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Sydney Subbies 2018

Discussion in 'Subbies Rugby' started by Ozzie Bob, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. meatpie Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Tips for Div 3 Round 1:

    Newport vs Redfield (Purely based on it being at Porters)
    St Ives vs Iggies (To strong for a rejuvenated saints. Expecting the Saints to be better drilled and coach side this year but will take a few rounds)
    Brothers vs BOBs (In a close one. Although who knows with Brothers)
    Hawkesbury Valley vs HAC (Defending Div 2 champs. Interested to see how lower grades go)

    I could quite easily go 0/4.
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  2. footy_footy Peter Burge (5)

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    Going to follow Meatpie's lead and get my Div 2 Tips in for round 1

    St Pats v Hills (St Pat's too strong at home and playing with a point to prove after their first ever relegation)

    UNSW v Lindfield (No real reason, just think Lindfield are in for a big year all round)

    Blue Mountains v Forest (Never an easy road trip, Blue Mountains to take the points)

    Epping v Beecroft (Epping to continue there premiership winning form in Div 2 and give Beecroft a touch up early in the year)

    Other areas of interest will be Lindfield colts who went undefeated last year, can they go back to back?
    Will Epping and St Pat's be club championship contenders in their new division?
    Will Beecroft be able to bounce back after a tough year last year, despite winning the 2nd Grade Crown?
  3. Pfitzy John Eales (66)

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    No such thing as a stupid question, they say ;)

    I might be only ten minutes away from Hills, but that was just an example of a nearby player resource that might as well be on the moon. Blacktown are actually closer in terms of ground location. Also in the area are Redfield OB, Hawkesbury Valley, and Hawkesbury Ag College.

    I tend to discount HAC and Redfield from my direct competition for recruitment, because they've got a set base in terms of either current students or Old Boys. I know Tommy will say they only pick up a few graduates from the College every year, but that's very important when you need a Colts production line.

    Hawkesbury Valley are a bit far away, but Blacktown are on the doorsteps. So your question really is: what kind of fuckwit sets up a new rugby club with two established clubs ten minutes away?

    Firstly: money. There was a lot of player payment going on in those days, and no visible end to that happening. The amounts are just rumours, but still staggering.

    Secondly: look at this map - it features some of the fastest growing areas of Sydney. The circles are around 8km in diameter, and on fairly consistent population centres. Really, you could shrink the Redfield and HAC circles for the reasons I explained above, and leave a hell of a lot of contested area where I could get players. But for some reason, I can't.

  4. Pfitzy John Eales (66)

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    Oh note that the map doesn't include rugby league clubs who can pay players $200+ a week.
  5. Pfitzy John Eales (66)

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    Division 5 - this is only a draft draw but I think it'll stick. Hard to judge any form at this stage:

    Rouse Hill v Manly Savers - given we haven't trained for a month, and I have no idea who is showing up, I'll go with the visitors

    Merrylands v Menai - these two will probably fight it out for top spot this year. Home side this time.

    Maccabi v Lane Cove - the men from Rose Bay will probably look to consolidate some First Grade wins after stretching themselves to 2 Grades last year..

    Convicts v Dukes - both clubs will field two grades, but I back the home side to get up.
  6. SubbiesVeteran Herbert Moran (7)

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    I'm Back again for another year Lads lets see if we can get 12 from 12 round 1

    Division 1 - Yes I know its next week but ill get them out of the way now

    Hunters Hill v Mosman - New boys on the block at home round 1 v Div. 1 Powerhouse Mosman. Will be a close encounter but Mosman to get the chocolates. Hunters Hill have lost their go to man ( Fijian 7) from last year to West Harbour will be tough to replace

    Waverley v Petersham - The Waverley boys will be out to prove themselves this year after a disappointing 1st year back in Div. 1, they come up against the Competitions Heavyweights and Defending Champs Petersham who by all accounts sound like they are on track for another massive season. Ill have to back the Defending champs in this one although think it should be a close encounter

    Balmain v Knox - this one will be interesting with Balmain announcing some big name Coaching Signings over the past 2 years ( Ben Robinson and James Stannard) does this mean there has been some secret payments made to some players?? anyway time will tell I think this could go either way but Balmain at home should get the job done

    Colleagues v Drummoyne - Match Of The Division for mine. This should be a cracker with the form both teams showed last year this will be close, ill be backing last years Grand Finalists purely because of that as they were grand finalists

    Division 2

    St Pats v Hills- Last years early season surprise packets in Div. 2 v the Div. 1 relegations. At Hudson Park this should be really interesting. I think St Pats will be a big pack that will play very direct just of the ruck, whereas Hills will be need to use their Youthful and Exciting backline that has been a potent for the last few years. Ill go Hills in this one just. Have heard a few rumours to that St Pats although not struggling in the colts department may be struggling the grade department. Will be interesting too see how that pans out

    UNSW v Lindfield - Another one that could go ether way. UNSW the massive season surprise packets making the semi finals last year but are notorious slow starters over the past 3-4 seasons. Lindfield well again they could be anything and with Div. 1 in their sights again this could be a big year for the Old Soldiers. Lindfield in a close tussle but this could honestly go either way

    Blue Mountains v Forest - This would be Match of the Division. Although I believe Mountains will win this one Forest are very good seasons starters and last year they were no where near the standard that they normally are. I've seen some footage of their scrum and if they use that to their advantage and their backs be a lot more adventurous then last year thinks make for an interesting clash. Mountains by 14.

