Competition: The Search for the Official G&GR Second Team - Green and Gold Rugby
Rugby World Cup 2011

Competition: The Search for the Official G&GR Second Team

Competition: The Search for the Official G&GR Second Team

The Rugby World Cup is just a few short days away, and we at G&GR are incredibly pumped to watch the Wallabies play.

But the problem with this excitement is the Wallabies only play once a week. What to do with the other six days? What do we make of the midweek minnow games if we have no skin in the game?

What we need is a second team. A bit on the side, if you will. Someone we can throw the full weight of G&GR behind whilst the Wallabies are resting up in readiness for their next match. Obviously it can’t be someone who will threaten the Wallabies in their run to claim Bill, they have to come from low in the rankings.

Just imagine Rocky's signature and you are looking at the prize


But here is the problem: we have no idea who to support. We need your help.
Tell us who should be our second team, and more importantly why. The reason doesn’t have to be significant (the more obscure the better), or even make sense. It could be because they have a flanker with a funny name, or you ran into their reserve outside centre during a recent trekking trip to the rugged mountains of Turkmenistan.

The best response (as judged by the G&GR panel of experts) wins a Wallaby jersey signed by Rocky Elsom. What a shit hot prize. So get cracking- tell us your second team, and why we should be supporting them.

  • Jerry

    USA, because of Austin’s american football pic

  • Fin

    Samoa, the better they go the better that loss to them will look.

  • Simo

    It’s gotta be Namibia! They have the toughest pool of any of the minnow teams, having to play four established rugby countries in SA, Fiji, Samoa, and Wales. That, and so when watching we can yell: “Run hooker Hugo Horn, run!”

    • REDinCPT

      Agreed Simo, and they will be the entertainers of the RWC for the aficionados of the pick ‘n drive.

  • rugby smartarse

    I say Italy because they are the complete antithesis of the Wallabies. Where we have the best halves in the world, they dont even field the best halves in their squad. Where our front row is an achilles heal, their front row is all they have. Their players make the girls go crazy, our squad includes Salesi Ma’afu. their player feast on large family meals of pasta and pizza, ours eat only sushi and grilled chicken. and finally, while we are a great shot of winning the whole shebang, they don’t have a hope in hell.

  • Ooaahh

    Gotta be Samoa – Just so Samoa B team (NZ) keep their choker tag.

  • Dougs

    I vote for the Japanese.

    Both countries have had a bit of a trying time with natural disasters.

    Queensland got nailed by a flood then a cyclone this year. NSW also got hit by the floods though not quite as badly. Perth of course had the Perth Hills fires which destroyed around 70 homes.

    Sadly all this pales in comparison to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

    So I vote we support our natural disaster brothers in arms. Additionally, Japan is the home of Asahi, fried/shredded beef for breakfast/lunch/dinner and sumo wrestling… I can go along with that.

  • antimony

    Gerogia, They’re an outside chance of beating the old enemy! Most of there games are mid-week, as a sign of support we can all add ‘vili to our names. We could put forward some names of props to ARU and hand out a few passports?

    Cheers Antimonyvili.

  • RedAnt

    Les Bleus. They’re the only team that is consistently more inconsistent that us.

  • FiveStarStu

    The Russians, for several reasons.

    1) They have an Australian, in Adam Byrnes, amongst their ranks. Using the Phar Lap/Princess Mary/most of our tennis players/occasionally Russell Crowe principle, Australians will hang on to anything even remotely related to our fine country. Australianism is contagious, so youngsters like Andrey Ostrikov & Vasily Artemyev are now as true blue ocker as Bazza from Wagga.

    2) The Australian stated above plays for the Melbourne Rebels. Enough said.

    3) It’s not widely known that the Russian government only fund Olympic sports, meaning Russia have made it this far without much in the way of cash. Now that Sevens is in the Games, though, expect this to change VERY quickly. Soon they will be punching well above their weight, so it’d be nice to get on their good side before that happens, so they can throw us a bone now and then.

    Get behind the Bears, comrades! Россия, вперед!

