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Friday’s Rugby News

Friday’s Rugby News

Friday’s Rugby News looks at Dan Carter’s return, golden points, RA’s Wallaby Program Protections and, news from the Reds rugby forum.

Guess who’s back?

What do you do when your newly signed flyhalf is incumbent All Black Beauden Barrett? Sign All Black legend Dan Carter of course.

The Blues have tried before to lure the great Dan Carter into their clutches. But Leon MacDonald succeeded where those redoubtable knights, Graham Henry and John Kirwan, failed because of the timing, because of the world’s unique circumstances and because of the power of a friendship forged in red and black.

Record-breaking, 112-test, dual World Cup-winning All Black, and staunch Cantabrian, Dan Carter was on Thursday confirmed as an injury replacement for the Blues in the upcoming Super Rugby Aotearoa season, coming in for in-form utility back Stephen Perofeta who suffered a fractured foot in pre-resumption training and is gone for the duration.

Even at 38, and somewhat light on rugby under his belt, Carter shapes as a pretty handy replacement for the Blues who open the rejigged season on June 14 against the Hurricanes at Eden Park. Alongside their incumbent trio of playmakers, in Beauden Barrett, Otere Black and Harry Plummer, Carter gives coach Leon MacDonald crucial depth and an experienced head for a competition that is sure to test the resources of the five New Zealand clubs.


Super Rugby Aotearoa Gets A Golden Point.

New Zealand rugby has taken the chance to try out a few rule changes in their Super Rugby Aotearoa competition kicking off in about ten days. Along with the Golden point rule is a variation on the Red Card rule allowing the carded player to be replaced after 20 minutes and a stricter interpretation of the breakdown rules.

Personally I’ve never been a fan of Golden Point. I see nothing wrong with two evenly match sides sharing the points but I understand many others would rather see a result. Watching a team work their way down the centre of the field to within field goal range is hardly riveting rugby but hey whatever floats your boat.

NZR head of professional rugby Chris Lendrum said golden point would add an extra “edge” to the competition.

“Draws can often leave everyone feeling a little empty and after feedback from our coaches and players we have added the golden point rule,” he said.

“We’ve seen the excitement it can generate in other codes and we think adds a real edge.”

Red-carded players will also be able to be replaced after 20 minutes in another significant change.

If a player is sent off, they will not be able to return to the field but their team can replace them after 20 minutes in the bin.

Lendrum said the move was to try and reduce the impact that red cards have on a game, sometimes effectively deciding the result in the early stages.

“While players should, and still will be, punished for foul play, red cards can sometimes have too much of an effect on a match,” he said.

RA’s Wallaby Program Protected

While Rugby Australia has made 47 of its 142 full-time staff redundant and let go another 30 casual and contract staff as well as asking senior staff to take significant pay cuts while still working full time, the Wallabies program has remained un-effected.

Clarke did not expand on which departments were hit the hardest, saying only that every area was reviewed through the process in a bid to hone in on the organisation’s priorities.

“I think it just comes back to prioritising the most important functions in our business and I think the staff base we will have going forward will still enable us to focus on the priority areas of delivering what we do as a national body and supporting our member unions where we need to support them but there will be trade-offs, there’s no doubt,” he said.

“We will have to look at programs and certain initiatives that we might want to have implemented that maybe we can’t for now. But that doesn’t mean that next year might be different and we’ll be able to invest back in the game as we need to when we can.”

Asked how cuts would impact the Wallabies plans, Clarke said everything would be done to try and “protect” that program.

“We need to try and protect as much of our high-performance area as possible, as that’s going to help get the Wallabies back to where they need to get to as a world ranking and so (incoming Wallabies coach) Dave Rennie is a key part of that and I’m delighted with how Dave’s been engaging on that task since signing up and I think he’s going to make a really big, positive difference,” he said.

“It’s a key part of our financial underpinning is a successful Wallabies. It’s not everything but it’s certainly a key part. So we’ll be protecting that as much as possible.”

Clarke also said Australia’s Sevens and Wallaroos programs would be considered high priorities for the organisation moving forward.

The Reds Rugby Forum.

Liam Wright offloads to Brandon Paenga-Amosa

During the week Reds Rugby set up an online forum for their members to ask questions of Captain Liam Wright, David Hanlon and Sam Cordingly. Some of the subjects covered.

The three defectors: All three spoke highly of the players involved and were sad to see them go. LiamWright suggested it had galvanised the team because it made them realise how much they had all sacrificed to play.

Super Rugby 2020: As we know, the four Super Rugby teams and the Western Force will play. A ten-week comp with the top-ranked team straight into the final and two v three for the other spot.

They are working with Governments and venue around crowds. It may just be members or just some members.

They are trying to get some rule variations approved WR and pushed by the broadcaster. It’s only for this comp so it will be a balancing act with test matches to be played immediately after.

The proposed rules are the 22/50 and 50/22 rules (not a fan). A goal-line drop out if the ball is held up over the line. The dropout can be taken anywhere on the goal line and must go five metres. Some fiddling around with scrums and encouraging free kicks that no one seemed a fan of. And looking at a Red card player being able to be replaced after 20 minutes.

Harry Wilson and Hunter Piasami are back in full training.

Non-playing Reds squad have to stay quarantined with the squad so won’t be able to play Premier Rugby until the Super Rugby Comp is over. and all premier grade clubs will have women’s sides this season.

Next year: Trans Tasman a big focus but also looking at how to include a Japan team. – Suliasi Vunivalu is still very keen on coming to Brisbane and joining the team next year.

