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Western Force 2019

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by RugbyReg, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. ForceFan John Solomon (38)

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    No 3 Toyota Torque - Andrew Deegan and Fergus Lee-Warner

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  2. ForceFan John Solomon (38)

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    Western Force will be playing 2 games in Japan in support of Japan Rugby's build-up to the RWC.

    First game is against a combined side from Sanix Blue/Coco-Cola at Fukuoka on 20 April 2019.
    Second game will be against the Japan 'A' "Wolfpack" in Tokyo on 27 April 2019.


    Will certainly keep the lads busy leading up to the Asia Showcase games against AP Dragons on 5 May in Singapore and SC Tigers on 12 May in Hong Kong.
  3. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    Good to get more rugby but I find it odd that a competition / team that was basically kept going for the spectators that there's not way of watching this.
  4. ForceFan John Solomon (38)

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    Minderoo has worked hard to maintain a professional team in Perth to retain a development pathway for WA based rugby players.
    This is certainly appreciated by the rugby fans in WA
    Minderoo's been full of surprises over the last 2 seasons - let's see what unfolds about being able to watch the game - even if only a YouTube replay.

    Suggest that it's just as much about keeping the Western Force brand visible in Japan leading up to GRR in 2020 while keeping the lads match fit for the games against the AP Dragons and SC Tigers in Hong Kong.

    There's a lot of young players who haven't toured with a senior team before so chance also to expose them to the challenges that presents.
  5. kiap Mark Ella (57)

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    Cain't always get whatchu want
  6. Shaker Ron Walden (29)

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    Just down at Young Wallabies training, Carlo is an absolute unit. Looking forward to watching him play in the Champs.
  7. kiap Mark Ella (57)

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    I remember when oz provincial sides (minus a few soup stars) used to tour overseas. Might've stopped them about 10 years ago I think as they're more strapped for cash in these straitened rugby times.

    But good for the players on the development curve.
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  8. Brumby Runner John Eales (66)

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    Is Harry Lloyd switching to TH side or is it just the numbers have been changed? One of the more promising LH props in the country.
  9. Bobby Sands Banned

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    I wasn't sure he was in the squad? Great news that he is.
  10. Shaker Ron Walden (29)

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    McDonald as well
  11. ForceFan John Solomon (38)

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    From WF Twitter feed.

    A second-half blow-out has seen the Force bring home a 36 point win over the Sanix Blues/Coco-Cola team in Fukuoka! (43-7).

    Tries by Brad Lacey, Johan Bardoul, Jack McGregor, Issak Fines, Rodney Iona and Masivesi Dakuwaqa.

    Unsure of the rules being used.

    Good to see the Backs leaving their mark on the game as well as some strength off the bench.

    Hope it's a more even match-up against the WolfPack next week.

    Edit: Half-time score was SB/CC 7:10 WF
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  12. kiap Mark Ella (57)

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    7–10 at the half, but they obviously couldn't stay with them.

    Sanix-Coke v Force.jpg
  13. kiap Mark Ella (57)

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    WolfPack beat the Canes Development side by 66-21 today.

    So they should be better oppo.

    Wolfpack improved after losing 52-31 to the same side last month.
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  14. ForceFan John Solomon (38)

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    Win against the Sanic Blues the “Cherry on top” for Lacey
    April 23, 2019

    Growing up as a massive Force fan the opportunity to play for the club has been a dream come true, but last weekend Brad Lacey also received the honours of running out as captain of his team.
    Wests Scarborough’s, Lacey, was appointed captain in Ian Prior’s absence when the Western Force played a Sanix Blues and Coca-Cola Red Sparks joint team for a 36-point win on Saturday.

