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Don’t We Have Anything Better to Talk About?

Don’t We Have Anything Better to Talk About?

There’s been lots of comment about whether the McCaw try on Saturday should have been disallowed because a) McCaw broke early from the scrum and now b) whether Woodcock’s arm hit the ground.

When have you ever seen a game of rugby where the referees made no mistakes?  Refereeing mistakes are part of the game – they have been since day dot, they were on Saturday and they will be in future games.  

Mistakes are made even when the TMO system is used to adjudicate on whether a try has been scored or not – no matter how many angles people look at, we are human beings and we are all capable of having different opinions even when looking at the same footage.  The NFL system in the USA where general field calls can be referred to the video referee produces the same disputes and holds the game up for long periods of time whilst a decision is made that is often disputed anyway if the decision doesn’t go the way someone wanted it to. 

Do we really want to watch a game that is constantly interrupted whilst a TMO views more and more angles at normal speed, then in slow motion, then frame by frame?  I doubt many of us want more stoppages during a game, so unless someone has come up with an all seeing, all knowing robot referee that can make decisions on the run during a game, we have to accept that mistakes will be made by referees and get on with it.

To give you an idea of how tough it is for a referee and his assistants to pick up everything we can assume from Gagger’s video that the assistant was watching Woodcock in the scrum so that leaves Lawrence to watch everything else.  Here’s what Lawrence had to consider.

The relevant laws regarding that scrum are:

  • 20.3(f) which says that “All players in a scrum, other than front-row players, must bind on a lock’s body with at least one arm.”
  • 20.3 Definition which says that “When a player binds on a team mate that player must use the whole arm from hand to shoulder to grasp the team mate’s body …”;
  • 20.1(f) which says that “… All eight players must stay bound to the scrum until it ends…”;
  • 20.10(c) which says that the scrum ends when “… the hindmost player unbinds from the scrum with the ball at that player’s feet …”. 

The first image below shows the last frame before McCaw loses contact with the scrum.  Is he bound? Not according to the laws because he only has his hand on the scrum but it’s become one of those laws that seldom gets enforced so we shouldn’t be surprised and you can see that Elsom is also not bound as he’s only got his hands on the scrum.  It’s a bit like that rule that says you must feed the ball straight into the scrum! 

Did McCaw unbind before Read – yes.  According to the laws, did Elsom unbind before McCaw – yes.  Should it have been a free kick to the All Blacks – yes.  Should advantage then apply to the All Blacks or does McCaw infringing cancel out Elsom’s infringement?  This is getting a bit complicated!!  Referees let players use a hand bind all the time, so I can live with it being play on at that stage. 

The next image shows the last frame before Read unbinds and the scrum ends.  The time difference from when McCaw lost contact with the scrum and when Read lost contact is 32/100ths of a second!  Should the play have been pulled up at that time because McCaw didn’t even have a hand on the scrum – yes.  In 32/100ths of a second though I can understand how you might blink and miss that.








Did Woodcok’s hand hitting the ground have any impact on the result of the scrum?  No, but should Lawrence have pulled the scrum up and awarded a free kick against Woodcock first – yes.  Having not done so, should he have pulled up the scrum for Elsom unbinding – yes.  But he didn’t pull it up and the try was allowed and as I said earlier that’s what happens in the game of rugby.

It’s subsequently been claimed that the refereeing mistakes at this scrum cost the Wallabies the game.  Did it really?  I’m a passionate Wallaby fan and I like nothing more than seeing the Wallabies beat the All Blacks (okay maybe beating the Poms might rank a little higher) but I can’t believe any Wallaby supporter genuinely believes that the referees cost the Wallabies this game. 

If you believe it did, I say to you, what about the O’Connor try that came from a scrum that should never had occurred because the pass from Jane was clearly not forward – don’t those refereeing mistakes cancel each other out?

What about Pocock not being allowed the advantage when it appeared he was in the clear after the All Blacks lost the ball in the first half I hear you say. Well, what about the fact that the whistle had already gone before Pocock broke the line and Vito pulled out of the tackle that would have stopped Pocock?

What about what happened when Muliaina was tackled (brilliantly I might add) by Turner – Turner got to his feet and played the ball legally in my opinion but O’Connor tackled Jane without the ball as he was about to pick up the ball and fall over the line to score a try – in my opinion that was a penalty try to the All Blacks and a yellow card for O’Connor.

