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Wallabies 2019 Thread

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by Lindommer, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. formerflanker Desmond Connor (43)

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    Yep. Plays against the minnows and is next best available for selection in the big games if CL is injured.
  2. Derpus Steve Williams (59)

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    Itll probably still be Simmons? Im not too familiar with the youbg reds locks to be honest, they sound most likely though.
  3. Brumby Runner John Eales (66)

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    All of Swain (Brumbies), Blyth and Hockings (both Reds) have potential Wallabies written over them. Next year they will be about as old and experienced (Super-wise) as Rodda was when he made his debut in national colours. Personally, I don't see any skill level at all where Rob Simmons would exceed any of those three.
  4. Bobby Sands Peter Johnson (47)

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    Great post.

    The bloke we really want to bring back, and I suspect we have already brokered a deal, is Tatsy Taylor. He truly is the prodigal son of this crop of coaches and well ahead of Thorn/McKellar - who I think would really benefit from his teaching from abroad.

    I made a similar post at the start of the year about the Reds fortunes. I think QLD rugby specifically (biased) is producing a particularly strong crop of players and in combination with all other states we are about to start bearing fruit. More specifically I think we can have a good showing at this world cup, but I think sustained success will come post-world cup with a new breed.
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  5. Brumbieman Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    Qld provide the forwards, ACT the backs - works for me, especially with that U20 crop about to hit the scene.
  6. LearningCurve Larry Dwyer (12)

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    Do you mean the Brumbies imports provide the backs or ACT developed players provide the backs? ACT has provided some gems over the years (Gregan, Larkham) but the Brumbies generally are like UQ in Brisbane and SU in Sydney, providing good facilities and a good program for players other clubs have borne the cost and time of developing.
  7. Bobby Sands Peter Johnson (47)

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    To answer, of those named Pasitoa, Ikitau and Lolesio are from QLD.
  8. TSR Peter Johnson (47)

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    So are Petaia, Lucas and McDermott.
  9. Adam84 Chilla Wilson (44)

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    And if the Brumbies hadn’t recruited some of those players, they would have undoubtedly gone to other codes
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  10. Bobby Sands Peter Johnson (47)

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    Thanks Adam, but that was not the nature of the discussion or even necessarily true.

    The Brumbies is the most important franchise in Australia in my opinion. As far as where the best talent should go to develop, statistically it is almost always the Brumbies.

    Of course I hope the Reds can become the next nucleus of Australian rugby & that
    We hold, retain & regain the best of QLD talent, I realise that this is not really possible.

    The Brumbies coach is also from Brisbane. Damien Marsh flits between both camps. Great synergies between the two organisations.
  11. Adam84 Chilla Wilson (44)

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    Sorry what ‘great synergies’ between the Reds and Brumbies are you referring to?

    From what I’ve seen, most of the QLD players in the Brumbies get signed to the Brumbies before they’ve every really touched the Reds systems. QRU has little claim for credit to the production line of players out of the GPS/AIC rugby competitions.

    But i think this may be a discussion for another thread
  12. Bobby Sands Peter Johnson (47)

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    Yeah, none with me though pls. Thanks mate
  13. Benaud Tom Lawton (22)

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    Squad is going to be very interesting now. Same team we were raving about last week couldn't be worse this week.

    I'm leaning towards:




    Mostly self-explanatory - they can't tinker too much this late in the game despite last night's effort. Hodge probably the most controversial omission but I think guys like Petaia and Pulu have more to offer on the wing. I'd be tempted to take an extra back rower too, but risky only taking 2 hookers/halfbacks.
  14. Rugbynutter39 Tony Shaw (54)

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    Hodge certainly has question marks aa his lack of pace exposed last night. We need to look at petiaia on the wing and I agree unfortunate that not had a look at genuine winger with speed like pulu but unlikely now to be in the mix given not selected in any squads.

    LSL long had question marks which certainly brought to surface again. Given isi good in the line out maybe we can play pocock at 6.

    At this stage 13 starter not still decided.

    I thought Toomua couple of games ago was gone but I am first to admit proved me wrong as he has been good of the bench in both games.

    Also reminded that we really need Arnold kept injury free as lost a lot not having him last night. Our starting props being owned by the ABs a concern, need to revisit what happened there
  15. spud Frank Nicholson (4)

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    Forward pack is spot on. However, I would keep Lilo at 10 and JOC at 13 but possibly move Beale back to the bench. He was found out last night both under the high ball and in defence. It is games like last night that you wish you had DHP playing. However, I would start with Banks as he is the form fullback and has only been given one opportunity in which we got manhandled. Bench looks good also and certaintly agree that Hodge has been disappointing and do not mind that he is not in the squad. Petaia on a wing could be very exciting and hoping to see him play in the upcoming Samoa Test. Hopefully, they give guys like Pulu, Powell, Petaia and other fringe players a game against Samoa to finalise this squad.
  16. Brumby Runner John Eales (66)

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    I think Spud that the squad has to be finalised before the Samoa test. Could be wrong, but that is my understanding.

    If so, it highlights the lack of planning and foresight in not giving those players, and others like Valetini, Samu, Philip and Banks some opportunities in earlier matches to show what they have. Maybe too late now to influence the RWC squad, but I still hope to see quite a few of the fringe players in the game against Samoa.
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  17. formerflanker Desmond Connor (43)

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    It would be a huge gamble to drop a starting winger from the WC squad altogether without seeing his replacement play in a test this season. The same applies to 6.
    Hence the selections for Samoa are vital. Give the fringe players 60 to 80 minutes.
  18. Up the Guts Mark Loane (55)

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    Petaia definitely starts against Samoa with a mind for him taking the 14 jersey from Hodge. Tupou showed last night it doesn’t matter how good the opposition are you can’t beat sheer athleticism.
  19. The_Brown_Hornet Michael Lynagh (62)

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    Yeah I think it's time for Petaia and Pocock to have a run to see if they make it to Japan. I'd lay odds that both will be on the plane.
  20. Slim 293 George Gregan (70)

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    I think with the benefit of hindsight there's a few backrowers we will regret not giving a look at, having started with the same trio every match and discarding some of the form players of the year...

    We're now in the predicament where we've only got this Samoa test to see how some others perform, and it's a game we're not going to be able to take too much from.*

    *Yes, I remember 2011... that was a vastly better Samoan team.

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