    While being announced as the captain was a welcomed surprise for the young 25-year-old, Lacey said bringing in the win was the “cherry on top”.
    “I was told around two days out from the game so it was a bit of a shock,” he said.
    “At the same time, for me, I have dreamt of playing for the force since I was a little kid. To get the win was the cherry on top of the cake.
    “I love this team and I love WA, if I get to represent them being captain again I’ll put my best foot forward.
    “But at the same time it’s just another game and I go out there and try and enjoy it the same because I get to play with my brothers and it’s always special winning with them.”

    Staying just outside the Japanese city of Fukuoka in a little fishing village of Manukata, Lacey said the team have been embracing the local culture and the rugby.
    “It’s pretty different to what we are used to but at the same time the boys are embracing the culture and really getting stuck in which is cool,” Lacey said.
    “It’s very ‘mountainy’ here, or ‘hilly’, the pieces of training have been a little different, their fields are a little harder here, so we have to adapt to that, but other than that it’s been pretty cool.
    “Culturally it’s a bit different. The food is a bit different. At breakfast it’s a bit different to see horse meat, so everything’s a bit different around here. I’ve never seen horse meat before at breakfast.”

    With one win already under their belt in Japan, the team are looking forward to playing against the Japanese ‘Wolfpack’ next Saturday.
    As a winger, Lacey will be especially looking forward to playing against their fast and skilful backline.
    “Personally, I’m looking forward to playing on their back three and their backline. They’re pretty electric, and what they did to the Hurricanes last week they didn’t do by chance,” Lacey said.

    “I guess in terms of the team, we get our opportunity to play against another top international team so we just come together. We said we want to be clinical this week but also enjoy it because it doesn’t come around every week.”

  15. ForceFan John Solomon (38)

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    No 4 Toyota Torque - Ben Grant and couple of Scotch College players talking about the Festival of Rugby..

  16. ForceFan John Solomon (38)

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    Bardoul looks forward to ‘Wolf Pack’ showdown
    April 25, 2019 by Samuel Smith

    As the Force prepares for their next two games on tour, Johan Bardoul is looking forward to the challenge against the Japanese ‘Wolf Pack’ while the team continue to adjust to their new surroundings in Japan.

    Returning home after touring New Zealand, the Wolf Pack, will play the Force in Tokyo and Bardoul is expecting it to be a tough clash for both teams.
    “We obviously set aside goals to win all three games over here, in Asia. So it’ll be a tough game for sure but, if we get our systems right we’ll be fine I think,” Bardoul said.
    “They’re a good side, they’ve got really good Japanese players and they are well drilled.”
    “They beat the Hurricanes development by a lot and they are obviously on their home ground in Tokyo as well, which is an awesome stadium as well.”

    Despite being unbeaten so far this year and a convincing 36-point win against the Sanix Blues on Saturday, Bardoul admits the match was not without its challenges.
    “We got the win, it wasn’t our best game that’s for sure. It’s obviously foreign ground for everyone, for most of the boys,” he said.
    “It was tough, it was played at 1 o’clock in the afternoon and we’ve been playing our games at night obviously, so that was different again.
    “Not being long off the plane was a bit of a challenge, I think the boys felt that a bit particularly in the second half.”

    Unlike some of his teammates, Japan isn’t unfamiliar territory for Bardoul, having spent two seasons with Japanese team Yamaha Júbilo.
    “It feels bit different. The times I have been here in the past, obviously a part of a Japanese team. Now I am a part of the touring team, which feels a bit weird,” Bardoul said.
    “It was really cool to see them (Japanese teammates). We had a bit of banter on the field when we were playing and you don’t get to do that very often, especially in foreign countries and two completely different countries.”
    “It was an awesome experience, it was really good to see the guys and have a chat to them. It was a weird feeling being a foreigner over here, after living here for 3 years but it’s good.”

    For the almost Japanese local, Bardoul has been impressed with how eager the boys are to embrace the Japanese culture and said he’s happy to help if needed.
    “The boys have asked me close to a hundred questions,” Bardoul said.
    “It’s good to be helpful and that. In saying that like the boys are trying things on their own and asking questions, trying to learn the basics of the Japanese language to get themselves around. If they get stuck they ask me or Rod Davies.”

