Photo Gallery: Reds v. Blues - Green and Gold Rugby
Queensland Reds

Photo Gallery: Reds v. Blues

Photo Gallery: Reds v. Blues

Hi guys. Game 3 taking photo’s for and I’m pretty happy with my improvement. My big lesson for this week is to check my shutter speed! Even though I set it at 1/1000 before going on the pitch by the time the game started it was on 1/400! So the shots aren’t as sharp as they could be. The good news is I’m getting more focused shots and some that are not quite there but I like. I’ve included a couple in the Photo Gallery that the pro’s probably wouldn’t of shared.

On to the Photo Gallery. You can scroll with your arrow keys and see a larger image by clicking on the photo. Hope you enjoy them.

Rene Ranger was a handful all night!

Photo Gallery: Reds v. Blues

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  • Great stuff mate. You’ll need one of those old-skool photographer’s vests soon, though without film anymore…

    • With the pockets every where? That’d be neat.

  • Steve Holland

    Big improvement this week, well done. Like the tight cropping too.

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