    Epping v Beecroft - This could be another long year for the men from the Croft. Struggling for colts and not having a fantastic season last year in 1st grade coming up against Div. 2 new boys Epping who will be out with a point to prove. Think Epping will do it fairly comfortable but not have it all their own way like they did last year

    Division 3

    Newport v Redfield - Tough one here and think ill have to go with Newport purely for the Porters Reserve advantage. Will be interested too see if Last years Newport youngsters re more battle hardened after a full year of 1st Grade under their belts

    St Ives v Iggies - Long year for St Ives, Iggies will be the benchmark this year club championship wise one feels and Round 1 they will get off to the perfect start against a club that is always up and down but judging off last year I think will be the same. Iggies by 20

    Brothers v BOBs - BOBS should take this one out unless Brothers start their season with the same that finished last. One would that need to otherwise it would be time up for them in Div 3. Barker by 20+ if they aren't their Brothers by lots if they are there

    Hawkesbury Valley v HAC - Just hand HAC Div. 3 First grade premiership now they will absolutely smash Valley in this one. Valley trial numbers and form have been poor from all reports. HAC have lost a fair few blokes with a lot of them having enough of the player payments and concentration soley on HAC it was bound to happen they might as well just play Div 6 old HAC cause they will never change
  7. The Year Of Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Good Luck to ALL clubs

    It's going to be a huge year!!!
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  8. Pfitzy John Eales (66)

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    Maccabi might be putting out a 2nd Grade. This is good news.

    Menai can't be far off that either. Just spoke to Savers and they're not in any condition to do so, but Merrylands could do it off a good year IF Two Blues don't plunder the area too much ;)
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  9. Mangoman Frank Nicholson (4)

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    I'd be VERY surprised if Merrylands can't throw out 2 grades each week. A large contingent of our (Dukes) 2nds last year transferred there for the season.
  10. Nath Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    That is an odd one. How do you explain that? Were they living in the area(Merrylands area I mean) while playing for the dukes?

    It's not like they joined the club across the road.
  11. Mangoman Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Well they joined us from the old Mac Crusaders and some league boys here and there, Merrylands is closer to home for them I suppose plus i'm fairly sure they know a couple of the Merrylands boys. Easier to train and play there rather than fighting the M5 every weekend just for a home game.
  12. laura.ainslie Peter Burge (5)

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    We do have a few players who played Dukes/Crusaders, and yeah, it is due to being closer to home and having a few mates in our exisiting side. We’ve caught a few other newbies too. I’m hopeful that we will be successful in fielding two teams throughout the year, but the proof will come from getting some solid commitment (finance) out of the new contingent.

    It’s a killer that Menai apparently don’t have a 2nd grade for this weekend, as we’re holding out for this weekend showing us where we stand with numbers. Hoping to line up a Halligan’s match to slot in before first grade.
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  13. Pfitzy John Eales (66)

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    I'm quite glad we don't have two grades this weekend or next against Menai - given its an away game I'm not sure how many of our younger blokes will travel with work etc.

    Maybe by Week 3 against you guys we'll all have a better appreciation of numbers!

    If we could get 6 of the clubs playing 2 Grades regularly, that gives the finals some meaning for whoever makes it.

    But like you say: finances. Putting two Grades in basically doubles your cost so guys have to come up with the cash.

    Come on Government Grants!
  14. Ozzie Bob Ted Thorn (20)

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    I can't wait for round one. It's been interesting this yeah there hasn't been too many clubs sticking their hands up saying they are going to clean up.

    I guess with Easter everyone is nervous regarding numbers.

    Love the fusesport ap!
  15. The Real Big Bopper Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Epping Rams looking for a Halligans match this Saturday at Somervile. Free feed and a cold drink to the travellers. Flexible kick off between 9 and 10am

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  16. Pfitzy John Eales (66)

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    If it wasn't Round 1 I'd be happy to help, but need to see what we're doing in terms of numbers.
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  17. laura.ainslie Peter Burge (5)

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    Yeah, if we were closer we’d be keen. We’re desperately searching for a Halligan’s for our home match this weekend also, but would be looking at 2pm kickoff to mirror the time 2nds should be.
  18. Pfitzy John Eales (66)

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    Definite challenge for clubs in 5th Div this year: play your Halligan at 10AM or too bad.

    Have you tried emailing Kings Old Boys?
  19. laura.ainslie Peter Burge (5)

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    Indeed we have. They’re not ready unfortunately. Mac Uni are unable also. We’re hoping Menai might be happy to do a reduced numbers match or something similar, but not sure if that will pan out either. It’s looking unlikely.

    Mosman looks likely to do a Halligan’s with us next week, so fingers crossed.
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  20. Pfitzy John Eales (66)

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    I'm still absolutely baffled that a club with their recent success can't find another 15-20 blokes champing at the bit to take on First Grade duties, while the guys who got them there can settle back into Second Grade after hitting their peak

    If I had 4 Cups in the last 3 years (see below), as well as a Club Championship, I'd be riding that pony hard in order to recruit more players.

    Of course, we won Noice Cup back in 2010 and fell apart the year after, so maybe I shouldn't crow too hard :)

    2015 Noice Cup (Div 6 South) + Meldrum Cup (won playoff against Div 6 North)
    2016 Meldrum Cup (Div 6)
    2017 Jeffrey Cup (Div 5 First Grade) + David Swan Shield (Div 5 Club Champs)
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