    • Brumby Jack

      What’s Roman Abromavich doing? Obviously can’t win a Champions League – so this is the next best thing obviously..

  • stoff

    Tonga – they beat Samoa 4 days before Samoa beat the Wallabies so technically speaking they must be better than us, even though they pose no threat of taking home Bill. They also wanted to kill Captain Cook when he landed there, but couldn’t agree on a plan which somewhat mirrors our efforts against another bunch of Englishmen the last two times we met.

  • Stooge


    They aren’t exactly a minnow nation but we will be playing them a lot more often soon so it’ll be great to get to know more about their players, their rugby culture etc by supporting them.

    Plus they might beat the poms!

  • Jimbo81


  • Bally Moore

    My general mantra is “Wallabies, and whoever is playing England”. On that basis – Scots or Argies.

    That said, one of the island nations given how much they punch above their weight (figuratively speaking that is)…

  • Searsy

    Russia –

    1) Adam Byrnes – Managed to make the World Cup by reading an advertisement. That’s like getting to play at Woodstock because one of the early acts was missing a drummer.

    2) The Best Logo – Looks like the bear from the Cleveland Show stealing an Easter Egg

    3) The Names – The fun of yelling ‘Get up there Tsnobiladze’ after 10 pints.

    4) Russian Reversal Jokes – “In Soviet Russia, maul drives you”

    5) The Song – To the theme of Humphy Bear;

    Look over there it’s the Russian Bears,
    Rucking and tackling everywhere.
    Pathetic and weak are you,
    Cause in Soviet Russia maul drives you
    Hororay for Russia, Good old Russia,
    Hooray for the Russian Bears

  • Tank


    Because their best back is not coming anymore because he is a pussy.

    Because one of their flyhalfs’ name is Donut.

    Because they come from the country that “gave” us arguably the best movie of all time – My Giant with Billy Crystal (look it up – you won’t be disappointed).

    and most importantly, because we can still wear our brand spanking new GAGR kit and be in the right colour to support them.

    Go Romania and the Donut!

  • wannabprop

    Bally Moore beat me to it…

    So that’s Argentina, Georgia, Romania, and Scotland – AGRS… or after a few bevvies,err… LARGARSE (excuse caps).

  • Roland

    The English, becuase we need them to get to the semi finals so we can dish out 8 hard years of farkin pain on them in 80 minutes, score 8 tries and put 8 of them in Wellington hospital (amputee bay).

    • Who Needs Melon

      Where is the opposite of the “Pay that” button?!?

  • Cheezel


    • Near and dear to Australia
    • The only team entirely made up of wingers
    • An Aussie favourite holiday destination
    • Has always been a crowd favourite
    • Fantastic people
    • Needs all the support they can get

    • Cheezel

      And they have the best jersey

  • feed_me


    Because it’s fun to mispronounce ‘aboot’ at least 50 times per game they play

  • Alan

    The All Blacks! ….cuz they are our anzac brothers…..?

    nah, lets get behind Georgia!

    – Firstly because the hottest, sexiest irish young one of all time is named after them:

    – they have an aussie connection with John Muggleton being their defence coach

    – their nickname is the lelos! …haven’t a clue what it means but it sounds like a beer, so i like it and them alot already

    – no one can pronounce their names! it will be hilarious listening to commentators trying to pronounce Besiki Khamashuridz or Malkhaza Urjukashvil!! …i suspect numbers will be mentioned more so then names

    – there is a chap named Mamuka Gorgodze, who they call Gorgodzilla…. sounds very promising. Unless of course your japanese

    – they actually could win a game or two! namibia and scotland are two they could certainly topple

    – the also face England. While i cant see a victory for them they lelos do have a pretty strong group of forwards so it will be nice seeing them do damage to the poms. How can we not cheer that!!

    • Antony

      holy shit that girl is hot

    • Youngun

      “lelo” is the word for a try in georgia. lol so the team is named after a way to score points

  • Splex


    Because they are so lush, and Castro makes me swoon.