The Ballymore redevelopment has $15m from the Feds. They are working with the state to match with discussions back underway following COVID enforced pause

Please note I didn’t attend the forum so this is all secondhand information.

  • Yowie

    While Rugby Australia has made 47 of its 142 full-time staff redundant and let go another 30 casual and contract staff as well as asking senior staff to take significant pay cuts while still working full time, the Wallabies program has remained un-effected.

    After last years’ results, that paragraph is quite funny.

    Turns out we can achieve 7th in the world rankings with only two-thirds the staff.

    • Reds Revival

      With only 2/3rds staff, half the players, and a quarter of the audience…

  • ATrain

    If we have heavily cut development but protected Wallabies spending I think we have the cart before the horse. I did read somewhere (another commentators post) that most of the development officers sit in state bodies so I hope that these resources won’t be cut disproportionately. While everyone has to bear some pain I hope we don’t have to steal too much from our future.

    • When it comes right down to it the Wallabies pay the bills. If they chuck all their cash into development there won’t be any money next year.

      • ATrain

        and if they put no cash in development the Wallabies win less, performances drop, viewership drops, attendances drop…which is where we are now. But that is why I used the phrase “don’t cut these resources disproportionately”.

        The Wallabies attract the revenue but the development makes the Wallabies. Just spending on Wallabies is a little like spending your entire company budget on marketing and sales and nothing on your products…after a while that won’t work. It needs to be balanced.

  • Perth girl

    A 5% pay cut for senior staff is hardly significant

    • I thought it was 30%.

    • KwAussie Rugby Lover

      where di you hear 5%? I thought it was more than that from what I had heard.

      • Reds Revival

        Rennie has apparently taken it upon himself to take a 30% cut, until the end of September (I believe).
        Class act if its true.

        • KwAussie Rugby Lover

          Very classy

  • KwAussie Rugby Lover

    Thanks Sully,
    Interesting move on Dan Carter and the Blues. It’ll be interesting to see just how much game time he gets or whether his main role will be mentoring and helping the other players. A great move either way and certainly someone who has a lot of knowledge that could help a team.

    I personally don’t agree with the changes to the red card. I think if an incident is bad enough to get a red card then that player should not be replaced or it will open the door for unscrupulous coaches to use the change to target players. Maybe the real issue is that the criteria for a red card has gone too low and should be raised. I think it should be for deliberate foul play only not some of the accidental incidents it is given out for these days.

    Good to see the Wallabies being protected and I still think that if they were winning more than losing and back up at 2 or 3 in the world rankings then a lot of the current problems would go away. I think you really need to ask if those people who have been let go actually contributed and perhaps put something in place so that there aren’t any “jobs for the boys” once/if the money situation gets better again.

    I’m with you on the 50/22 and 22/50 rule as being a bit shit. I think it’s crap and won’t achieve what people think it will as smart coaches will use other methods to minimise it’s affect. I sort of get the idea of a dropout going back to the goal line but I’m still unsure of the reasoning behind it. Going up to the 22 is rewarding the team that defended but still gives the attacking team the advantage and I think the new rule takes too much away from the team’s defensive effort.

    • Yowie

      and perhaps put something in place so that there aren’t any “jobs for the boys” once/if the money situation gets better again.

      I think you’ll find that “jobs for the boys” is in the Rugby Constitution.

      Getting Yanks to hand in their guns would be a piece of piss compared to making that reform.

      • Reds Revival

        Maybe we should start with something more achievable, like world peace.

        • Brisneyland Local

          Yep because everytime the Reds do a world wide search for a new coach they never venture further than the Ballymore Car park! So jobs for the boys it is.

      • Hoss

        Ok listen here Mr Yowie. I am dammed if I can sit here and let you besmirch China’s largest single Provence on this site. Are you honestly suggesting that normal, god-fearin, tobacco chewin Seppos should lay down their arms and leave themselves susceptible to attack from their own scheming / plotting grade schoolers and high school kids ?? It’s been proven on Fox News that the greatest threat to American Sovereignty from skirmishes and insurgencies lay at the hands of these 3-12 year olds. Trump is right to get in early and punish them in advance. It’s smart, proactive and saves on legal & incarceration costs later on by having them taken out early. Sure, there’s one or two ethical questions that may arise but only if your a pansy Lib-Dem commie fake news propagating lefty pinko. America is winning, it’s a thing of beauty, it’s a beautiful win, a fierce win and The Don Is the President of Winning. Yes, no one else knows what the game is or if there are rules, but winning is winning none-the-less and you strike me as jealous that you are not winning.

        You strike me as a slacker Mr Yowie and lets be honest here, slack lives don’t matter in my US of A.

    • Personally I’m not that keen on the 50/22 and 22/50 rules, although I’m more keen on the RC changes.

      However, I think this sort of rump SR season is a good time to try it out. We’re not really getting a meaningful competition, in terms of who wins the 2020 SR title, but we’re going to see top quality players (rather than schoolboys in SA which is the normal place for experimental rules) put these things into play for a few weeks and see how it goes.

      I’d guess the result will be a resounding “Meh, no thanks” but you never know. And it doesn’t hurt to try it and see in these circumstances.

      • KwAussie Rugby Lover

        I just don’t think they’ve been thought through properly and won’t give us anything except another friggen rule to try and manage.

  • Ian Rodger

    Apparently Maddox, Robertson and Powell are looking at a move to the LA based USA rugby franchise.

    • Yowie

      …because you would go to the USA to get away from a sh!tty situation at the moment.


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