2. Tyler KEY, Mid North Coast
    3. Lachlan KING, Illawarra
    4. Kieren BONIN, Illawarra
    5. Jack MARGIN, Central Coast
    6. Patrick BYRNE, Illawarra
    7. Lachlan HENNESSY, Illawarra (c)
    8. Benjamin TALAMAIVO, Illawarra
    9. Ted PYE, Far North Coast
    10. Nathan McPHERSON, Far North Coast
    11. Daniel BUNTEN, Illawarra
    12. Luke ASQUITH, Illawarra
    13. Liam ANTROBUS, Illawarra
    14. Samuel FRANKHAM, Central Coast
    15. Travis DOMBROSKI, Illawarra

    16. Billy-Jacob O'CONNOR, Central West
    17. Gareth THOMAS, Illawarra
    18. Adam PETERSON, Central North
    19. Lachlan ARGRISIS, Hunter
    20. Ryan SORRELL, Illawarra
    21. Jake BRUMLEY Bangalow JRU (From Shadow squad)
    22. Bradley THRIFT, Central North
    23. Luke TUCKEY, Central North
    Injury withdrawal: Petar IVAC, Hunter

    Coach: Warren BADGER
    Manager: Cathleen HISLOP
    Asst Coach: Scott DALIBOZEK
    Trainer: Kym KNIGHT

    The Ella Cup (Under 16)

    Sydney JRU Under 16 Squad
    1. Harry McLENNAN, Southern Districts
    2. Tom HORTON, Gordon
    3. Will McRAE, Warringah
    4. Tom LEAVER, Gordon
    5. Elia FAATUI, Warringah
    6. Luke MILHAM, Warringah
    7. Lachlan ANDERSON, Eastwood
    8. Cameron KING, Eastwood (from Shadow Squad)
    9. Theo STRANG, Warringah (c)
    10. Daniel ENGLAND, Warringah
    11. Denzal LIGALIGA-TONISE, Parramatta
    12. James HAWKINS, Warringah
    13. Lachlan HUGHES, Southern Districts
    14. Fraser TOOHEY, Warringah
    15. Connor HURLEY, Gordon

    16. Alex HANCOCK, Gordon
    17. Cyprus TUTUNOA, Warringah
    18. Harrison CHAPMAN, Eastwood
    19. Bailey DALTON, Warringah
    20. Lochie SIMPSON, Gordon
    21. Louis HEATON, Eastwood
    22. Chris ORPEN, Eastwood
    23. Steven GIBSON, Parramatta
    Injury withdrawal:
    Campbell CLIFFORD, Gordon

    Coach: Jed HOGAN
    Manager: Scott ROGAN
    Asst Coach: Gerard McLENAGHAN
    Trainer: Wally CARPENTER

    NSW Country JRU Under 16 Squad
    1. Nicholas CUSHAN, Dubbo JRU
    2. Max STEWART, Avoca Beach JRU
    3. Harry JOHNSON-HOLMES, Wanderers JRU (c)
    4. Nicholas McCROHON, Pirates JRU
    5. Duncan WOODS, Gunnedah JRU
    6. Ryan CONNOLLY, Terrigal JRU
    7. Chase HICKS, The Waratahs JRU
    8. Robert PEDEN, Ourimbah JRU
    9. Liam BAKER, Terrigal JRU
    10. Joshua THORNDYKE, Woy Woy JRU (vc)
    11. Shaun TOWNSEND, Avoca Beach JRU
    12. Isaac ENRIGHT, Maitland JRU
    13. Zacharey TRINKLER, Wanderers JRU
    14. Brodie FORD, Vikings JRU
    15. Joseph WOODS, Wanderers JRU

    16. Aidan KING, Wollongbar/Alstonville JRU
    17. Brad HAUVILLE, Wollongong Uni JRU
    18. Dean PHILLIPS, Parkes JRU
    19. Darcy RYAN, Wanderers JRU
    20. Joshua STRANGE, Pirates JRU
    21. Joshua NOONAN, Vikings JRU (from Shadow Squad)
    22. Alex POHLA, Kariong JRU