    Not to mention Mauro and Mirco Bergamasco! Yummm!

  • Wallabies Fan 2011

    Fiji, because those boys drink carva instead of gatorade and then run on for the second half. Bula!

  • JnrG

    Im a wallabies supporter- i bleed gold.

    And as much as i hate saying this, I think we as a nation need to back them lot over the ditch… the All Blecks……………. (gulp- i know whats coming)

    I love our rivalry and the only thing better than beating kiwis is beating poms. Be it boat races, test matches, cup stacking or nude sprints, we have a fierce yet friendly rivalry with our semi-retarded cousins over yonder…. and my vote is thus held on two fronts….

    1) Rugby power- we’ve seen how those twits from Up North can affect the way OUR game is played. through their attempts at money grabbing, to the shit-fest rugby they often serve up, I truly believe that we in the South need to be the standard bearers for the game we love. They couldnt give a stuff about the football that we play or the health and development of the unions in the south (see pacific islands) and they will blatantly make decsions that benefit them and preserve their rather favorable status quo. The balance of global rugby power is at stake as is the direction/development of our game.
    We play it the way god intended (for tries!). The best way to carry the flag hour Our game and the way it SHOULD be played is by having the champions be from down ‘ere- showing the world the direction the game and its players should be moving… not clinging by dusty hands to the past….

    2) Jesus Christ-church! What a lot this tiny nation has been through… and continues to go through. Not only are they all stuck in NZ now nature is trying to swat em too! Seriously though, it must be so hard- unimaginably- for them to be going through all this continually, and as the ‘Saders have shown they have just kept on battling- even with no end in site. It strikes me as part destiny, but also poetic justice that these people should receive something to lift them as a whole, and be a fill-up for them through the tough times. That happiness may lead to hope where it is most needed. Its the Aussie way to lend your neighbor a hand, or to help a man when he’s down… the ANZAC spirit. Its who we are.

    All that said, I’d absolutely HATE to have to hear it from all those cuzzies, and if we do indeed meet the Blecks , I truly hope we STICK IT RIGHT UP ‘EM in front of their own fans!!!! for that I pray!

    Go Wallabies!

  • yourmatesam

    Argentina. I want to see them skewer the Poms.

  • hannibal

    Back the Tongan hitmen!

    Its goitta be a team that plays NZ and prefers a “kill the dill with the pill” game plan so we can all be screaming in support whenever McCaw or Carter get the ball. I bet theres some Tongan players who’ve already painted big red targets on their heads.

    And best yet, the game’s on this Friday so we can all start the comp on the edge of our seats.

  • Swat

    I say Fiji because it can’t be too long before Nauru gets filled up

  • Ben C

    I would normally go with the Irish heritage but Ireland are too great a threat to Australia’s run to the final.

    So I will offer Tonga, just because they nearly rolled the Saffers in 2007. If we are going to back a minnow lets get behind one who might just roll one of the contenders. And look at that, Tonga just happen to be in the All Black’s pool. (Also because the Tongans have a history of really firing up the Sipi Tau when fronting the haka).

  • Homer j


    Big ugly hairy men playing rugby the way it was before some toffy nosed turd banned rucking. Not only that they will take out their agression on a couple of steak and kidney pie eating fat boys in white when they belt England. I reckon the props like Davit Kubriashvili will deliberately knock on just for the chance to smash into Sheridan and company.

    Imagine being in the stands with the Georgian fans and a flagon of potato vodka cheering on some guys with more vowels in their names than than a Tongan street sign while they try and decapitate anything that moves.

    Lastly an Aussie coach got them there.

  • Brumby Jack

    I bet the Waratahs will want to win this competition. That way they can say they’ve snared Rocky’s signature…

    • Ben C

      Comedy gold.

      I vote for this as the winning post even though no minnow team is nominated.

