The Dropped Kick-Off 19 - Hospital Passes (Q&A II with the GAGR News Team) - Green and Gold Rugby

The Dropped Kick-Off 19 – Hospital Passes (Q&A II with the GAGR News Team)

The Dropped Kick-Off 19 – Hospital Passes (Q&A II with the GAGR News Team)

The footy is back, ladies and gentlemen! And with it comes the podcasts.

To coincide with the return of Super Rugby AU, The Dropped Kick-Off returns for another round of Q&A, with Nick, Nathan, Jack and Dylan from the GAGR News Team answering the tough questions posed by rugby folk on the Twittersphere.

The Questions:

1. Ballymore Rat – Who’s going to win Aus Super Rugby and why is it the Reds?
2. Jamie Hevia – 5 teams – is it sustainable? Both here and in NZ, purely domestic comp. as great as it is. I think not. If domestic comp is the way forward we need A more teams OR playoff between NZ and Oz.
3. Qwasimodo – Is an all youth team really that good for development? Eg tahs and reds or should they be creating more of a mix
4. Reds Revival – Scrum resets (particularly towards the end of the game) are a major issue for viewers. How can it be improved?
5. RugbyReg – If we could only bring 3 ex pats home to play for the Wallabies, who would they be?
6. Hugh Cavill – Give me Wallaby 10 rankings out of JOC, Toomua, Harrison, Lolesio.

Have some thoughts on these questions or have any questions you want to ask us for a future episode? Let us know in the comments!


  • Tah Tragic

    Is the issue of scrum resets the scrum battle considered boring or is it the time wasting?

    As an old hooker I have to say I love a contest of evenly matched scrums and honestly the resetting can add to the excitement. One of my favourite games is the 2015 RWC Pool games with Aus v Eng and not because of Foley or Gits tries but for the way the Wallaby scrum that slowly dominated the Eng scrum over the course of the game. It was beautiful to watch, Marler being smashed and then sub’ed and when you could actually see Poite change his mind mid-penalty. Fantastic stuff.

    My worry is that we could lose this if we are not careful. It is one thing that truly separates Rugby from any other sport.

    So my solution is for a scrum to take up 30 seconds of game time no matter how long it takes to set and reset. If there are 10 resets then it still counts as 30 seconds. Therefore at the end of a game there is no incentive for a team defending to continually reset scrums to run down the clock as it will be stopped automatically. It also fixes the safety issue of the 60s rule is GRR where there is an infringement if there is no outcome for the scrum.

    Also, I agree that refs need to make a decision on scrums. I think the refs are part of the problem. The rules are there just enforce them; similar to the way the breakdown rules are being enforced in NZ at the moment.

    • Nicholas Wasiliev

      I think that stopping the clock is a great idea, and it would certainly play a big impact in terms of not eating up critical game time.

      The refs one, while incredibly valid, is very difficult as one refs interpretation of what a scrum infringement might be may vary heavily from another. It’s a big problem. Maybe the rules laid out aren’t clear enough on what constitutes an infringement or not? Or, should refs take a lead from an international ref that sets a good example of how to manage a scrum properly?

  • Hugh Cavill

    Thanks guys, agree with your 10 rankings by and large. Dylan nailed it for me, there’s so much to like about Lolesio that you’d be mad not to see how he looks at Test level, though maybe not right out of the gate. Throw Toomua outside him at 12 to add a bit of steel in defence and I think you might have something.


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