    23. Kaden RAMPLIN-SMITH, Wanderers JRU
    Injury Withdrawal: R. GRAHAM

    Coach: Tony LEEDER-SMITH
    Asst Coach: Ray BOWDEN

    Steve Tuynman Cup (Under 15)

    Sydney JRU Under 15 Squad
    1. Mason BINGE, Warringah
    2. Jack ONGOSIA, Gordon
    3. Cameron FAZZARI, Norths
    4. Lachlan ROSE, Warringah (vc)
    5. Jake HEDGE, Norths
    6. Marcus BRITT, Norths
    7. Manu DELAHOYA, Penrith
    8. Bradley AMITUANAI, Norths
    9. Luke RIXON, Norths
    10. William WENNERBOM, Norths
    11. Charlie SMITH, Norths
    12. Luke LOUGH, Gordon (c)
    13. Saimone LASALO, Penrith
    14. Josh ZUBAK, Norths
    15. Leo BOSCH, Gordon

    16. Matthew ORPEN, Eastwood
    17. Angus SPICER, Eastwood
    18. Samuel MALENGA, Randwick (MATENGA on website)
    19. Kariatiana SAU, Southern Districts
    20. Chase PAEA, Randwick
    21. Jack MANN, Eastwood
    22. Edward GREGORY, Norths
    23. James ARMSTRONG, Gordon (from Shadow Squad)
    Injury Withdrawal: Tyrone TAUKAMO, Randwick

    Coach: William BELL
    Manager: Laurie McMARTIN
    Asst Coach: Ian WESTWOOD
    Trainer: Ed McPHEE

    NSW Country JRU Under 15 Squad
    1. Benjamin SCHAEFER, Far North Coast
    2. Blake SCHOUPP, Illawarra
    3. William COLEMAN Narromine JRU (from Shadow squad)
    4. Corey DAVIES, Far North Coast
    5. Liam RASCH, Illawarra
    6. James JAGOT, Illawarra
    7. Finn McELROY, Far North Coast (c)
    8. Brendon NEVILLE, Illawarra
    9. Corey AYLETT, Illawarra
    10. Lachlan STEWART, Central West
    11. Taulogo LALAGA, Hunter
    12. Jeremy ABDULLAH, Central Coast
    13. Hayden THOMPSON, Hunter
    14. Lachlan MILTON, Hunter
    15. Riley GRAY, Mid North Coast

    16. Dan MATTHEW, Central Coast
    17. Finau TAUFA'AO, Hunter
    18. Riley WILSON, Far North Coast
    19. Jaeger COLLINS, Hunter
    20. Max STAFFORD, Hunter
    21. Kai MANGAN Wollongbar/Alstonville JRU (from Shadow Squad)
    22. Jack MILNE-CHILDS Ourimbah JRU (from Shadow Squad)
    23. Zachary HALEY, Central West
    Injury withdrawals:
    Deahn WANSTALL, Central Coast
    Kalemb HART, Mid North Coast
    Hayden LOUGHREY, Central North

    Coach: Stuart LUNDIE
    Manager: Brad KING
    Asst Coach: Michael SOLOMONS
    Trainers: Michael MESSINA, Lisa CORNELL

    Tim Gavin Shield (Under 14)

    Sydney JRU Under 14 Squad
    1. Max CUTRONE, Gordon
    2. Nicolas DOLLY, Eastwood
    3. Oregon KAUFUSI, Norths
    4. Charlie NYE, Randwick
    5. Darcy BREEN, Easts
    6. Dimitri SOLOMOU, Norths
    7. John LEOTA, Parramatta
    8. Harrison SMITH, Randwick
    9. Marco BELL, Randwick
    10. Will HARRISON, Randwick
    11. Simon TOOTH, Gordon
    12. Ryley ANGLES-CORK, Randwick
    13. Vea TAPA, Norths
    14. Mitieli TUINAKAUVAC, Norths
    15. Noel AKAFOLAU, Norths