  • ozinnz

    GO ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. They are one of the teams apart from scotland who have a real chance of smashing the poms in POOLB and we all know we love to support any team playing the POMS….SMASH EM LOS PUMAS!!!!!! :)
    2. They have the poms 1st up and can really put a psychological dent in them by absolutely POUNDING them.
    3. They can achieve 1 and 2 etc because they have a hard nosed world beating forward pack and have expressive backs who on their day can carve any backline up…..abit like the wallabies which I like and on the whole are a very expressive team and like their running rugby.
    4. They have a much better chance of beating the All Blacks if they finish second, or the French if they finish 1st in PoolB in the QF’s, than say Scotland. On the whole they will smash n stretch any team on the opposite draw to the wallabies!
    5. They have one of the nicest jerseys going around in world rugby.
    6. They will have hot Argentinian chicks/guys(for u ladies) supporting them. lol :)
    7. Just read an article on the RWC2011 site saying they went and visited a hospital somewhere in the south island and played guitar and sang songs for admitted kids and were very happy to put smiles on their faces and were quoted as saying ” its good for them and its good for us” and its not all about the rugby which for me is a great touch. Because not only are these visits good for the people/children/hospital but it really bonds a team closer and makes them make friends off the pitch which can only boost their support when their on the pitch playing.
    8. GO LOS PUMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • ozinnz

    9. Because their flag has the sun on it which will all be hoping for cause we know the wallabies love a dry track as it suits the type of players we have.
    10.and beacause the last stanza in their anthem goes:

    “May the laurels be eternal,
    the ones we managed to win,
    the ones we managed to win.
    Let us live crowned in glory…
    or let us swear in glory to die!
    Or let us swear in glory to die!
    Or let us swear in glory to die!”

    ……….awesome motivation for a team we want to beat the POMS!!!!!!! Go LOS PUMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Jimmy_Crouch

    Georgia as two others have said. The coach John muggleton is a great bloke and must like working bloody hard as he has signed up to be the rebels defensive coach for the next two seasons. I’ll back anyone who thinks they can teach o danny boy how to tackle.

  • Jimmy_Crouch

    Georgia as two others have said. The coach John muggleton is a great bloke and must like working hard as he has signed up to be the rebels defensive coach for the next two seasons. I’ll back anyone who thinks they can teach o danny boy how to tackle.

  • Bobas

    As a simpsons watcher, I’d have to go with the scots.

    Willie is hilarious:
    (someone please embed video)

    They are also possibility to get out of their group if they beat england or argentina or both.
    Scottish people also hate the English even more than we do.

    • Bobas

      my fav quote is:

      Groundskeeper Willie: It won’t last. Brothers and sisters are natural enemies! Like Englishmen and Scots! Or Welshmen and Scots! Or Japanese and Scots! Or Scots and other Scots! Damn Scots! They ruined Scotland!

      Principal Skinner: You Scots sure are a contentious people.

      Willie: You just made an enemy for life!

      Notice how willie is only naming teams from the RWC?

      • Simo

        Hmm Willie does make an excellent case.

    • Bobas

      And the RWC is during Scotchtoberfest:

    • redbull

      Thank you form reminding me of the line

      “ya cheese-eatin surrender monkeys”

  • Harfish

    I’m backing the French as my second team. Why? Coz legally I am French. Under a rule known as “Français par le sang versé”, I hold a French passport so why not cheer on my other fellow countrymen?

  • exISA


    Georgia have been my second team to support since I first saw them play in Perth in 2003. They showed great promise for probably 50 minutes against each of the games they played against tier 1 nations. It was their first world cup and they learned a heap from it. Their government has invested heaps into the game (which is their number 1 sport) and it is starting to show fruits for their rewards with their junior teams performing better. In 2007 they were within a TMO held up try of beating Ireland in what would have been the biggest upset in world rugby history – period. I am putting a small fortune on them beating Scotland next week as Scotland have to back up four days after getting smashed physically (not on the scoreboard) by the Romanians. They have a Scottish Coach, and Aussie defence coach and they have none other than Sean Fitzpatrick as their “ambassador” whilst they are in New Zealand. Besides that – any team that has a player with the nickname “Gorgodzilla” has to be awsome! GO GEORGIA!