What about the question of whether the referee should have halted play in the lead up to the Ashley-Cooper try when he got in the way?  Did he only impede the attacking team and was therefore right to take his whistle back out of his mouth?  If you were sitting here with me I’d take you through a frame by frame playback from which I think you can make a good case that he should have pulled up play and awarded a scrum to the Wallabies.

My point is that for every argument from a Wallaby fan about what the referee did, I think there’s a valid argument from an All Black fan that the refereeing decisions actually cost the All Blacks more than the Wallabies.

Rather than having these circular arguments as to what would have happened if the referee had made this decision or that decision, don’t we have anything better to talk about?  I thought it was a great game of rugby with some good attack and defence from both sides. 

Turner and Beale both had blinders.  Turner’s desperation to make that tackle on Muiliana was fantastic.  Sharpe and Pocock were outstanding. Pocock’s desperation to make that tackle on Smith from behind late in the game when he’d already worked himself to a standstill should have us all applauding.

I believe the Wallabies took another step forward on Saturday.  There are still many more steps to take but the improvement over the last three games has been really good.  That’s more interesting to me than what the referees did or didn’t do.

  • Bravo!

    • The Rant

      So 16 paragraphs later, apparently Austin really didn’t have anything else to talk about ;)

      Agree that we should stick to the game – Tri-Nations is done. Let’s take a step back and appraise.

      And while we’re at it give the kiwis a deserved clap – there was talk during the S14 that if ever there was going to be a year to get the bledisloe back it was this year with the kiwis struggling to get a team into the 4 and 2 home games. They were in a ‘rebuilding phase’ (which in the end only took a couple of games, not 3.5 years) – and 4 months later we’re talking about them as ‘one of the great all-black’ teams, having become the first to win all 6 TN games (even in the days when they only played 4 if I’m right). I suspect it may have more to do with the quality and experience of opposition – both Aus and SA being a mix of long on one and short on the other.

      Even with injuries I’m not convinced we ever picked our most competitive 15, forwards or backs – but the blokes picked gave it everything they could. Sharpie should have been the captain, that’s obvious – I’m fairly sure the wallabies captaincy was part of the ARU negotiation to get Rocky back to australia. Hopefully the S15 gives us a better chance to keep an eye on all the aussies players.

      Extra praise for Turner, he played out of his skin for a man who only 2 months ago was on the outer and disillusioned with rugby thanks to Deans giving him no explanation for dropping him from playing every test last year to not even the bench this year.Deans is rubbish at people skills – even the other wingers who got called up for the SA tour admitted it was a surprise as Robbie hadn’t even talked to them.

      Sux we don’t have a decent local comp going now to watch while we wait for the EOYT.

      That’s todays Rant.

  • Bullrush

    Great post!!

    I was telling my wife how excessively the Aussies were complaining about this try and she said to me, “If it had been the All Blacks instead of the Wallabies you’d probably be exactly the same.”

    And she’s probably right. For example, don’t talk to me about the 2007 RWC and ‘that’ pass in the AB/France game. 3 years later I’ve almost accepted it :)

    Great to see fans are passionate about their team and their country – as long as it doesn’t get too serious and personal, long may it continue!!

    • I’m not sure precisely why this scrum is so intriguing – I personally don’t think it cost us the game. Perhaps it’s such a brazen tactic that it deserves attention.

      You don’t see such a thing every day, so discussing the legality or otherwise is quite merited, I think, because it sets a precedent. Kinda like Common Law.

      • When I say ‘precedent’, I mean for other teams rather than for other refs. So not quite like common law in that sense.

        Hey, if this is acceptable, I wouldn’t mind trying it myself. That sort of thing.

  • Well said Lance,
    Blaming the referee is far too easy to do, but if we really want a scapegoat we need to look closer to home.
    It was a great game of rugby, had we won it would have been even better.

    • Lance Free

      It was Austin not me Moses but I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment. It’s just bleating when we psychoanalyse the refereeing decisions in cases like this. It’s swings and roundabouts.

      The classic example of course was when the Kiwis were knocked out of the RWC in 2007 and Wayne Barnes missing the ‘alleged’ forward pass. You can still hear the bleats….

      We wouldn’t be whinging about McCaw if we had won the match. Move on FFS.

      • Apologies Austin,
        It’s just you both have what looks like Mortlock in your gravatars and I got confused!

