GAGR Eggchasers podcast special 3: after bloody Melbourne - Green and Gold Rugby

GAGR Eggchasers podcast special 3: after bloody Melbourne

GAGR Eggchasers podcast special 3: after bloody Melbourne

You’ve got to cop it sweet, and so on this podcast special a sorry Matt and Hugh join JB and a triumphant Tim from the Eggchasers to discuss just what went down in Melbourne between the Wallabies and England.


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  • LoveThePoop

    Has robshaw been cited yet?

    • RugbyChick

      Has Cooper?

      • RugbyReg

        As in Quade or Adam Ashley?

    • not yet, they’ve got their hands full with the Kepu and Folau citing’s :)

      • LoveThePoop

        Haha I think I would have a nervous breakdown if they got cited ahead of robshaw… in all seriousness though surely robshaw is being looked at… We have been hearing for 2 years that they wanna protect the head and neck

        • Donald

          Mate you’re barking up a wrong tree. Your team lost because they were not skilled enough at scoring points despite having the vast majority of the possession and field position. Get your head around those facts. Wake up!!

    • Keith Butler

      We’ll forget all the shots from Aussie players flying over the tops of rucks to ‘clear out’ England players who were nowhere near the ball then. Persistent infringement I call it – yellow card.

      • LoveThePoop

        May as well… The rule about releasing the tackled player before attempting to pilfar was long forgotten, along with not rolling on the attacking side of a ruck in order to slow the ball down

      • LoveThePoop

        And of course holding a player back preventing them from taking part in the next play

  • A80

    Great listen as always. Many thanks.

  • NoJustice

    Watching the game from across the ditch, I was hoping for a Wallaby win. I was surprised at the following:

    1. Not taking easy 3 points on offer. Two games in a row now Hooper has chosen to go for a lineout rather than an easy penalty and both times it’s turned to custard. I think Hooper’s a cracking player but his decision-making has to be questioned. Most test matches are won by small margins. Often an accumulation of 3 pointers is the difference between winning and losing.

    2. Silly aggro. Stephen Moore (the CAPTAIN, for god’s sake) gets a penalty reversed for a stupid, late charge into a ruck, completely killing Australia’s attacking momentum and giving away the chance of 3 points. And then there was Kepu’s idiotic charge across the lineout and shove at Itoje. Result: penalty. Stupid, brainless stuff. Is this a result of Cheika’s winding them up emotionally before the game? If so, it backfired.

    3. I never thought I would ever write this sentence but Australia had 70% possession in the second half and couldn’t score a try! Jesus, what happened to the Wallaby scalpel that could cut teams to pieces with 40% possession? The attacking options, especially in the English 22, were predictable and pedestrian and got shut down time after time. Total lack of imagination on attack. Where were the decoy runners? Where were the runners coming back in at full speed on the angle? Where were the wipers kicks across the field to the wingers? Where were the runners hitting the ball hard, straight and at top pace? Where were the inside passes that can be so deadly close to the line?

    4. The modern game is run largely by the #9 and #10 and if you don’t have world class players in those positions then you will struggle. Phipps, for all his passion, is not a world-class #9 and Foley, although he does his best, is not a world-class #10.

    5. You missed Pocock. When he is on form, he has the ability to turn a game on his own.

    • Mart

      It starts and ends with you’re first point.
      Ignoring the points regularly is infuriating

    • LoveThePoop

      Hooper took the points last week… Moore was still on the field when they went for the lineout… You would’ve thought Moore, Chekia, and larkham would’ve learnt from the brumbies this year… The brumbies would be a couple wins better off had they simply taken the points instead of going for the line

    • Mica

      All very good points.
      WRT #4 Foley had a pretty average game. At times he has shown the potential to be world class, but I think the real acid test to this is to be able to do it in extreme adversity and to eliminate unforced errors. The first kick to touch (off a penalty) was cringe worthy and not unprecedented. Phipps has some aspects of his game that are great (fast, good defender, energetic), but his passing is a major flaw. He really just needs to be throwing at least 1000 passes off the ground both left and right at a target at practice every week to get his ruck passing sorted. The fact the ruck was once again a mess didn’t help him tonight, but this erratic passing is an ongoing issue with Phipps and needs to be fixed. I have some sympathy for him in this game (ruck was a mess with defenders lying all over the place and a greasy ball), but once again this is not an isolated occurrence.