  • Pedro

    I was going to say Russia (where the world cup wins you), but their case has already been heard.

    So I suggest USA, because their chant (U-S-A….U-S-A!) roughly translates to ours, (ozzie, ozzie, ozzie…) in both simplicity and rage incitement. Also if we can gain a greater insight into the Eagles team it can only bolster our ability to argue with Yanks about which code of football if toughest (you know rugby, or that one where everyone wears pads and dances every few minutes).

    They also have a pretty decent winger (Takudzwa Ngwenya) who burnt Habana last WC, something I can watch over and over:
    Also he scored a pretty impressive hat trick against Gloucester, while playing for Biarritz:

    Also considering their mouth watering match up against cold war adversary Russia, they could even notch up a win.

    Make rugby the only sport that you support the Yanks in, make them the G&G Rugby 2nd team.

    • Muffy

      Trivia fact No 4391:

      Ngwenya is a Zimbabwean like Pocock. He also went to the same high school as Andy Flower and Grant Flower (cricketers)

    • Patrick

      they were some pretty smoking tries although my favourite bit was the USA flanker (Todd?) handing-off Butch James at chin height :)

  • murph

    Namibia: beautiful country, awesome beer

  • VikingBrad

    Well I’ve read all those and checked the draw.

    Reckon it should be : Georgia

    1. They’ve been given the arse-end of NZ for their games, Invercargill, Dunedin. Almost gives Enland/Scotland home ground advantage
    2. 4 days turn around Scotland to England
    3. If they finish 2nd in their pool they can soften up ABs in the quarters

  • Who Needs Melon

    Wow. Some awesome arguments here. I think Searsy has nailed it though.

    • Who Needs Melon

      But my nomination, inspired by the other thread up here at the moment: France!

      If they stuff the All Blacks again, the kiwis will be so despondent, they will virtually give up on rugby and we will beat them for years to come!

  • RockyElboa

    Wales –
    Sydney 2003 Wales v The Darkness what a game, and how good would it be to see them knock off the POMs, Beef Eaters or The Darkness.
    I love watching these guys play as they play with passion and tradition. Anyone who has been to Millennium stadium will have a story about the great grounds, the amazing people, the night life and that anthem.
    Also they hate the English and we both have Kiwi coaches. Same Same.

    I should also point out Charlotte Church, Duffy and Catherine Zeta Jones are Welsh… enough said

  • CanadianRugby

    There is only one choice and that’s Canada:
    Shared history of colonialism.
    Huge countries with plenty of empty space
    Foreigners try to make fun of our accents and get it horribily wrong.
    You gave us our current goal kick and full-back/winger
    We have a Canadian who went from Union to AFL
    We have a player with I would bet the longest name in the competition, and he’s pretty good: Daniel Tailliferrer Hauman van der Merwe
    Our former Captain once told an entire stadium in 2003 “Win or lose, hit the booze”

    Most importantly, if you don’t choose Canada our native-born son and current Australian stalwart Tucky Dunning will find you and consume you whole, without chewing. Then kick a drop-goal

    So you can see there is only one choice.

    • CanadianRugby
    • Pedro

      Nicely argued.

    • Tipsy

      More reasons for Canada (by another Aussie in the great white land):
      -Canada will eventually become a state or territory of Australia. We have already established a beach head in Whistler and the occupation force quietly grows larger each year.
      -Playoff beards. Is there a greater expression of manliness apart from anchoring a boat race?
      -They hate the Seppos and beat them in a war (get any Canadian drunk and he’ll talk about burning down the White House).
      -They don’t like the soap dodgers.
      -Rugby tournaments in Canada took my love of rugby to new heights. Beer flowing freely, boat races to decide matches if you’re too pissed to play, team themes, boobs being flashed. Love it.
      -Ice hockey keeps a lot of 6’7 monsters from playing rugby in Canada and the US and actually becoming a threat in world rugby.
      -There is a town in Canada called Anzac.

