Eddie Jones' next job at Leciester Tigers?

The tip off – Eddie’s next job

The tip off – Eddie’s next job
"...yaw, thets right you've been boned. Over."

"...yaw, thets right. You've been boned. Ovah."

Eddie Jones has become the Where’s Wally of rugby over the last few years; some might offer the Scarlet Pimpernel, for others he may well be the Quasimodo, all crazy, sitting in a bell tower making heaps of noise getting in trouble with authorities.

Whatever Eddie is, one thing he isn’t is unemployed for very long. Sure he has his bread and butter job with Suntory in Japan, but our mate Eddie likes his fingers in many pies, so in which freshly baked offering will Eddie place his digits in next?

Eddies latest house of cards, Saracens, has come crashing down around his ears due to interference of his one time employer, the South African Rugby Football Union. Despite having the overall support of the players, he has chosen to walk instead of live in the shadow of the axe from management – more power to him I say! 

The last time Eddie was boned from a job when the players thought he was doing a good job, was the Wallabies gig. What did Eddie do, went off and teamed up with Jake White and won the World Cup, talk about revenge being a meal best eaten cold!

What will Eddie do now?

If I were a betting man, which I am, I would have a substantial wager on Eddie once again teaming up with his mate Jake White. The club – Leicester. With White being courted heavily to take over the reins at the English glamour club, and both of them having substantial axes to grind with the South African establishment, watch for Eddie and White to be the men to plot the downfall of a particular English club that has recently become the play thing of the SARFU.


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