Podcast - Voicemail (Bye Week) - Green and Gold Rugby

Podcast – Voicemail (Bye Week)

Podcast – Voicemail (Bye Week)

Reg, Matt and Hugh are having a well-earned week off from the GAGR Rugby Podcast, but will be back next week (16th May).

All those looking for a podcast, listen to this short recording…

  • Tommy Brady

    I wish the boys an enjoyable week off. In their absence, I’ll throw out these 5 burning questions….

    1. Was this a scheduled break in transmission or are Matt & Hugh following the current Waratahs approach and merely phoning in their performances?

    2. Since Richard Graham’s firing last year, the Reds have played 23 matches for a Won 5, Lost 17, Drawn 1 record. Was Graham really the problem in the Sunshine State?

    3. Should George Smith have a role in the 2017 Wallabies?

    4. After winning the title in 2014 with a playing style built around ball in hand attack and aggressive defense, what has motivated the Waratahs to revert back to excessive kicking and sloppy defense this year?

    5. Blues coach Tana Umaga cited the uncertainties surrounding Australia’s professional franchises as a reason why Australian rugby is currently struggling. A legitimate fact or a convenient excuse?

    • AllyOz

      I have a go Tommy
      1. following the tahs approach
      2. Graham was part of the problem but obviously not all of it but Stiles is a young coach so probably deserves more time
      3. Yes
      4. Pottergeitner (spelling wrong I am sure) has perhaps been the most difficult player for the Tahs to replace – his attitude and its influence on others around him was noticeable
      5.Tana was trying to be nice – its a thing a lot of Kiwis do when they are winning

      • Nicholas

        Graham had a lot IMO to do with the turnover of players. Which I think we are seeing the affect now. A number of bench players are in their first or second season.

    • Waz_dog

      Whoa there big fella – are you including those Red losses under the watch of the part-time coaches? Need to put a bit of perspective here.

      Good questions though!


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