  • Ian

    Romania!! Cause I went to see them play in Launceston during Australian world cup. In the pub later that night some bloke at the urinal asked me what I thought of the game, Romania V Namibia, I said it was a bit shit, but happy to see big rugby in Tasmania. Went upstairs and saw about 35 massive blokes wearing the same suit as the guy in the loo… I just told the Romanian lock he played shit rugby. So to apologise, I think we should all jump on the Romanian band wagon.

  • Dally M


    They are the Olympic Gold Medalists after all.

  • Samoa.

    Because they showed pure class in their win over us, before during and after that match.

    Because they are from the South Pacific too.

    Because it’s the very least we can do to show them we admire and respect the way they play after the embarrassing disrespect they got at the hands of the Aussie media before that game.

    And finally, because they gave our forwards a good old fashioned wake up call and we have profited from it in every game since. Any success we achieve this year is in part because of the game they brought to us.

  • Tangawizi

    The Rugby World Cup Christchurch Earthquake Appeal –

    Not so much a 2nd team, as a 2nd cause because they’ve lost all their World Cup matches already and if the scenes in this clip are anything to go by, the place is still pretty well rooted. & pics

    Things are so bad that even the local hookers (not the rugby ones) are leaving town for the RWC to chase the action…

    So perhaps over the next 6 next weeks while we’re all busy “Rooting for the Wallabies”, we should spare a thought for those who’ve seen the RWC and the rooting leave their shores and kick in some coin to the RWC Christchurch Appeal.

  • FlankerLady7

    My vote is NZ.

    Ok ok give me a spray but think of these things.

    Most importantly they are hosting the World Cup – the country is opening their arms and welcoming us to their lands to see the best spectacle on the planet.

    We have a love hate relationship, Quade Cooper is a former Kiwi, Richie McCaw cheats at the best of times.

    They are the number 1 in the world, Dan Carter has marketable material in his undies and when they do the haka, they look hell scary

    Plus if the Kiwis go back to their usual tricks and choke, at least you can still support the Aussies.

  • FlankerLady7

    My vote is NZ. 

    Ok ok give me a spray I am a fan over Australia, but think of these things.

    Most importantly they are hosting the World Cup – the country is opening their arms and welcoming us to their lands to see the best spectacle on the planet.
    We have a love hate relationship, Quade Cooper is originally from Tokoroa, Richard Kahui played footy with him, and Keven Mealamu comes from Tok so if you ever want to hear about Chips, Cheese and Mayo at the Pie Cart, Quade’s got all the know how…..

    They are the number 1 in the world, Dan Carter has marketable material in his undies.

    Also if you ever want a wanker you have SBW and his muppets.

    Plus you know if the Kiwis go back to their usual tricks and choke, at least you can still support the Aussies.

    PS I’ll agree with you sometimes – McCaw’s a cheat (pay that if you agree)

  • Reenie


    Because: all Samoans are lovely people, Samoa is a fantastic place to visit for a holiday (best Pacific island in my opinion) and because the Wallabies’ shock loss to the Samoans spurred them on (in my opinion) to their fantastic Tri Nations win

  • Amanda

    In order of preference:

    1. Tonga – I got a little teary when I saw pictures of their fans arriving at the airport. Bound to be top emotional value.

    2. Romania – I worked with a company based in Romania for 15 months or so. Extremely articulate and wilful. I think that’s auspicious for them as a rugby nation. Not quite sure why, though.

    3. USA – I almost cannot believe I’m saying this because it’s always been a favourite pastime of mine to hate on the Seppos. Nevertheless, after playing sevens in New York, I actually, umm, like them now.

    Not that I expect anyone to concur with *my* feelings, of course!

  • Chriscullen

    I always like watching them play, speedy wingers, sumo wrestler forwards, they throw it around, always score a try or three and when they get thrashed they are still smiling at the end.

  • Garry Irwin

    Canada, they are always improving and have a core team who know each other and you can tell on twitter how well they all bond. For the good of rugby and for the sport I love, these nations need support and the Rugby world needs these less ability teams to get better to keep the edge the game always has had.