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  17. ForceFan John Solomon (38)

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    Western Force team to take on the Wolf Pack

    April 26, 2019 Samuel Smith

    The Western Force have named their team to take on the Japanese Wolfpack, calling up Fergus Lee-Warner to join the squad in Japan.

    Lee-Warner said he is excited to be joining the team in Japan after getting the call and looks forward to playing against the international team.
    “It’ll be good being in the squad over there and to just have a constant routine with training and obviously playing,” Lee-Warner said.
    “Just slowly getting my fitness back was the main thing, cause I was out for so long and wasn’t able to do much.”

    The 25-year-old lock said this will be his first time travelling to Japan and is looking forward to enjoying the experience with his teammates and embracing Japanese culture.
    “I’ve only got the basics, like Konichiwa and stuff. I’ll probably have to use Google Translate,” Lee-Warner said.
    “I guess the main aim is to just not be afraid to try new things. I get into Tokyo in a few days so I’d say once I get in there it’ll be a culture shock.”
    “It looks like they are having a lot of fun, I’ve seen a few messages and photos so looks like they’re having a good time.”

    The Force play against the Japanese Wolfpack this Saturday before travelling to Singapore to take on the Asia Pacific Dragons in Global Rapid Rugby’s Asia Showcase Series where Lee-Warner has the opportunity to test out the new style of play for himself.
    “It’ll be interesting, I’ll be blown a bit but we practice this in training so I should be right,” he said.
    “I think when I get on, focus on injecting myself and try and have a high work rate, run around, tackle hard, make sure I know my role and don’t muck up.”

    The Western Force team:
    1. Harrison Lloyd, 2. Andrew Ready, 3. Kieran Longbottom, 4. Leon Power, 5. Johan Bardoul, 6. Henry Stowers, 7. Chris Alcock, 8. Brynard Stander, 9. Issak Fines, 10. AJ Alatimu, 11. Brad Lacey, 12. Henry Taefu, 13. Marcel Brache, 14. Rod Davies, 15. Jack McGregor.
    Reserves: 16. Heath Tessmann, 17. Chris Heiberg, 18. Markus Vanzati, 19. Tom Sheminant, 20. Fergus Lee-Warner, 21. Tevin Ferris, 22. Ian Prior, 23. Rodney Iona, 24. Masivesi Dakuwaqa, 25. Clay Uyen.

    The Wolf Pack team:
    1. Keita Inagaki, 2. Atsushi Sakate, 3. Asaeli Ai Valu, 4. Wimpie Van Der Walt, 5. Uwe Helu, 6. Pieter Lappies, 7. Shunsuke Nunomaki, 8. Amanaki Lelei Mafi, 9. Yutaka Nagare, 10. Rikiya Matsuda, 11. Kenki Fukoaka, 12. Ryoto Nakamura, 13. Yusuke Kajimura, 14. Lomano Lemeki, 15. Ryuji Noguchi.
    Reserves: 16. Takayuki Kitade, 17. Isieli Nakajima, 18. Yusuke Kizu, 19. Yuya Odo, 20. Masakatsu Nishikawa, 21. Atsushi Hiwasa, 22. Takuya Yamasawa, 23. Harumichi Tatekawa, 24. William Tupou, 25. Seiya Ozaki.



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  18. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    Will this one be broadcast? THat looks a great clash
  19. kiap Mark Ella (57)

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    Amanaki Mafi - reckon he'll be seen in the RWC

    Wolfpack for Force.jpg

    Last week's Wolfpack game against the H'canes Hunters was produced on video, so I'm guessing tommorow's match will be also

    Wolfpack v Hunters.jpg
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  20. ForceFan John Solomon (38)

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    Not to my knowledge.
    Agree - it will be a good game.

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