      Also with the ruck the way it was we needed Fardy and Hooper in there cleaning up the mess rather than lining up at OC or wing. I don’t think the ABs would have allowed the ruck to become as messy as it was once it was clear that the ref was not going to blow penalties to discourage the players lying in the ruck.

  • LoveThePoop

    Call me bitter but I can’t get passed the 2 yellow cards England should’ve received. 1 for robshaws AFTER THE WHISTLE high shot on Phipps. 2 for itojie in the final play before halftime. Joubert was yelling get back 4 and actually reach out to pull him back. I can live with advantage over after 20 phases but if the ref has given a final warning for repeated infringement the player that causes the next infringement shouldn’t escape yellow card punishment because advantage was over.
    Had those 2 yellow cards been handed out the wallabies would’ve been 6 points better off and it could’ve been 13 all going into the final 15 mins. The wallabies would’ve taken the points when on offer and England would’ve had to start playing some rugby.
    Yes Moore needs to look at how he speaks to the ref. He comes across as condescending at times and like he is trying to tell the ref how to do his job and no one likes to be told how to do their job… For me the difference between the 2 teams this series has been the officiating and how one team has been able to manipulate the officials better than the other… That’s just not good enough from world rugby. We are watching sport not politics

    • DaveHenson

      That’s the problem – if it is advantage over, should the ref go back and give the yellow card? Personally I think he should have done (I’m a pom, by the way) but I can see why he didn’t.
      In Moore’s shoes, and knowing Eng were walking a tightrope, I would have deliberately dropped knowing we had the penalty and there was a high chance a player being in the bin. Another example of poor game management under pressure.

    • Grins

      You’re wrong to think the difference was the officiating. It was in decision making – when to take the points, how to challenge the defence, discipline. No doubt the Wallabies were on the wrong end of some calls, but had they done the former as well as England, they would have taken the referreeing out of the equation.

      Blaming the ref is an easy cop out to avoid looking more critically at a side’s own deficiencies.

  • Tim

    Whats everyone’s thoughts in having Christian Lealiifano at 12 and Samu Kerevi 13 and Taqele Naiyaravoro instead of Rob Horne.

    • Srilaga Lakmal

      I like it, an alternative would be Lealiifano at 10, Kerevi at 12 and Folau at 13. I like the idea of Naiyaravoro though

  • Bert

    The Wallabies were not playing ‘what was in front of them’, to borrow an overused Deans phrase. There was a line of defenders rushing the defence. Surely it’s the role of the 5/8 to direct the attack, try something different. Foley needs to be made to watch the SA/Ireland game to see the variety available to him. We looked like we were playing Jakeball out there.

    Mind you on the few occasions we put a ball in the air there was no communication, no chasers to put pressure on. Schoolboy stuff. An area of Wallaby play which as withered on the vine for as long as I can remember. Dark days indeed.

    I agree with all the points of Mr Justice. How come armchair critics can spot the glaringly obvious halfway through a match but the coaches can’t….

  • For my mind there were two major problems on Saturday for the Australians and i don’t think either were particularly down to having no second receiver:

    1: The depth of the attack was very flat – Foley had no back door options meaning he struggled to move the ball outside his channel unlike last week which is how they got outside the english defence – he started dropping back as the second wave with some forwards (like Arnold) passing in behind but again with no deep options where does Foley go, and he just got hit deeper behind the gain line?