    16. Luke RATCLIFF, Manly
    17. Callum QUINN, Gordon
    18. Filia UTOIKAMANU, Norths
    19. Harry TURNER, Eastwood
    20. Matt STEAD, Randwick
    21. Taquin FAHEY, Warringah
    22. Thomas WOODCOCK, Gordon
    23. Justin DELA CRUZ, Randwick (from Shadow Squad)
    Injury Withdrawal: Dallas PATERSON, Norths

    Coach: Peter CAMP
    Manager: Tim SKIDMORE
    Asst Coach: Rob McEWEN
    Trainers: Ed LANGDON, Jack LESLIE

    NSW Country JRU Under 14 Squad
    1. Lincon BLACKHALL, Central West
    2. Angus HICKEY, Mid North Coast
    3. Chase YEADON, Central Coast
    4. Cody EDSTEIN-BOYES, Hunter
    5. Cooper TAEKATA, Mid North Coast
    6. Jonathon HUDDY, Far North Coast (vc)
    7. Bowen ABRA, Central North
    8. Max SWANENBERG, Hunter
    9. Eli McCULLOCH, Hunter
    10. Billy CARBERRY, Central West
    11. Askil MATHIAS, Hunter
    12. Tarnae MAHON, Central Coast
    13. Shawn KENT, Far North Coast
    14. Tyson POTGER, Central Coast
    15. Jakob STYLES, Central West (c)

    16. Declan LEANEY, Mid North Coast
    17. Jacob MALCOLM, Hunter
    18. Aengus CHAPMAN, Far North Coast
    19. Max COGHLAN, Illawarra
    20. Bailey LAMB, Illawarra
    21. Nicholas TRENGOVE, Central West
    22. Daniel KING, Central Coast
    Not listed in programme: Liam KELLY, Hunter

    Coach: Andrew AVARD
    Manager: Marcus VAUGHAN
    Asst Coach: Dave NICHOLS

    Good luck to all the boys.
    Hope the NSW Selectors are nice to you.

    If you do not (or your boy does not) make the State Team, remember that it is just the Selectors opinion on that day, and not the end of your rugby career.

    Believe it or not, it is just a game.

    EDIT: Squad lists adjusted for run on numbers as per programme.
  2. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Anyone have the starting lineups for these squads?

    The NSW JRU Under 15 and Under 17 squads will be announced on Sunday.

    Who are the respective coaches for the State Teams?
  3. Tahspark Ted Thorn (20)

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    The coaches for the SJRU U16s are:

    Jed Hogan, Jonathan Walsh & Gerard McLenaghan.

    All boys being kept on their toes as to the starting line up.
  4. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Interested in the NSW Junior U15 and U17 Coach names.

    The Under 16's usually use this game as a bit of a trial for their combinations and starting lineup for the National U16's.
    With many of their boys playing 16A's for school, they are coy about naming their run on squad too early in case of injuries from School games on Saturday.
  5. juniors spectator Stan Wickham (3)

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    I believe the coach for the 15s is a country coach from Lismore.was with the NSWJRU 17s last year.
  6. Crazy Legs Bob McCowan (2)

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    The Bush Telegraph is alive with talk of big expectations from the Country Teams against the City Slickers this year, in particular the 16's & 17's sides. I believe the U16 team has many of the players that won 2 years ago as 14 year olds and the 17's outclassed Gordon in their first hit out and are coming off back to back wins in Victoria. The team list previously posted on G&G shows a vastly different side from 2012, including the coaches who obviously got it very, very wrong last year. We might just see an upset this weekend?
  7. The Spectator Herbert Moran (7)

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    If it is the team in 2011, they played a Gordon only side not a Sydney side. Things have changed this year such that the team who won the State Champs no longer plays Country.

    If that is the same team, missing a few players who have gone to the big smoke. I predict a modest thumping by City.
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  8. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    There has been all sorts of selectorial magnificence going on with the Townies Under 17's team which has been well covered on the NSW State Cup thread, so I won't go into it anymore.

