Final NSW Schools trial day - Green and Gold Rugby

Final NSW Schools trial day

Final NSW Schools trial day

There were six NSW Opens selection trials at Curagal Field in North Turramurra  yesterday with teams from Country, Combined Catholic Colleges plus two teams each from ISA, CHS, CAS and four from GPS.

The main game was between GPS I and CHS I and it was a squeaker.


GPS I  22 — CHS I 2o

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GPS were lucky to get away with a win against CHS

First half

GPS were quickly out of the blocks and 15 Bill Freeman scored in the corner after a few minutes of play.


Bill Freeman – scored first try

The GPS backline appeared to be working OK and the forwards were doing well.

Two penalties to CHS saw them take the lead 6 -5 in the first 20 minutes.

In the interim GPS 6 Max Girdler had a head injury and was replaced by Hayson for a few minutes

Quick penalty taken by GPS and a try to 14 Tom Wright near the corner was not converted. The speed of the play beat CHS who were not in position. GPS 10 – CHS 6

2 Ed Craig, 3 Peter Ivic and 4 Andrew Vatuvei for CHS combined well for some good forward play and made inroads into the GPS defense.
Good GPS try with a backline movement seeing 13 Henry Hutchinson set up 12 Dan England to score and converted by 10 McGregor which gave a halftime score of GPS 17 – CHS 6.



Second Half

CHS forwards came out with the front row stepping up and the second row winning GPS lineouts. CHS 1 Harry Johnson-Holmes, 4 Andrew Vatuvei, 5 and 6 Kieran Bonin  playing well.

CHS 7 Phil Bradford and 8 LachlanArgis also stepped up.  GPS brought on Jack Hayson to replace Girdler

More penalties against GPS with pressure being applied CHS 1 Johnson-Holmes continues to play well, and 9 Ben Ridgeway is looking impressive.  10 Josh Thorndyke and 15 Jayden Wright are also playing OK

GPS 12 England held up over the line after a good movement.

CHS have stolen the ball again, forwards have turned things around.

Angus Crichton scores after passing from the breakdown: 9  Theo Strang to England to Crichton to go over unopposed in the corner.
22 – 6 with kick unsuccessful.

Used every vowel

CHS reserve Lukhn Lealaiauloto – used every vowel to help CHS comeback

From the kickoff 25 Lukhan Lealaiauloto for CHS passed to Vatuvei to score a try, which was converted by 15 Wright.
GPS 22 – CHS 13

1, 2, 4 & 5 for CHS have improved their workrate and impressed at the breakdown and seemed to outplay their opposite numbers at times during the half.

GPS kept attacking however were not retaining the ball at contact or finishing the moves.

Lineout was won by 5 Will Finley and taken in by 4 Andrew Vatuvei who scored next to the posts which converted by Wright with only a minute to go.

GPS 22 – CHS 20 Fulltime


Game of two halves GPS 1st half winners and CHS 2nd half.

It was an interesting game with GPS starting off well in the first half and going out to a good lead with the backs and forwards combining well.

The second half was won by CHS with two converted tries to bring them to within two points of victory.


The players

Best for GPS were 15 Freeman, 14 Wright, 13 Hutchinson, 9 Strang, 8 Crichton and 3 Fifita

Best for CHS were 4 Vatuvei, 2 Craig, 5 Finley


15 Freeman 14 Wright 12 England 8 Crichton tries
10 McGregor 1 conversion
4 Vatuvei 2 Tries
15 Wright 2 Penalties 2 Conversions


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  • Nick

    Thanks for the article Lee.

  • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

    I reckon if I still lived in Sydney that I’d be watching these young guns at Turramurra. It’s simply not possible for me, so getting a chance to read your reports are very much appreciated.

  • Frontrow Fan

    Spotted early on Saturday morning at Chatswood v Eastwood colts fixtures at Chatswood Oval: Ed Craig in high viz vest running water for his colties mates. Nice to see some good clubmanship and willingness to serve in up-and-coming youngsters.

  • Hugh J

    Great article summarising a good day of footy.

    @Lee Grant’s great camera work is only matched by the captioning of some of the photos:
    Lukhan Lealaiauloto – used every vowel to help CHS comeback.
    “Jumbo” Lotoaniu – about to score popular try
    Max Hendrie – flying winger

    Like the text of the CHS I v GPS I report, I thought that 4. Vatuvei scored the second CHS I try, but the ground announcer gave it to 6. Bonin.

    • Lee Grant

      I was unsighted and took the announcer at his word. I know that Vatuvei scored the first try. Jasdec said he scored both but probably used a source for his scoring details – so I have changed them.

      Good spotting.

      PS “Jumbo” is Lotoaniu’s actual nickname.


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