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Wanted - 1 Wallabies Fan!

Discussion in 'Personal Advertisments' started by Tangawizi, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Tangawizi Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    The mate I thought I was going to the RWC with is instead going to be the sailing the high seas as part of her Majesty's Royal Australian Navy and as much as I try and convince her otherwise, the Mrs doesn't rate going to the World Cup ahead of her sister giving birth to twins in about a month's time and won't be joining me on the trip across the ditch.

    Which means I'm stuck in a bit of predicament - either, I take an inflatable Wallaby with me to all the matches I'm attending to sit in the spare seat I've got, or I try and find a real live person to take my mate's spot.

    So I have a spare ticket to the following matches:

    France v Japan on Sept 10 at North Harbour in Block 26 of West Stand (Pretty much halfway) for $77 NZD

    Wallabies v Italy on Sept 11 at North Habour in Block 26 of West Stand (halfway again) for $123 NZD

    Wallabies v Ireland on Sept 17 at Eden Park in section 315 (lower level in South East Corner) for $190 NZD


    Wallabies v USA on Sept 23 at Wellington Regional Stadium (Caketin) in a shit seat in Aisle 2 (that I have no intention of actually sitting in unless it's raining given the stadium will be half empty) for $50 NZD.

    So if you are keen to attend any of these matches and want to sit next to someone who will be proudly supporting the Wallabies, reply to me on here or send me a message.

    It would be advantageous if you also enjoy the consumption of alcohol, cheering for the Wallabies loudly & shouting at the referee (especially if he's Bryce Lawrence).
  2. Tangawizi Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    If anyone wants a ticket to the Irish match that doesn't cost over $200, I still have my spare one. Only Cat A ($358) & B ($296) left on the official site now.

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