  • Bravo indeed!

  • Lee Enfield

    The Refs mistake didn’t cost the Wallabies the game, Giteau choking and missing 4 kicks did.

  • sam_herd

    Austin types: “When have you ever seen a game of rugby where the referees made no mistakes? Refereeing mistakes are part of the game…”

    Hmmm, well me sez maybe the query should read: “When have ya ever seen a game where the whistleblower replies to the touchie’s ‘valid’ interruption of Black cheatin’, ‘Mark, Black hand [this side]’ and the good ref replies ‘What’s wrong?’ and the touchie reiterates ‘Prop hand this side [Woodcock]’ and Mark sez ‘OK, call it to me live [please] – keep those hands up’ and in the scrum reset Mr Du Preez the touchie immediately calls it ‘live’ as per Mark’s request ‘Black hand’ and Mark doesn’t hear, well obviously the good ref was so enthralled with the state of play that effectively his hearing totally failed him… or umm, he doesn’t like Mr Deans?”

    • Nabley

      Come on Sam Herd. Resets are resets and anything that has happened may get a warning but generally are forgotten about as part of the process of resetting.

      Given the noise at the ground, I think the ref would have had a job hearing even if the touchie had used a megaphone and he was only a few metres away. It never ceases to amaze me how much difficulty refs have hearing the TMO when tries are scored, so a touchie out in the open would be worse.

  • Tangawizi

    I videoed that scrum from my seat 10 rows back which shows the reverse angle from that on the tv. Will try to post it in the forum tonight.
    But to cut a long story short, that try was scored because James O’Connor took a wrong option. Rushed in, almost as if he was trying to pick the ball up himself and then was in Elsoms way once the pass was thrown.

    • sam_herd

      That’d be good if you could upload the footage, yeah!

      • Tangawizi

        Here is link to the footage. Explicit language warning is required.

    • Robson

      I tend to agree and it also passed through my mind, albeit very quickly because there was nothing to impede its progress, that O’Connor had an intercept on his mind. That’s the immediate impression I got. Wing is one of the most positionally complex positions on the team and it worries me that Deans is trying to manufacture O’Connor into one; when his skill set clearly has greater potency elsewhere on the field.

      • sam_herd

        It was terrific to see JOC pin the ears back and go in like lightning for that first try for us… I actually think Deans has the current backline congifuration working pretty well because Beale at the back is also in his element chiming into the backline… fingers crossed for Hong Kong… as with all tests, it has to first and foremost be won in the forwards. As Crowley said at the conclusion, we’ve got some potent forwards still to return so next year may well be a different result for us.

      • realist

        or just elsewhere

  • Top Bloke

    Top Post !

  • Skip

    thank all that is good and clean that you wrote this. My faith in the sport is tested by journalists (Bob Dwyer’s squeal a few days ago was especially sour) and my faith in humanity is tested by the abuse thrown around by “fans” on various forums. Today, at least it’s been partly restored.

    Well done. Still gutted we lost though.

  • dave

    You convinced me to stfu about it. A game of swings and roundabouts – swings and bloody roundabouts.

  • wilful

    I think you’ve completely missed the point. The point isn’t that the ref made a mistake, these can happen and always will. The point is that this was a deliberate, practised move by McCaw, it wasn’t an ‘honest’ mistake.

    • sam_herd

      Did McCaw really break early from the scrum? Seemed borderline to me, and none of the Ch.7 commentary team uttered a word of disagreement when the Kiwi captain crossed to score.

    • Austin

      Of course it is a practiced move – the All Blacks would know that most refs wouldn’t pull up an early detachment if the player still has a hand on the scrum.

      The difference between this being a clever move pushing the ref to the limit and a move that will likely be penalised next time it’s seen was 32/100ths of a second in this case – I doubt they are good enough to practice with that precision.

      More likely is that McCaw got the timing slightly wrong. We probably won’t see this move again for quite a while as teams will be onto it.

      Is it cheating? No, just as it’s not cheating when halfbacks practice rolling the ball into the scrum on their own side. Tim Horan was making the point in the commentary on Saturday night that Genia should feed the ball into the scrum further on the Wallaby side when the scrum was under pressure.

      It’s just pushing the ref to the limit and it’s the way the game is played by all sides, some better than others.

      • Scotty

        Austin, if the ABs score from this planned move again, where again it is obvious the blindside breaks early, and the refs let it go, can we complain about it then?