    2: Phipps inability to kick was far more detrimental to Foley than having a second playmaker who can. Youngs took pressure off Ford and Farrell by Boxing and tactically kicking himself – Phipps didn’t he just passed it back to Foley/DHP.

    The first one is easily fixable – change the game plan, if you’ve got two line benders in Kerevi and Kuridrani Foley needs to Flatten up and play flat passes to them or the forwards hitting the gain line. After that DHP and Folau can slide into the deep receiver role behind the pods.

    The second is a to harder to fix without swapping out Phipps – but in reality is Frisby or Stirzacker a better kicker than Phipps? Debatable.

    • RugbyReg

      Reds beat the Highlanders on the back of Frisby’s kicking game. If that’s the way the Aussies want to play, then Pickle is the best option at 9. From a kick perspective. He’s also more likely to have a snipe and put an alternative attacking option on the table.

      • I don’t think it absolutely has to be the way to play England, but i think if you have more options through that 9/10/12 axis it poses more problems. At present Phipps just ships it on and it puts Foley under tons of pressure.

        Everyone is focusing on the Giteau/Beale problem but seem to forget that in the world cup Genia was the 9 and playing bloody well.

  • Duckman

    The thing that has been missed in terms of the Moore double penalty reversal was the point of view of the referee. He had two teams almost coming to blows on a regular basis, people shouting at him about foul play and needed to get the game under control. The reversal of the penalties sent a very clear message that he was serious (particularly as it was against the captain) and in control, and you could argue that it had the intended effect as it took alot of the heat and niggle out of the game both teams started focusing more on the rugby than retaliation and niggle.

  • Hotdog

    Australia disrespected England and paid the price. No one in Australia thought England could win. They do now. When Australia start playing proper test rugby they might get a win.

    • Hugh Cavill

      I don’t think that’s true. We all knew England were a good team, and this site even tipped them to win the first test!

      Speaking for myself – I never ever underestimate an England rugby team. I was very nervous before this series started, as I knew they would come to play.

    • Did Australia play ‘proper test rugby’ in the World Cup?

      • Hotdog

        Not really we were too easy to beat then. When you elect to kick for the corner with your first kickable 3 points then you aren’t really taking the opposition seriously.

        • Mica

          I don’t think England were too easy to beat during the RWC at all. If you look at all the pool games between Aus, England and Wales there was really bugger all in any of them. Any of these teams could have finished unbeaten, 1 & 1 or without a win from the games.

          Even in the Aus vs. Eng game (which was probably the least close of the bunch) there are times where England were 1 broken tackle (or missed tackle) from scoring a try. It was only desperate defense by the Australians (ironically now) that prevented a try. And yes I watched a full replay 1 week prior to this series starting.

          Australia took there chances in this game and had some great plays in both the halves and the forwards, but England sliced through the first line a couple times in the first half and had these been converted it could have been a different scenario entirely!

          With this in mind and strengthening of the England team (I watch the 6 nations) with Hartely, B Vunipola and Itoje I was never over confident of Australia winning. Look at the guys who can’t make the run on side at the moment (Laws, Launchberry, Clifford, Daly, Goode – I could go on) and you can see there is a wealth of depth in the English team at the moment.

          I would say that this is your best chance in a long time to give the rankings a real good shake up.

    • I think two losses is a bit early to start waving “when you do this” you’ll win stuff about.

      Australia’s tactics haven’t changed drastically from the world cup, heir personnel on the other hand has, shedding a lot of caps, so those decisions to kick etc.. you’re waving around as disrespect are more about naivety in how they control a test match.

      I don’t think you’re right to wave the Aussies don’t respect England flag either, this website whilst staunchly Australian in it’s support has also carried numerous articles about England, the squad and Why England stood a good chance of winning, as Hugh said the site even tipped England to win the 1st test.

      Ultimately you shouldn’t judge all of Australia by a Fox sport advert that they are probably red faced about now.


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