    The squad has eventually been produced and little can be taken from the State Cup performances by District/Zone Teams.

    On the country side the Coasties were a fitting team to make the finals and pushed the Manly side all the way, both in their pool game and the grand final. Somehow the Coasties only got 3 boys into the Country U17 selection. Conversely undefeated Manly were rewarded with 8 slots in the Sydney Squad.
    The Lions share of the Country U17's are from Illawarra, but most of these lads apparently did not play at State Championships, where Illawara were rather disappointing.

    IIRC the Townies U17 beat Coasties U18 and Oakhill College in their Warm Up matches, so despite the selection process, seem to have a semblence of form.

    For the Bushies U17, 2 wins over Victoria should also be good preparation, as I have been told that the club competition south of the Murray is stronger than the school competition. IMHO Gordon U17 is not much of a scalp, as all the best talent that previously existed in Gordon through the age cohort vaporises back into the school system after U16's, and the U17 Gordon district team was a shadow of its former self.

    Bottom line, it should be a fairly even contest for the U17's, with many State selections being a lucky dip.

    Turning to the U16's. After the political battle of Schools vs Juniors was fought out over the players, I think that the Townies U16's have managed to retain a fairly strong nucleus of boys that will probably be too strong for the Bushies. As usual the Townies preparation appears to have been reasonably thorough, and focused (if a little canny keeping the punters guessing as to the run on squad). Barring too many injuries from school games on Saturday, I can see the City Folk taking home the bacon, and making the bulk of the State team (if one was to be selected for the U16).

    I am not as familiar with the U15 and U14 cohorts, but there were some big strong lads on display in the finals at TG Millner Field on Grand Final Day in both the 15's and 14's. The finalists in these age groups have formed the bulk of the Townies squads, and I think they will be too good for the Bushies in both grades.

    The Big Smoke will win comfortably in the U14, U15, U16's.
    The U17 will be a close match, and I predict the Town Folk will sneak home by 5 points.

    The safest prediction is that there will be people disappointed with the U15 and U17 NSW State selections. There will be clear and obvious bias and political influence in named teams. This clear bias and political pandering will only be clear to those associated with those lads not chosen.
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  9. Crazy Legs Bob McCowan (2)

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    Good summary as always HJ, I think all would agree that the majority participants accept the disappointment with grace and its a shame the minority of older folk can't do the same. One thing is for certain, it will be a cracking day of Junior Rugby
  10. the baz Alfred Walker (16)

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    Compare apple's with apple's champ. Players are unavailable, schools take players, new players come in, many leave, coaches move on for whatever reason. To say coaches got it wrong is short sited, bit maybe you are not aware how country rugby operates. Maybe go out to the country areas and show the coaches what they are doing wrong Robbie dean's.
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  11. Rugby Mum Watty Friend (18)

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    Coaches had NO input into selections, and with injuries eliminating players last year, were not allowed to call up quality players in to the Nationals, were given the next down the line. Funny how some parents were disgruntled their little Johhnie didn't get the number jersey they wanted and then the coaches were USELESS. The coaches obviously got a few things right, some of the players from last year moved on to a higher level of rugby, opening up positions for some boys to finally make the Country Team. These coaches can only work with what they have at the time, and were few of the many coaches elected to be a Level Two Coach. Not too sure the Coaches got it very wrong last year, but more the self nominated VIPS!
  12. Crazy Legs Bob McCowan (2)

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    Comparing apples with apples works when your buying cars, prams & washing machines, but pointless when comparing sporting teams. Should Robbie Deans have been judged on the results he could of had if he had Eales, Larkham, Horan & company or his success with the playing group he had? My knowledge of Country Rugby is limited apart from watching a few Country Championships where there was an abundance of talent, so I would assume there would be no shortage of kids to fill the shoes of those injured, unavailable or ineligible. I missed City v Country but watched some amateur video of the U16 game, Country were outclassed at the breakdown and City popped their front row in every scrum whilst the backs looked uncertain of what was required until changes were made at half time, which also coincided with improvement in both areas. I was fortunate enough to be in Sydney for day 2 of the Nationals and although I only watched 1 game it was plain for all to see that the Country side was flat, which after reading the post from RM probably understandable if injury and player availability had taken its toll on the boys. As for coaching, I do my best stuff in the armchair along with a million other punters.
  13. scaraby Ron Walden (29)

