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Full match video: Brumbies vs Reds 2013

Full match video: Brumbies vs Reds 2013

Watch the Brumbies versus Reds game in its entirety with this full match video. Thank you, YouTube.

[youtube id="UAzInShomb8" width="600" height="350"]

  • Patrick

    OK I’ll go first, just so everyone can get right stuck into me all week!

    Melbourne’s Nick passed generally crisper than Canberra’s Nick this weekend…

    • Mick

      And I’ll go for the most annoying post of the week… the Canberra one is spelt Nic (without the ‘k’) for some reason…

      I agree, Phipps’ passing was better, but I thought White had the better game – his grubber through was pinpoint, and probably the most important play in the game.

  • billy pilgrim

    Thanks for putting this up, it’s so hard to see super 15 in the States.

  • Fish

    Billy – if you have direct tv in the states you can watch all the super rugby games on channel 490

    • USARugger

      Problem with this is that Direct TV is a third-tier cable/satellite carrier in most parts of the USA, at best. It’s just not worth turning down the superior service, availability and pricing of companies like Verizon and Comcast (even though they are still robbing us fucking blind).

      It’s actually kind of a shame Direct TV has the rights to carry the games right now.

      • Fish

        I haven’t noticed a big difference between Comcast and Direct TV when watching Comcast at a friends place – but I’m not really that much of a TV connoisseur. I am a rugby tragic and went with Direct TV to watch super rugby and the rugby championship.
        Its always amusing to watch the broadcast team during half time when everyone else is watching adds – we get to see them preparing for broadcast, talking about what stats they are going to discuss, eating a sandwich, putting on extra makeup etc.

      • Saulih

        DirecTv is 3rd tier?! Sorry but have to disagree completely. Have been a DTV subscriber for years, and cannot believe what cable subscribers put up with.

  • billy pilgrim

    No chance of Direct TV in an apartment block in NYC………

ACT Brumbies

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