        If it happens next year in the final minutes of the RWC final, where the kiwis are down by 4 points, will you complain about it then?

        • Austin


          Feel free to complain anytime you like – not trying to tell anyone not to voice their opinion, just voicing mine.

          If it happens as you say in the RWC final, I’ll be wrapped that the Wallabies made the final but then I’ll be spitting chips, however unless it’s the only referreing mistake that results in a try in that game, I won’t say that’s what cost us the RWC.

          That was easy to write but I wonder if I’d really remain that objective if it was a RWC final?

  • I agree with Austin, but also with Sam Herd. Ridiculous that Lawrence didn’t act on his touchie’s instruction.

  • Touko

    One of the things I can’t explain is why the Wallabies can’t learn a bit from the All Black’s street-smarts. With the Wallabies hanging on desperately and 6 points up why didn’t the Wallabies cynically and cleverly give away a penalty?! I was screaming at my TV “Give ‘em 3 points you mongrels!! Don’t bloody give ‘em 7!!” But what did they do…? Frankly I can’t see the All Blacks giving away 2 converted tries in the last 15 minutes. The All Blacks would have given up one or two penalties and had the ref thinking of pulling out his yellow card. But the All Blacks would have won.

    • reggie

      deliberately giving away a penalty in the red zone is pretty risky. had the all blacks gained a penalty and an australian player got sent off then it would of been even more harder to defend their goal line and i doubt the all blacks would of taken the shot at goal with the advantage of an extra man and with only a few minutes on the clock.

    • suckerforred

      I would also say that had the roles, and field position, been reversed the AB’s would not have given away a deliberate penality. Why – I really think that we had them scared for most of that game, and our attacking game would mean 80% chance of 5 points. (Try not likely to be converted with current circumstances.) Just look at how stressed Sir Ritchie was getting towards the end.

  • Mart

    Agreed. Who cares, they scored…Occonnor fuked up! simple.
    Put it too bed, we sound like whingers

  • old weary

    Very well written Austin –

    agree with everything you say except one thing… nothing ranks higher than beating the kiwi’s (except beating the AB’s in extra time ala Kefu/Eales)

  • Thomas

    Hear hear, Austin.

    At the end of the day there are just a lot frustrated Australian supporters out there right now (me included). We all just want to see our boys fulfill their potential and beat the bloody All Blacks for once! However, if we’re going to be overly critical and play the ‘blame the ref’ and ‘the All Blacks are cheaters’ game, you make a great point when you say that you do have to be impartial and consider the Wallabies mistakes and infringements too.

    The Wallabies bend the rules to their advantage wherever they can, but the All Blacks are just better at it. One thing that’s been confirmed in this series is that the All Blacks are supreme exploiters of the scrum. If they can get away with it – well, all power to them. Anyone who says they’d be complaining if the Wallabies won a game in this fashion is a liar.

  • Bear

    Hey Austin and Thomas you may be Australian but I actually like you. It is such a breath of fresh air to read your balanced comments. All rugby teams bend the rules as much as possible to gain an advantage including the Aust Super teams and the Wbs. The Abs are jus better and smarter at it. The WBs will win again eventually but not this year or next year. They may have improved but the Abs were right off their game for most of the match and we all saw what happens when they’re on their game.

    Keep writing guys and I’ll keep reading. Thanks!!!

  • hakkon

    +1 for Bravo.

  • Are we still talking about this scrum?

  • MattyP

    Are you being ironic, Austin?

    Your quoting of the law is selective and therefore your analysis of it is wrong. Law 20.10(c) requires the hindmost player to have the ball at his feet, detach, and pick up the ball. The mere detaching of the 8 (or any other player) doesn’t end the scrum.

    I think the most interesting thing is not that the refs made an error, or whether it was that moment that cost the game. Rather, the point of interest is that the All Blacks have a pre-meditated backrow play that only works if the flanker detaches early. They even have the flankers switch sides – putting “Teflon” Richie on the blindside to make sure that they won’t get pinged for detaching early.

    But this really is a side show to the two real determinant factors in the game – WB’s ability to convert pressure and possession into maximum points (ie kicking) and the All Blacks’ ability to step up at the business end of the game while we (and our bench) went missing.

