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Friday’s Rugby News

Friday’s Rugby News

Friday’s rugby news has Michael Hooper free to play in the Bledisloe Cup, Quade Cooper unwanted by his club side, Albert Anae joins the Brumbies and England presented social media guidelines. 

Hooper Free for Bledisloe

Michael Hooper has been suspended for one week but will be available to play the All Blacks on August 8.

Hooper will serve his suspension for Manly in their quarter-final against Randwick on Saturday after the Wallabies flanker was named on the bench for Manly earlier this week.

“He hasn’t been cleared, he has been found guilty and I know that Michael from the moment he got cited was disappointed. He is such a clean player,” said Wallabies coach Michael Cheika.

“He plays hard but he plays very fair and very clean so he is very, very disappointed. Like he said, we are not keen on seeing our players being cited and then being given a suspension of any kind that is going to stick on that man’s record.

“That (Bledisloe Cup) part is a bonus, no doubt about that, the fact that he is going to be available for that match. Now he just has to hunker down and train hard and get himself in.”

Cooper Unwanted by Club

Reds v. Rebels - Photo Review

Quade Cooper has been turned down by his club rugby team Souths after offering his services to the club for their match this weekend.

Souths coach Brett Picone has decided to stick with his backline rather than risking unsettling it.

“We’re pretty excited but we have no pressure or expectations on us,” Picone said.

“From day one I don’t think anyone’s expected us to get there.”

Minor premiers Easts will take on Souths in Sunday’s Premier Rugby grand final.

Anae Joins Brumbies

Former Queensland Reds player Albert Anae has signed a one year deal with the Brumbies with the option of a second year.

Anae played 27 matches for the Queensland Reds before joining Italian club Benetton Treviso.

“I thought I had a lot more to give to Australian rugby and I wanted to give it a crack one more time in Super Rugby,” Anae said.

“I enjoyed my time [in Italy], but deep down inside I knew I wanted to come back to Super Rugby.

“To get picked up by the Brumbies, it’s a real honour to be here. You come across forwards that play internationals for their own countries and you get real starstruck.”

England’s Twitter Rules

In the lead up to the World Cup England’s rugby players have been given a long list of social media guidelines.

Players have also been warned to refrain from posting pictures of drinking, smoking, nudity or while driving.

The Telegraph newspaper gained access to a copy of a 24-point social media guide for the World Cup, which includes the advice: “do not post when you are in a bad mood or immediately after a tough loss” and warns: “Other players may try to provoke you via social media. Don’t react.”

  • Cramps

    ‘England expects every man to do his duty’

    There will be a fair bit of pressure on those fellas (and not just to avoid the mess they made of the 2011 campaign). Hopefully that will help us.

    To beat them at twickenham would be a sweet, sweet victory. But it won’t be easy!!

    • Undoubtedly, there will be more pressure on England than any other team at the World Cup. With the way the English media is reporting it, it seems that anything less than lifting Bill on home soil will be a failure. It’s really unfair on the lads I think, yeah they are a good team but they have a very hard pool and either a QF with New Zealand or a Semi vs Ireland on the way to the final. It’ll be a tough ask.

      Buy hey, it’s England so I hope they don’t even make it out of our group.

    • Chinese Dave

      Wasn’t the problem last time that some of the England players were trying too hard to “do their duty”? *cough* Mike Tindall *cough”

    • Joy

      Hey, I’ll be there to make sure the Ausies win. If that Sam Whatsie runs on I’ll give him a “Hooper” with my hand bag.

  • Chinese Dave

    Does anyone else think the headline “Cooper unwanted by club” is rather unfair? It doesn’t sounds like the coach doesn’t want him based on his ability but rather because he wants to stick with the guys who got them to where they are, which BTW is a commendable attitude that should be adopted by all clubs (you know who you are).

    • Stuey

      And I think the coach is totally spot on in his decision. You have a team that has played together all year and had made the finals, why disrupt that by throwing in someone who hasn’t even (I assume) trained with them this year, let alone played.
      It isn’t anything against Cooper, but as a coach I would want the consistency and also to reward they guys who have worked their asses off for the team during the season.

      • Whig

        Chinese Dave and Stuey, I fully agree. In my first season in senior rugby my team made the grand final, but our 5/8 who’d played every game of the season got relegated to the bench because a “better” player had come back from injury. We lost the final, but the worst feeling was knowing that the guy who’d put us in the final in the first place got dumped. Many years later that memory still leaves a foul taste in my mouth. Good on Souths! QC, I know you meant well, but I’m glad they turned you away.

        • Blinky Bill of Bellingen NSW

          IMO Quade’s a good bloke and his offer to Souths would have been from the heart.
          Still good on Souths for sticking with the guys who got them this far.

      • Train Without A Station

        I don’t.

        Premier Rugby clubs have complained about not being supported but there support does not appear to extend upward at all.

        People complain about the arrogance of players and how they don’t play enough club rugby.

        First chance Cooper gets he tries and is told “thanks but no thanks”.

        You can’t have it both ways.

