Freakish winner of final 3N pick the score comp - Green and Gold Rugby

Freakish winner of final 3N pick the score comp

Freakish winner of final 3N pick the score comp

I say freakish because the very first score prediction of the 90 plus we got was from Bones who hit it right on the money first time – 25-20 BOOM.

Yeah, I didn’t believe it either, but a forensic investigation validated the prediction as authentic.

Explaining himself, Bones said

Thanks.  I use a proprietary forecasting technique based on closely analysing beer foam as it settles.  Earlier predictions in any session tend to be more accurate

There you have it – the key to success. I am a bit disappointed he didn’t mention the G&GR stubby cooler, but whatever – the book and manual are on their way to Bones!

Congrats to all the winners, thanks to everyone who took part in the comp, thanks to the prize providers and shame on the Wallaby doubters!

  • Funk

    He probably would have mentioned the stubby coolers if you’d thrown a couple in with the prize!

    • bones

      Gags – thats a great idea. Can you toss a couple of the Rooting for the Wallabies stubbies in with the kit. It was a hole in one.

      • Muffy

        Bones, I am hereby starting a petition to get you free stubby cooler, after all its Friday and I am doing nothing..

        GAGR how many like for him to get the cooler?

        • Muffy

          Like = Pay that

          (I think I might have given up a little bit of manhood there)

  • D.

    Great comp! Hope to see more of this. Thanks guys for organizing it and the sponsors for the prizes. This site just keeps getting better and better.

    By the way, thanks for putting the dominance clock back up. It’s greatly appreciated!

    • robbo999

      Given that we just played the last Tri-Nations game ver it going to be running for a very long time


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