  • Waratahjesus

    The first girl I ever kissed was Canadian, I was 15 as was she and she had tits the size of ht air balloons, it was fun and I touched them (albeit through cloth but at 15 that still counts damn it.)

    Point is, every time I think of Canada I think of a great set of boobs on a girl with loose morals and low standards. I invite everyone to share the dream and cheat on Canada with me.

    • muffy

      How did you manage to get rugby and big tits into one conversation…

      I tip my hat to you sir.

    • CanadianRugby

      Yah, Canadian girls are like that. Good for the short term… duration of the world cup….see the connection?

    • Army_Gav

      So I take it, you’d highly recommend I seek out some Canucks of the female variety when in Und Zd next week?

  • KP

    Scotland, because most of their own supporters have abandoned the team. We all need to help them out

  • Argentina. They scare the Poms. I don’t know about you but i was born with a loathing of england. So anyone with the chance to stick it right up those cumpets gets my vote. also they have a unique style of rugby which has only improved with time.

  • Thomas

    USA because I want to see a rematch between Ngwenya’s and Habana!

  • RugbyFuture

    The Canadians have manly beards, and are manly, because they’re all lumberjacks, and Mounties, from the great white north.

    Join me in singing the canadian national anthem:

  • Ham

    Georgia. All those obscure names will improve vocabulary skills for the forum.

  • Scot Free

    Obviously a trick question. There’s only One Team 2011!

  • Ethan


    It’s their first world cup, they have the tournament’s oldest player (38) and wouldn’t it be hilarious to watch the yanks cry if they manage to get a win against them

  • Russia!

    Do it for Adam Byrnes!

    The Army are making a special last minute trip down to New Plymouth for the Russia vs USA game to cheer the Bears on.

    • Adam Byrnes has a beard of such quality it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s actually Canadian

      • muffy

        Does this mean my Nana’s Canadian?

  • Nipper


    The tournament needs a breath of fresh air – a little spice, if you will. Samoa provides that in spades in terms of aggression, physicality, and sometimes flair or athleticism. Rugby in general needs the Island teams to perform well – the game needs some life, not the same old predictable results – and of all the Island teams, Samoa is best placed to do well (sorry Wales, it’s going to have to be at your expense).

    It’s gotta be Samoa!

  • bill

    Samoa. If you want to see a perfectly controlled game from a 5/8 check out Stephen Bachop’s performance vs Wales in 99 I think. One of the best games I’ve seen. They don’t have him, what they do have are a particular set of skills that make them a nightmare for every other human on the planet with any sense of self preservation.

    They’ll have a crack as well.

  • madfifteen

    Japan—their scrum half (Tanaka) is 166cm and looks like 12 years old.

  • Swat

    Anyone playing England

  • muffy

    My vote is for Russia, why I hear you ask….

    They are a true amateur side, and most us sitting out here in GAGR land have given our knees, noses, shoulders, ribs and souls to amateur clubs most of our lives. They play the game for the love of it with no talk of brand or other such crap.

    Plus , and perhaps most importantly, they gave us vodka, for which I thank them.


  • suckerforred

    Samoa – Told a Saffa at work that I was going to both of the Pool D quarters so that I could see both Wallabies and Samoa play in the finals.

  • Willy

    It has to be Georgia, because the captain gave one of the all time great rugby quotes in 2003.

    When asked whether the people back in Georgia were proud of their team, he said no.

    “They can’t understand how we can beat Russia, but lose to Western Samoa.”

    Go you mighty Lelos!

  • Bay35Pablo

    Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. Gotta support our little Islander bros against the big kuz ABs.

    Plus they play rugby the way it should be, not like these namby pamby northerners.

    Reading (I can’t believe I’m saying this) Growden’s recent book on the Wallabies. 1908 – 1st Wallabies tour of Britain. English media whinging we were a bunch of cheats and thugs. So nothing’s changed. Their main gripe was kicking (other players) and rough play. I.e. we did it better than they did, mainly in retaliation.