        • Chinese Dave

          You raise a good point, and surely there needs to be a balance between not having the pros at all and having them in the finals only. If I was a club player who played my arse off all season and was part of the effort to get my team to the finals, I’d be pissed off to be replaced by a Johnny come lately pro. I don’t know what the answer is. Maybe commitment to club rugby can be shown by making yourself available but only expecting to be picked to cover injuries. Coming in to train with the guys, carry water for them in the final. I guess there are many ways to show commitment besides simply displacing the players for the important games.

        • Train Without A Station

          I get your point but we must consider, this isn’t a subbies team. This is supposedly semi-elite level. A large number of full time professionals ply their trade in the competition, a large number of players are paid.

          Most importantly had he been available any other game, the regular player would be dropped.

        • harro

          Do you think the response may have been different if it wasn’t the grand final?

    • Joeleee

      So the headline is perfectly accurate, but for further context you could read the two paragraphs underneath? Disgusting to require that sort of commitment.

      • Chinese Dave

        Well, given I actually read the two paragraphs, I’m either disgusted with myself, or I don’t find it disgusting. The headline gives a different impression altogether than what is written in the article, but I guess you don’t seem to think they should be related.

        • qwas

          Fans of click bait unite against this tyranny!!!

        • Joeleee

          How does it give a different impression? The club didn’t want him. The reason the club didn’t want him was because they wanted to keep their combinations. The headline gives an overview of what the article is. The article gives further context. Seems perfectly logical and related.

        • Chinese Dave

          See above, it could simply have been “not needed” rather than “not wanted”. Look, I’m not accusing anyone of malice or anything. But when I read the headline, it gave me a negative vibe whereas the actual article doesn’t. Maybe it’s all in my head, or maybe not.

        • dane

          Any disparity between subtext of the heading and what is in the article is only due to reader interpretation and preconceived ideas. This is turning into jounalism 101.

      • Toadflax

        Do you guys have jobs?

    • The headline doesn’t say “Cooper has no ability”, it just says ‘Unwanted by club” (for whatever reason). Factually correct within 4 words.

      • ols

        Since when was being factually correct part of the requirements for this blog?

        • Chinese Dave

          Rather, since when is factual correctness the only criteria? Here’s an alternative that would reflect the actual content much better: “Cooper not needed by club”, how’s that? At least to me, it gives an entirely different impression.

        • moaning expat

          Spot on. “unwanted by club” is typical Fairfax clickbait.

          Doesn’t matter whats written underneath as clickbait almost always results in a “oh is that all”. Its shit journalism that fairfax and other rags have resorted to.

          I would have hoped GAGR is better than that.

    • dane

      If it were a winger, or even a flanker. An outsider could come in an not disrupt team patterns. A flyhalf however….

    • Ian Mac

      The Wallabies, the Reds, Toulon, Brisbane Souths! Who else hasn’t dropped poor Quade in the past 4 weeks. Hilarious!!

  • Hitcho

    Glad Hooper gets to suit up against the darkness. I suppose he deserves the match at a stretch, but for mine what needs to be stamped out of the game is the “soccer” like tactics of flapping around like a fish on the deck of a boat. That sort of penalty milking behavior enraged me about that test.

    • Most of the Argentinian guys will be playing in the Super Rugby next year. I think playing against southern hemisphere teams and referees should get it out of their systems (or someone will knock it out of them).

      • Hitcho

        We can only hope Michael. They won’t win any Southern Hemisphere fans behaving like that.

      • McWarren

        I wish someone would knock it out or white, Phipps and every no. 6 in the game. I for one don’t think Sanchez was milking the Hooper punch. He was running flat tack and got clobbered by Hoopers punch, sorry push, you can see the impact of the punsh send him to the sideline. RHQ showed a vid of him falling on top of Folau after he was taken out in the air, the morons in there seem to think he had no right to grimace in pain!!! If AAC had been taken out in the air like that, grimaced in pain and rolled away holding his side and then miraculously lifted himself back into the game we’d be lauding him as tough as teak Mr Rugby. This Sh.t that the Pumas are the ones carrying on like soccer players is complete one eyed nobbism (my new word). Watch Fardy every time a scrum goes down start arguing with the touchy. Just take a step back and watch how badly our players treat the refs and then tell me it’s an Argie problem.

        Souths are right to stick the same team. But good on Quade for sticking his hand up.

  • Mart

    Hooper cleared

    • I Should be Coach


    • Hambone


  • dane

    How is the social media backlash re. Hoopers ban! It seems english and welsh fans were hoping a push in the back would result in a ban long enough that hooper would miss the pool matches of the RWC

  • Kane Douglas has signed on to the Reds until 2018. I didn’t think these kind of signings were possible until we got a new coach but I guess miracles do happen.

    • bizzare

      It’s alright, he signed until 2018, so he’ll be board by Christmas and gone by Easter? After all it’s “only” a contract?

  • Cramps

    I’d forgotten about the black jerseys! Drugs were involved in reaching that decision.


Wallabies, Waratahs and Northern Suburbs supporter. Twitter: @Hughadams01

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