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    if everyone takes these games/results so seriously why is it not an origin series. The big advantage being that you would get two seriously good side up against each other and nobody would be allowed to argue about selection/coaching bias or kids moving schools..all the whingers could argue about would be the refs ..:)...and just quietly being a country boy stuck in the big smoke,we would towel you city slickers...:D
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  14. Gooner Allen Oxlade (6)

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    HJ - the U16's run on sqaud was named at training last night. Can't tell you anymore than that as it was named on the paddock.

    Tatafu Polota Nau was at training and was introduced to the boys talking about how it started for him in thsi Under 16 competition. What was interesting is that he has a very good command of the Japenes language as he was conversing two Japanese players from the Trinity game last week that were watching the training session.

    Training is very well organised and all looks good for the game against Country on Sunday. The boys also look good in the new tracksuits.

    One other interesting point is that a couple of kids have been brought in I think to cover possibly some injuries. The tall boy blonde boy from MWZ. That made me smile:) How could he not have been in.
  15. Crazy Legs Bob McCowan (2)

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    Looking forward to reading the results from tomorrow's fixtures and hopefully someone can give some brief commentary on the games for those of us unable to get to Foreshaw Park. Lets hope all players come away from the day injury free and better for the experience. With a close relative in one of the CIty sides i expect them to take the chocolates in all age groups, albeit from tougher and better prepared teams in the older age groups.
  16. Rugby Mum Watty Friend (18)

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    News through City defeated Country 32-5 in the 17's. Any other results about yet.
  17. The Spectator Herbert Moran (7)

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    Under 16s City beat Country 31 -5.
  18. Top Cat Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Sad to say but it was to be expected.
  19. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    The score from the U17 was 27-5.

    Scrappy game, 4 yellow cards, mostly for repeated infringements rather than foul play.

    Country scored one try to #4 BONIN and for Sydney #13 BURLAND (2), #11 FIAPULENIKO, #15FONTAINE, #14 LOWE scored.

    NSW U17 Squad was about 60-40 % Sydney/Country.

    Under 16 Score as above for Sydney I think, although the conversion went over for Country to give them 7 points.

    Didn't get Sydney points scorers but the Captain #3 JOHNSON-HOLMES scored for Country.

    Sydney U14 won - 27-5.

    Edit: Try Scorer updated for Country U17
  20. Aurora Australis Frank Nicholson (4)

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    low intensity game diminished even further in the 2nd stanza
    19-0 at oranges with a good contest in the forwards though I believe Sydney managing to keep control in the forwards a little better the backs running strongly and close to the defensive line

    the Sydney team seemed to struggle with having to lift from the shorts, I know its u19 variation to the law, but these players are meant to be the most proficient in an age group, not the u13c, they have been doing lineouts for a couple of years now ...let them leg lift... train them for short lifting (being very careful as the o is right next to the I on the key board) at this level and the play quality will diminish they should be able to crutch bind and drive over 1m as well (not an issue in this game) I have seen a few visiting international school teams this year they have struggled with the u/19 interpretations as well. Stop training to diminish skills at this level. It was also noted that the u/17 jumpers had thigh tape I am guessing was not for injury management. excellent

    2nd half
    from what I could see gave the parents of both teams an opportunity to catch up with one and other. The country lads gained some ascendancy in the forwards and scored an unconverted try on the back of this. They were unlucky not to finish one or two other movements with points. The two Sydney tries scored from: 1 an awkwardly bouncing kick through and 2 an intercept near the country line all up an unconvincing 2nd half but satisfactory as a training run and a chance to asses the teams development

    The country lads performed well given they have retained I believe only three from last years team, though five were playing in this game when you count King and ''Hawko''

    unfortunately I couldn't get a program so I cant tell you who was who

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