  • Groucho

    Austin, I strongly agree with your sentiment, but you accidentally left out a bit of 20.10(c), which actually says that the scrum ends when “…the hindmost player unbinds from the scrum with the ball at that player’s feet and picks up the ball.

    But yes, it is time to end this nonense.

  • Linus

    I’m surprised no one has commented on the way Genia defended the play by retreating to the open side of the scrum. Seeing the blind winger and half move he has left Rocky and JO’C to defend the blind side, and thought he was responsible for the no.8. So there was an pattern that the Wallabies play that the AB’s have recognised and exploited.

    I think the play was actually designed to isolate JO’C and worse case scenario was Richie one on one with JO’C, but his decision left him untouched. I was screaming at Genia to stay.

  • Spectron

    Excellent comment. I Agree the ref did not cost the Wallabies the game. There are tons of decisions going both ways each and every game. The only thing I disagree with is your comment the Wallabies have moved forward. To illistrate there complete lack of progress, they lost by 1 point last year in Sydney. One year on and still no profress. They look better in attack but far worse in defense and for my money far more lacking in mental strength. How they can constantly blow huge leads is of a serious concern. No point talking up the world cup chances and progress in developing the if they are still unable to string 2 win together against decent opposition.

  • Bear

    One thing that is really annoying and laughable is the comment “All Blacks will choke next year”. After the Wbs have choked a number of times this season and the ABs have shown extreme courage under fire and come through unscathed you’d think supposedly intelligent Aussies would stop rolling out that old line. I guess you guys need something to hang on to. Oh wait what hapened last WC? WBs choked?? Is it a case of “If we can’t win it, we don’t want the ABs to win it? Come on guys, do you really want SA or a NThrn Hemi team to win the WC??? Really do you??? Think about it. You don’t want to see another WC final like the last one do you?? GO the ABs!!!!!

    • Robson

      ……or the Wallabies.

    • suckerforred

      Any One but England & AB’s.

      Either way WC final has the best two teams in the world playing and is great rugby. Said that in 2007 when WB’s weren’t there, 2003 when they were, and will say it next year no matter who is there. Who I support on the night changes, that’s all.

    • Lee Enfield

      If the Wallabies can’t win the World Cup, I don’t care who wins as long as the All Blacks don’t. I don’t care who the All Blacks play, I will always go for the opposing team. Actually, it doesn’t matter what sport it is, I always hope the Kiwis lose.

    • KangaDingo

      is that uncle j bear from allblacks,com?

  • Spectron

    Agree with regarding the AB’s choking, they look good and I seriously doubt this will happen. Saying that there is a chance they could lose to a better team on the day. A year is a very long time in rugby. Last tear the AB’s looked terrible, lost to France at home and lost 3 in a row to the Boks. If it was not for the Wallabies being so unbelievably bad the AB’s could have lost more tests. Look how far the AB’s have come in a year. Any of the top 5 teams are capable of a big improvement or fall in 1 year. As for the Wallabies cheering the AB’s, have you lost your mind? Why would they cheer for anyone else but the Wallabies, especially a year out from even the the first kick off of the world cup? If the Wallabies are knocked, they still wouldn’t. Would you cheer for the Wallabies if the AB’s were knocked out? No kiwi I have ever met would.

  • Coc0nut

    I might be tempted to support the Aussies, but just the prospect of the Green and Gold fans gleefully rubbing it in for the next four years would be simply unbearable…. if the Kiwis didn’t go through, then I would would go for some team like the French or Argentinians. There is only one country worse for gloating than Australia, and that is Engerland… so supporting them is entirely out of the question, and the arrogance of the Saffas crosses them off the list for me…. so there you go – if not the ABs, then France, Samoa or Argentina!!
    An ANZAC team a la the British Lions on the other hand, well that is something that intrigues me… I tend to think that the ABs and Wallabies play a similar brand of rugby, and would complement each other very well – I think a North vs. Southern Hemisphere one-off to settle once and for all what we already know – which is the better hemisphere for rugby?!
    Thoughts anyone?

    • An ANZAC tour, should be held every year as a fund raiser…

    • Robson

      I’d like to see an ANZAC team play against the Northern Hemisphere, or anyone for that matter – Mars or Jupiter even. But would an ANZAC team suffer the same selection jealousies that have often plagued the Lions? And would the Aussies in the side take kindly to Steve Hansen teaching them how to cheat at scrum time a la the ABs? Or, for that matter, Robbie Deans telling them to play what’s in front of them.