  • Youngun

    georgia. one of my friends turns out to be descended from the georgian king who ruled before the commy’s added it to the union. so that would have made him 2rd in line to the throne if the king was still ruling

  • Emuarse

    Has to be Samoa as the Second Fifteen because we will get to see much longer games, for two reasons:
    – they hit so hard with their big players that the injury/replacement time for their opponents will be time consuming
    -that the announcers will take ages to pronounce the names of their players.

    So we should probably actually scrap their game time & instead watch their war cry, using real spears and then chasing useless RWC officials around the ground – great entertainment!

  • Old Weary

    USA – they have an Russian descended Albino who is Australian born, and playing for Nottingham as their half back… to me that combination is undeniable for some great action!

    • Old Weary

      Also Todd Cleaver is a mad man and great to watch him stick his head into rucks where any sane man wouldn’t dare go….

  • Homer j

    A number of factors come into play:

    Argentina – Cause of their highly aesthetically pleasing female supporters
    Russia – Generally play in freezing conditions with no government support. Playing rugby for the right reasons
    Georgia – Coached by Aussies. Hard as nails and can hurt England for us.
    Japan – Little men sacrificing life and limb against much bigger men and they always come back for more
    Italy – Have the forwards we want and Castrogiovanni knocked Chabal out in a pub fight. He must be hard.
    Romania – They left a winger at home for being soft
    Samoa – They deserve our respect and our thanks for the wake-up call.
    Tonga – Beat Samoa who beat us
    Fiji – The definition of running rugby
    Canada – Closest thing to brothers in arms against our colonial overlords
    US – A group of seppo’s who saw the light and ditched the padding have to be supported
    Namibia – Only 19 clubs and around 1,100 registered senior players and they are at the WC.
    Wales – Best Rugby choirs in the world hands down and treat the game as a religion.
    Ireland – BOD’s last World Cup. Their supporters drank Adelaide dry in 2003.
    Scotland – Perenial underdogs and have an Aussie in the team. Groundskeeper Willie is funny.
    France – They tend to beat the AB’s when it counts. Good food, pretty women
    England – There is no acceptable reason to support them…ever.
    South Africa –P Devilliers post match pressers
    New Zealand – Ummmm…F*CKEN SMASH EM RADIKE!!!!!!

  • drop kick

    Great Jersey (I won one at Wests Juniors 20 anniversary dinner two weeks ago)
    7000 fans stopping them leaving the airport!
    my grandfather lived there for a while
    they are going to beat-up NZ tomorrow!

    • drop kick

      I’m going to to see them play Japan and want to wear the wallaby jersey while my son wears the Tongan jersey

  • billybobv

    1) Canuck-istan is a downtrodden third world country that needs some good news,
    2) They haven’t had the Stanley Cup (NHL trophy) since 1993 and since Australia has so many cups, we should have pitty on them for that alone,
    3) If you are really “rooting for the Wallabies”, how could you not “go for some Canadian beaver”?

  • Bobas

    Scotland’s Willie also goes hand in hand with our “rooting for the world cup” campaign.

    And one of his most famous quotes is:

    “that’s the last time you’ll slap your willie around”
    (to sir Richie)

  • Gallagher

    – They are our second cousins (part of the first convic.. I mean emigrants, that where shipped over to our shores!)
    – They also have the rights to having given the All Blacks the best Haka response, a few years back at Millenium stadium, MASSIVE stare down until Richie backed off!
    – They are the best losers you’ll ever meet, I was there in 09 when the Wallabies thrashed them in a November sellout, the crowd where all shaking our hands and taking photos of us, they LOVE us more than they hate the English!
    – They wont beat us in the Qtr final… (and if we make it to the semis I will have no nerves left to continue to support two teams anyway!)

  • commonasmud

    Hard to call:
    – Wales: my first rugby memory is the singing of the Welsh supporters filling the air at Ballymore at the RWC’87 qtr final. Spine-tingling. And they crushed the Poms to boot, so who can deny that?
    – Canada: refer Waratahjesus – a gorgeous country where every Aussie bloke can punch above their weight!

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