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gagrTV – Classic Rugby

gagrTV – Classic Rugby

RugbyReg and I got out to Ballymore last Thursday and got some footage of some of the people around the great Classic Rugby for Christchurch event. Hear from Kevvy Horwill, Scott “Razor” Robertson, Quade Cooper, and of course Reg and I discuss the event. Apologies for the sound — the little camera with built-in mic had trouble with the ambient noise.


Now with added highlights…


…And apparently we need a tripod too.

  • chick

    Video really gives an idea of what a great night it was – wish I was there.

    I do like the girl in the background at about 3.49 nosediving off the fence.

    • Yeah, a special moment…

      • It was almost a Basic Instinct moment till she fell over

  • Thomas

    What were the line-ups?

    • Classic Wallabies:
      Forwards: Andrew Heath, Andy McIntyre, Dan Crowley, Richard Harry, Tom Lawton, Sean Hardman, Jeremy Paul, Garrick Morgan , Mark Connors, Sam Scott-Young, Toutai Kefu, Scott Gourley, David Croft, Duncan Hall
      Backs: Greg Martin (captain), George Gregan, Tim Horan, Pat Howard, Nathan Spooner, Anthony Herbert, James Grant, Peter Jorgensen, David Campese, Nathan Williams, Paul Carozza, Chris Latham

      Classic All Blacks:
      Forwards: Reuben Thorne (captain), Scott Robertson, Ian Jones, Kees Meeuws, Craig Dowd, Slade McFarland, Deon Muir, Kelvin Middleton, Thomas Maling, Hayden Scown, Charles Riechelmann, Justin Collins, Dustin Watts
      Backs: Justin Marshall, Christian Cullen, Jeff Wilson, Glen Osborne, Caleb Ralph, Karl Te Nana, Frank Bunce, Ofisa Tonuu, Charles Hore, David Holwell, Jason Spice

  • Brax

    Fantastic job fellas!

  • muppet

    Great work boys. Yeah it was a good night. I say ‘good’ and not ‘great’ because, worthy cause or not, i didn’t enjoy having our classic arses handed to us in our own house (were the ABs not aware that we’ve had dominance over them for 130 days?!?!).

    Some observations…
    – the traffic was more one-way than the vision suggests – it was 29-0 at one point and the kiwis seemed sooo much fitter making us look like the Washington Generals at various points;
    – the crowd seemed 60% kiwi so there was plenty of cheering;
    – there were the odd bits of aggression (JP wrestling someone, Garrick Morgan swinging arm into a ruck and, totally unneccesarily, one of the AB locks nearly decapatated one of ours with a fend as he scored at the death (wasn’t sure which wallaby – no number on back)
    – gravity was winning the battle with Jeremy Paul’s pants all night
    – nathan williams, and those just back from Japan didn’t stop trying all night
    – nice to see a wallaby team with scrum parity (ok, they were uncontested)
    – of course there was a massive age gap – and props to Campo for lacing up – but it was interesting to see Campo’s ad-hoc style matched against the modern structured defenses.

    Good night, good cause, good rugby. Karma points all round

  • Kiap

    Excellent work, guys. The soundtrack worked well with the game highlights, and most of the players have still got their skills too. A good night for a good cause!

  • Damo

    From the look of this I think Timmy Horan could make the World Cup Squad – Bring him back !

  • The Rant

    great skills – shows how effective simple interplay and changing up your lines is to get across the gain line and get go forward. Nice work.

    Can Campo tackle yet? – there’s definately a bit more of him now…

  • BabysArmHoldingAnApple

    Did Nathan Williams ever play for the Wallabies?

  • Alisons Choice

    I think Garrick Morgan could outscrummage the 2010 Boks, ABs and Poms combined with one arm…oh well….

  • Loved it fellas – great work. We might have to start saving for a microphone now

  • Justtacklehim

    It was a great night. It was fantastic to return home.

    But maybe the song for the highlights could have been The Faces Oh La La with the lyrics “I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger…I wish that I knew what I know now when I was stronger”

    Boys – you are living the dream. Another great article and your videos show that you are loving what you are doing. Thanks for sharing the passion.

  • Bullrush

    Looked like it was an awesome nite…..thanks to all our Aussie cuzzies giving and supporting the Kiwis!!


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