      • Or having a player like Gits blow a match cause he can’t kick from the right hand side of the field?

        • Coc0nut

          well you wouldn’t need to worry about that, because I couldn’t see him actually making the run-on side, or kicking for that matter…. I would think there was someone a little bit better for that particular job….!

      • Jimmy

        That would be fantastic. ANZAC v Lions. I’ve always wanted to see a Southern Hemisphere v Northern Hemisphere match too. Probably wouldn’t be much of a contest though considering the south has the top three teams right now.

        • MattyP

          Happened in 1989. A non-event from recollection. May be different these days.

    • Lee Enfield

      But both England and Australia pale into insignifcance compared to New Zuland when it comes to gloating.

  • Garry

    Good article Austin. Puts some perspective on things.

    AB’s will continue to play at the line of the law, ref’s will continue to try to keep pace with the game, and from time to time come up with poor decisions, PObrien will be silent when he shouldn’t, and all will have to cop it. Right, let’s put that to bed and move on.

    Now to a more pressing matter, the state of our own poor performances (have we forgot). We need to get up to our own potential, so that we can watch the AB’s supporters bitch about rulings (and then listen to Paddy bleat ), and that can only be achieved if the three (two) current coaches are removed. ARU need to start talks with other options (Australian please), and we need to pay out Dingo’s contract.

    I’ll put the first lobster in the hat, will you match it dollar for dollar big JON?

  • Bear

    Spectron you are right the WBs were unbelieveably bad last year which possibly reduced the number of games the ABs may have lost. I don’t expect any Aussie to support the ABs if the WBs get knocked out of the WC. However, the question I was really asking was who would you rather see play in the WC final if Aust were not there? For fans of running Rugby it would have to be ABs and maybe France. For me if (God forbid) the ABs were not to make next years final I would prefer to see a WBs vs France final and I would watch with interest and probably hop that France beat you guys.

    To be honest I don’t believe that scenario will happen. The ABs have a lot of improvfement in them and they will still get better.

  • Bear

    Garry I’m not really a fan of RD but who the hell would you put in as coach. I don’t rate any of the current Aussie coaches so that leaves you a bit thin. Australias lack of a provincial competition does not only slow the development of players, it also slows the development of coaches. Club footy is not a high enough standard to develop either in the professional game. NZ and SA have so many more players and coaches at that higher level than NZ so they get more coming through to Super Rugby and Test Rugby.

    I’d like to hear your thoughts.

  • Bear

    That last WC final wasn’t the best 2 teams they were the 2 teams that had the most luck and got through to the final. This is not whinging about the ref but supposed the forward pass in the French game was picked up and called. The ABs would most likely have won that game. The scare given them would have shaken them out of their lethagy and I believe they would have played to their potential and won the lot. Knockout tournaments (in many sports) are notorious for producing finals of questionable quality because better teams have an off day or an outside influence effects the result. The last WC final was a terrible game of rugby. That sort of rugby is what was driving away the fans who want to see the running game.

    • This is not whinging about the ref but supposed the forward pass in the French game was picked up and called. The ABs would most likely have won that game

      So there weren’t other decisions that went the other way in that game as well?

      The ABs are just so choice eh bro.

  • Sean

    Gagger, I think I am right in saying that the French side did not concede a penalty after about the 30 minute mark. That may well be unique at top level international rugby. I think what is probably most amazing is that the AB’s almost won.

  • D.

    I don’t think we have anything else to talk about for a few weeks!!!!!!!!! Keep it going!!!!!!! Come next October, we f!@# roll these c@#$% okay!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bear

    Love you work Coc0nut

  • andy

    This is not another whine, just an ask for info. How can the ab’s linger on the other side of most breakdowns, either on their feet such as Reid often does, or off them, either having dived or walked through from their side, or from a takle such as Donnely often does. If it is legal why don’t the Boks or he Wallabies do the same….it works

  • Nabley

    At last a decent bit of analysis and common sense. After all it is rugby and a game at that.

  • Matto

    Great to read an article from someone who is really interested in the game. Austin, please write more.

  • KangaDingo

    @uncle bear
    stop friggin whining like a stuffed kiwi.
    How u been ol mate?
    When they gonna let me back at the abs web site?
    Bloody new rules they got there!
    who caused that?

  • KangaDingo

    @ j bear
    We on my turf now bro!

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